2014 Budds Creek MX: Photo Gallery



  1. eugene says:

    pray a prayer before each race and watch your win numbers go sky high okay peace.


  2. EricBC says:

    James is going through a very tough time in his career. We all know about the positive banned substance test result. I’ve said it before…..that rider didn’t look like James Stewart. You guys all know that. Maybe his setup isn’t the way he needs it to run the pace of the front runners. Maybe there is something else we FANS aren’t aware of. You fair weather fans need to go somewhere else to complain. And like I said before, I’m disappointed too when James isn’t competing for a spot on the box, but still gonna watch and cheer him on! Millville was a great race to watch. It would have been more exciting with James in the mix…..

  3. MX222 says:

    I agree with you tired of being fan. There is no more next year for you james. I will support you if you decided not to finish the race of this season. Just for the sake of your health please retire now you dont have nothing to prove anymore.

  4. tired of being a fan says:

    I’ve been a fan since first watching you in 2002 in the 150 class; you had the talent to be the greatest rider of all time betting Jeremy McGrath. But you decided to go off and be a reality TV star and wasted what you had; now your slow you go down almost every race, it seems like you don’t even try to win any more. No matter what, when you race I still follow you and route for you to win and I’ am always disappointed and let down again and again. You said next year would be your last season, please do me and all of your fans a favor and retire now, I don’t won’t to go through another year being let down. I’ am just tired of being your FAN.

  5. MX222 says:

    2015 RM-Z450 is powerfull machine but its all depends on the rider.. The reality is there’s a lot of rider whos is faster than him.. and thats the reason why he can’t pulled off to win. A lot of fans are not happy of his performace every year since leaving JGR yamaha ang im one of them. I will invite James to race in Europe before he retire.

  6. Craig says:

    Waching Budds Creek, to my eye, the back end of the bike looked way too stiff. It was huck-a-bucking, especially on the downhill sections, over the bumps into the corners. Unless it has something to do with technique, I felt I was seeing a setup problem. Sorry, but I was not too surprised to learn of the DNF. Knowing how hard James is willing to push to be up front where he belongs, even with an uncomfortable setup.

    Impressed, I watched James get into third position in the second moto, only to see the others retake positions on what appeared to be much smoother machines (suspension-wise). I could really see that. The intense effort and struggle of James was undeniable IMO. So again, going fast is about a lot more than rider skill and talent, certainly at this level. It’s a team sport! I regret not seeing James leading to a championship at this point, but was glad to see the wins this summer, adding to the list that makes him second on the all-time motocross wins!

    James is still the most talented IMO, but all the cards need to fall into place, which is the true struggle in world-class pro racing. Stick with it James. It can happen.

  7. Jeff says:

    James the only way to become on top is to get back Aldon Baker. His the best trainer i ever seen. You need to improve your corner speed. Look at Ken Roczen his always on the top because he has a good trainer.

  8. European Rider says:

    His no longer top contender in AMA dirt bike racing. As he getting older becomes slower rider. The 2015 RMZ-450 is powerfull only the rider who can’t pull the trigger anymore. If you want to be a top contender and become champion return to 250cc machine from there i think you will become a champion again.

  9. Tony C says:

    James this season is another bad for you! What happened to you in Millville? I agree MX Legend the key for you to win is to improve your speed.. We all know you’re getting older, but if always goes like that every race… Better to hang your boots and your fans will be happy.

  10. MX Legend says:

    Hi James the key for you to win the race today… IMPROVE YOUR SPEED because the Guys in Orange and Red bike are faster than you!!

  11. Daniel says:

    What’s up James!

    Still out there just doing what you gotta do. You’re being a real soldier about things. I know all the off the track stuff is weighing on your mind. Or at least I figure it could be. You just have to let God and time do what they do. Good news is that you can just focus on doing what comes most comfortable to you being that things are sort of out of your hands.

    We still love you out there. And those of us who truly value you as a rider and a person really appreciate the effort you have given over the last couple years of getting back to the top. But at the top you are. That’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself. You have so much to be proud of. The thing being you is that you set the bar so high for yourself and sometimes people go to either extreme of expecting too much some times or jumping to the conclusion that if you’re not dominating that something’s wrong. I mean, c’mon, what sport doesn’t account for all the factors that each new season brings. But the good news is that you don’t have to get involved in any of that.

    But what you have to keep doing is believing. Believing is a simple and hard thing at the same time. It just is. It’s not about believing hard, it’s about simply believing. And that simple thing of believing in God’s plan, your ability and whatever dream you have, is just so crucial. Your belief will affect every aspect of your mentality and even physical ability. So keep believing man, it’s all in the control of your own personal will to do so. You’ve got to bring your true belief, not just the appearance of it, but deep down in your own heart to where you know that God knows you believe. Nothing is more important and more fueling to everything that can cause you to win.

    Keep it up dude. I know it’s been hard. But you can do all things through Christ who is your strength. But you gotto believe no matter what. You owe that to yourself to believe in your dreams and your ability to win. But I know you will also play it as smart and patient as you need to for the long run. You can do it man. Each day is a new day with totally new possibilities so make sure you let go of the day behind, embrace the new one and acknowledge God’s presence in it and fight a good fight of faith and perseverance. My prayers always. See you at the top. Gonna keep claiming it. Peace.

  12. Zuke450EJS says:

    It feels so good when we still see you getting the “W”. The newer guys are fast, and it appears the ktm’s may be out horse powering most of the field, Maybe, maybe not, but seeing you out front for us and I’m sure the ktm guys too, is mind blowing. When you win, You don’t just win by a tire, your always a turn or two ahead of who the “new fast guy” is. I know it’s hard, really hard, to keep that fire going, with us getting older(and smarter, that’s really what changes), the negativity that may be around us, and the sweet taste when knowing you could very likely win the champion ship in either sx or MX the following year, but then think of that bitter, bitter, life style change to be in premium physical condition that steals 99% of your free time not to mention it steals the best parts of the 1% free time you do get to have.
    Race until you just don’t feel it anymore… And when you retire one day (in 10 years, lol) be sure to come back for a couple sx and MX races mod season and steal a WIN from the pack.

  13. EricBC says:

    Maybe James was riding injured. That hardly looked like the James Stewart we all know and some people hate for whatever reason. When you say all those negative things about James. you’re taking it way too seriously. Sure, I’m disappointed when James doesn’t make it to the box or can’t finished a moto, but he’s done so much in his career. No one is more upset about his results than he is. I still enjoy watching the race because we see some new faces up front. That’s also very good for the sport. Everybody here knows that a comfortable, confident James Stewart is gonna be hard to beat.

    • Doug says:

      Likely riding hurt and/or dialing it back for a race or two to kick some butt at the end of the season? Not sure any manufacturer has more horsepower than another. I just cannot imagine more motor would translate to more speed. More suspension surely would, but you’d need a bike that could rise a foot higher for blasting straights, then down a foot for the corners! James has risen to the highest level of my respect. The wins this year were really great to watch. Every rider I know was talking about it, and happy for James.

  14. Doug says:

    JS7…what happened to you in the 2nd moto at Budds creek? TV coverage did not mention anything about you.

  15. Doug says:

    I agree with J805. James invented/demonstrated a new way to ride…faster than ever before accomplished.

    Being critical of his riding now is like cursing the inventor of the light bulb. A new level was attained by JS7.

    Reverence to this riding God should be required, and any dissenters should be tortured

  16. MX Legend says:

    The aging Stewart has nothing to prove… I am calling Mike Webb to replace stewart as soon as possible.

  17. BTU says:

    There is only one reason why Stewart struggled every race… He has no speed to match the Redbull KTM riders.

  18. Courtney says:

    This is just too funny. What is the excuse this time? The bike? Drugs? The track did it? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • J805 says:

      We’ll bubba made mx and sx what it is today when he turned pro everybody had to learn how to ride again now that every rider today does or try’s to ride like him nobody even knew what a scrub was now if you want to be fast that’s what you have to do ..bubba is a legend but in this sport everybody gets old that’s life ..you peeps that talk crap wouldn’t know the first thing about riding …..

    • J805 says:

      There is no excuse people get faster …..deal with it ….that’s racing I see McGrath race all the time in small town races he is still the king …so js7 is the same as before now all the riders ride like him and they are fast ……

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