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  1. Courtney says:

    Oooh, the doc prescribed my drugs. That’s a good excuse, I will have to use that excuse at work…wonder how far that will go. Frickin idiot. Not only is he a pretender, he is also a druggie. What a loser.

  2. Hater says:

    Retire is the best option for the suzuki rider!!

  3. Craig says:

    One more key thought on the Amphetamine topic here: 1) If a doctor prescribes it for a reason yet the FIM bans it, does this constitute a disadvantage for the rider? 2) If the rider has been taking it for two or three years but then has to stop taking it at once, would that bring on difficulties? I guess a doctor could prescribe an alternative, or at least something to ease transition off the amphetamine… but I’m just guessing. What do people think?

    In any case, I wish James the best in the immediate and the long term. Go Team!!!!!!!

  4. Craig says:

    Looks like the ruling is James will be able to finish the summer season (that’s what one article reported). Great. I also read that the Seattle drug test was confuted on only three riders — Stewart, Dungey, and Villipoto. I wonder why they tested only these three? Maybe there’s a reason, but just to make the point: Testing and enforcement are understandable, but only applied fairly and across the board. Initially, a warning would seem to send the right message and likely set the situation straight (unless a championship, crucial win or significant incident could be traced to Doping).

    In any case, I do believe in keeping motocross and supercross clean; not just regarding doping, but in every way. I don’t want to see cheating, interferences, or dirty tricks. Without fairness, safety and enforcement of rules, racing becomes something else. I love the art of racing and appreciate those who do it wee, and I want to see it maintained. High hopes for all involved.

  5. Daniel says:

    What’s up James!!

    What a rough weekend. But you still rode like a champion. I know how hard it must have been with all the negativity trying to surround you. It would be oversimplified for me to tell you to just keep the opinions out, because on the level that you are it’s more difficult than I would think having not been on that platform. So, I feel for you.

    But once again, it’s only people. They always need something to talk about and most of the time it’s just for the sake of conversation or stimulation. Either way, you don’t have to allow how anyone feels about you outside of riding bikes matter at all. No one’s perfect, and that’s not assuming that any of the speculations are true. It’s just saying true or not, no one could cast the first stone. I know I couldn’t. So I just think it’s getting blown way out of proportion. It’s not like it was a performance enhancement thing right before you took the 1-1 or won a championship. I really don’t see the connection to your performance which as an athlete is the main focus of such things. That’s all I have to say about it. You’re still the best rider out there and people need to and do appreciate for that.

    I hope you’re able to block it out and keep doing what you’re doing for you and your family and whoever else means a lot to you. That’s why it’s so important to always keep people out of your head and heart space because you never know what they’ll bring in. I pray that you find peace inside of all this and realize that God is for you and no one can be against you in Christ. His love and good will for you is not affected. He just wants for you to trust in His salvation from all things and turn your back to anything that you need to that is not pleasing to Him. Once again, not assuming anything just stating facts of His word for you to put it in perspective with God, because the people that don’t matter to you don’t matter.

    Just keep being James man. Keep pressing forward spiritually and competitively and keep your head held high. You’re still not too far back in the points chase. It’s a long road ahead but you never know what can happen. Just keep taking it practice by practice and moto by moto. Don’t let anyone steal the reason you’re out there from you. Just keep riding for your own reasons. Keep your focus on your blessings and not the curses that are trying to come upon you. You’re more than a conqueror in Christ over anything this world can bring your way. Jesus said “Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.” And His victory is yours as long as your faith is in Him. My prayers always. See you back at the top podium. Peace.

  6. craig b says:

    Keep your chin up Jimmy you have done nothing wrong , when are people gonna realize there ain t no drug hat will make you faster around a motocross track ! if there were there would be guys getting busted left and right like in cycling but there aint and that’s enough proof in its self. Don`t sweat what the dumb ass public may or may not think , know in your heart that you are a pioneer , a great , and a top contender for the 2014 ama outdoor 450 championship , ya got my vote , stay focused and stay hungry , good luck at the bud !

  7. craig says:

    The news about the drug test is making me ill. I can’t understand how all these complications and bad luck seem to relentlessly hang over James’ head. Keeping it simple for now, from JGR to now, I just don’t get why such a talented (and popular) rider keeps getting the s__t end of the stick. I hope I am wrong, but something just has not seemed right behind the scenes — like someone wants to sabotage his championship prospects. Again, I hope I am just worrying too much and all comes up fair and good; but man I feel like I have already seen too much weird stuff!

    I can’t see any of the other guys in the field deserving to win the championship more than James. As good as they are, simply put, their riding is not nearly as convincing as James’. Missing JS7/Yoshimura Suzuki in this or any season drastically reduces the integrity of the sport (and the art of riding) in my book. I’ll stop watching.

  8. Craig says:

    Congratulations again team for sweeping High Point 2014! Everything looked so beautifully in order. The first season with JS7 on Yoshimura Suzuki started just so beautifully. James swept the first three events and appeared to be on his way to sweeping the fourth — High Point 2012.

    Team, please let the 2014 High Point sweep be not mere vindication for the 2012 setback. CONTINUE WITH SIMILAR BEAUTIFUL EFFORTS as if the setback was a mere blip on the screen in MX history! (even though we know it wasn’t, and there has been a lot of effort to get back up!)

    Best wishes for a safe and victorious 2014 MX season. You all deserve it AND WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! Cheers!!!!!!!

  9. Thinker says:

    James Stewart,

    You are the god of all gods in motocross and supercross. Your speed is untouchable, your talents are inconceivable. I have studied your progress from your childhood to current day in real time. No stranger to the sport, I am a racer, track builder, promoter, and analyst. I have no question that you, in a positive state of mind, with a bike tuned in detail to your preference, will win on any track and against any rider in the world.
    I give a lot of respect to the riders before you such as the remarkable Ricky Carmichael. However, none can stand with the distinction that you have brought to the sport. For real racers that have the ability to see your unity and spirit with your bike we can only smile in absolute amazement!
    Thank you for being the greatest light.

    Positive Energy

    • Craig says:

      Wow! Beautiful comment. I wonder who said it. I feel the truth and inspiration behind the words. I think a lot would agree and are rooting to se the best going forward (just knowing they need keep it clean and prevent anything like the 2012 interference EVER happening again!).

  10. Jldart007 says:

    Go Stew forget those guys on ktm’s their suspension sucks! I hoop this ped testing crap
    Gets taken care of forget them too!

  11. EricBC says:

    Awesome ride James! That’s the James Stewart we all remember! Keep working hard and building your confidence. The competition is tough, but you’ve got the skills to be up front. Don’t let the latest news distract you. What kind of timing was that anyway?? Anyway, good luck with that and keep ridding the way only James Stewart knows……

  12. Daniel says:

    Awwww yeah!!!! Whoooo!!

    Praise the Lord! I mean what can I say about your rides this weekend? You looked unbelievable out there. So much confidence warding off the challengers and then pulling away with enough time to cruise the last lap. Wow. I’m so happy for you and proud of you man. When the time comes for you to buckle down and do everything you know you have to do on and off the track .. you just do it. That’s a true winner right there man, and that’s what you are.

    I saw all the effort you and the team were putting into keeping the pits the perfect working environment for everyone. And there you have it … as you said “One of the best bikes you’ve ever ridden”. I knew you guys could do it if you stuck together and put each other first. As you can see when that happens the bike falls right into place. You guys got the formula now. I see a domination coming. No pressure, no pressure at all. It’s just when all the elements are there and you keep the Lord first as I know you’re doing, certain things are bound to happen. I’m just going to proclaim it in faith and keep believing to see it come to pass.

    I was so happy to see Malcolm bounce back from that crash and top 10 again! You guys are tough man. Congratulation to him as well on an awesome season so far. But yeah man, you’re looking like a champ out there. It’s so beautiful so see the fastest rider morph into the fastest and most strategic rider. You have the technical ability to be that guy, and you’re doing it. Bravo. I’m ready for the rest of this season, I think it’s going to be a fun one with you and the team firing on all cylinders, tangible and intangible. Enjoy the break and make sure you spend plenty of quality time with the Lord. Draw close to Him and He’ll draw close to you, it’s His promise. My prayers always. See you at the top podium where you belong. Peace.

  13. Craig says:

    There’s something about the yellow bike with the red “S”, Yoshimura logo, the number 7, and the fastest man on the planet catching all those brilliant lines — and straight to victory. Love it!!!!!

    Actually there’s so much I could say about the significance of winning those two races and the overall at High Point, but I’m keeping it simple today: Just keep those spirits up, and all the great work, and GO TEAM!!!!!!!

  14. Craig says:

    Yeeeoooowwww! Beeeaaauuutiful!

    Congrats team on sweeping High Point.

    Great stuff.

  15. SPIDER DAVIS says:


  16. James says:

    It’s raining yellow James. I’m proud of you man. God bless ya homie.

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