2014 Lakewood MX: Photo Gallery



  1. Daniel says:


    Congratulations James!! I know that had to feel good. Awesome awesome rides. It definitely seemed like you found a way to enjoy what you were doing. Out there in first with points to win and a point to make you looked like you were having more fun than being pressured by whoever was behind you. I love how you just turned up the speed when needed and conserved energy when not, now that’s impressive riding. It’s so smart to know you can go faster but being wise about how and when you use that speed.

    But man, your body language on the bike said it all … throwing those whips, staying composed, it was obvious you were in a much better space. And I’m sure your entire team was too. All those intangibles are so priceless in a sport where even the slightest advantages can spell 1-3 and even more positions over the course of 30+ minutes.

    I believe in you as an individual, bore more importantly, I also believe in you guys as a team. Seeing them giving you a round of applause before the sx mains, and paying so close attention and being extremely patient and composed in between practices and motos … that bond that seems to be there is of championship pedigree. And you and the team have to keep those intangibles at as high of a level as possible all the time. If so, who can stop you?

    Gotsta give it up to Malcolm too!! What what!! I definitely think the media is short changing his debut. I mean, has he not finished top 10 in moto yet? They’ll have to say something when he’s up there in the top five which one decent start will do. So congratulations to all your family, your team, and you!! Keep staying in your own head and heart space and a good place with the Lord, keep the opinions and media pressure out of your being, and keep doing what you know you can do WITH PATIENCE. My prayers always. This is just the beginning, but what an awesome one it is! YOU CAN!! Peace.

  2. stay focused james, BE REALISTIC,lets get one more title,you got 3 chances ,work hard with your team and get your bike dialed in,work and push hard as you can ,northern california is behind you,get that last title ,then focus on your brother and his sucess,your brother is still learning, i believe one day malcom will be the fastest human on a dirt bike

    • Daniel says:

      Uhhh, can’t tell if this is support or not … with him riding like this and possibly taking one title in mx this season…. uh … what would stop that from carrying right on into the sx season with such momentum, testing, and not to mention that sx is really where his strengths outshine even the fastest guys out here … so I would say that the next 2 would be “realistic” … and a third would still be realistic if it’s what HE wanted to do, if not, then I guess it wouldn’t be if he wanted to bow out more than winning another … but only time will tell that. Just talking in terms of “realistic” here. That’s all.

  3. craig says:


  4. EricBC says:

    James, that was a great ride in Thunder Valley. A better start in the 2nd moto and it woulda t been on! Even the haters know you’re getting better. But it’s fun to watch the competition of all you great riders! Keep riding smart. Looking forward to the next round.

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