2014 Hangtown MX: Photo Gallery



  1. and remember james your racing against real young kids, like you when you were dominating,one more thing james,i am fifty years old now my wife and i are divorcing she has 44 years att ATT and i worked for hostess for over 20 years,i am a TEAMSTER, now i have been living in napa ca till divorce is final! i have been training as hard as i can 30 to 40 miles a day on mountain bike ,100 pushups a day and counting always pushing that extra mile racing dirt bikes all my life but this time my approach much diffrent! i know i can be the fastest 50 year old on a dirt bike, as soon as divorce is final racing CMC SERIES IN northern cal, i am the guy who sent you the picture of bobby myers at hold hangtown plymouth,watched him run down magoo on any given day, he was the only one faster than magoo back then,we are still friends,just remember take every race like its your last, cause when its gone its gone! and so i have been spreading your name everywhere when you go i want everybody to know who you are and keep promoting the great sport of motocross!P.S YOU SHOULD SEE A BIG SPIKE IN YOUR POPULARITY THIS SUMMER! your friend and biggest fan ZACHARY BOOTH 25 YEARS MARRIED

  2. Daniel says:

    What’s up James!

    I really agree with those first two comments below. Awesome rides by the way, especially that second moto. I does appear that the frustration is building. And I totally understand because it’s been a little while since a checker and you were looking so forward to the end of the supercross season ending with plenty. But you definitely don’t want that frustration to accumulate. I know it’s hard man, I do, but you have to find a way to enjoy what you’re doing. That’s the best way you’ve shown to get into your zone.

    The power of patience … the power of patience… it really is a virtue. Things will come together. They just need a little time. You’ve got a great team and I’m sure you guys will figure it out. You did it for supercross and I’m sure you can do it for this outdoor season. And even though you have a team leader, you have to remember that you are the true leader of that team when it comes to team spirit and morale. Us supporters thrive off seeing you smile and I know your team thrives off your positive energy too. So you gotta set the stage so everyone is in the best state of mind to figure things out because that pressure you’re putting on yourself could spread and they may not do as good as they could.

    Please stay positive James. You’ve come so, so far to be as healthy and awesome of a rider as you are right now. That’s the main thing to be happy about. The bike can be fixed rather easy, but the hard works it’s taken to fix you to where you are is the key to winning. You’re a winner, you have a winning team, you’re more than a conqueror in Christ, YOU WILL WIN. So please make having fun on the track and in the pits you main goal and I truly believe the rest will fall into place. My prayers always. We all know you can do it, but don’t let our confidence in you become pressure but rather encouragement. My prayers always. See you at the top podium. Peace.

  3. EricBC says:

    Hey, James…..Looks like you started getting comfortable in that second moto. I can see how frustrated you are because your bike isn’t setup the way you want it. Everybody knows that a comfortable James Stewart is always gonna be a threat to win! You’ve been riding smart and we appreciate you giving it all you can without throwing it away. Looking forward to seeing you on the box!

  4. Pierre says:

    Way to improve your game this weekend. Your fans are behind you and we’ll stick behind you all the way. Really hope that you can take the pressure of your shoulders and that you dont get stressed over these first races… Cause when the pressure keeps coming thats when bad stuff can happen. Keep riding for yourself and for your family and team, have fun out there and you will get that red plate before the season ends.

    Fans in Sweden are behind you all the way!

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