2012 Houston Supercross: Gallery



  1. Rihards says:

    James, you gotta rebound yourself and you must run @ outdoors! I believe in you that you`re still the fastest man on the planet!

  2. WILL#178 says:

    MXON this year??

  3. Kyle says:

    could you do a whip tutorial video… would love to learn from the best!!

  4. amin yz says:

    i loveu js7

  5. tyler graves says:

    hey james ur the best u sould message me on hotmail at backo_21@hotmail.com

  6. Tommy T says:

    Hi James! Are you gonna run outdoors? I would love to see you at Budds Creek! – Tom Taglieri

  7. Collin says:

    i tell ya what he may go down every other race but that Answer Racing gear sure makes him look good doing it!! lol

  8. mxbeast says:

    it would be awesome if you could email me!! :D oneshotforrest@msn.com

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