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BUBBA’S WORLD “The Trip” On Tonight!

Be sure to catch the fifth all-new episode of “Bubba’s World” tonight at 9:00 PT on FUEL TV!

With orders from the doctor to heal his shoulder, James can’t really do much but leave the X Games and return to Haines City. He brings French ex-pro racer Eric Sorby, whom he met at Nate Adam’s party in California, with him to chill out in Florida for a while. Fortunately, things are peaceful since the family is away getting Malcolm’s shoulder surgery, so it’s just the two guys at the compound, having some fun making music videos. All is good until loudmouth FMXer Todd Potter shows up to take James on a road trip and show him how to party—something he had previously threatened to do. James and Todd couldn’t be more different in their styles and attitudes, so it’s a reluctant acceptance to Todd’s invitation. So, the three pros head up to nearby Orlando where they go shopping, hit on girls, go to clubs, hit on girls, go golfing, and hit on girls. Todd wishes that James would break out of his shell a bit more, drink more, stay out late, bring girls back to the hotel, and just throw caution to the wind, but James reveals to Eric at a private lunch that Todd just represents everything about freestylers that he can’t stand. Todd drinks too much, chases tail too much, and talks too much! James is managing to have a good time and forget about his shoulder, but at the expense of dealing with Potter!