2014 Glen Helen MX: Photo Gallery



  1. Daniel says:

    What’s up James!

    Just watched the youtube video. Yeah man, looked like a pretty tough weekend. But you got that first round out of the way with pretty good results. Like you said, you could’ve pushed too hard and lost 25 points or kept your cool and lost 10. That mentality and maturity says a whole lot about the veteran you’ve become. You definitely gave it your best smartest shot and that’s all you could do. I’m thankful to the Lord for doing the rest in keeping you as well as Malcolm healthy.

    Weekends like that won’t last. Before you know it you’ll have that bike tweeked and pulling holeshots and good starts with consistency. That’s half the battle right there. Keep the faith and believe in good things happening going into each race. Remember, like the apostle Paul said “‘This one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind, I reach forward towards the mark of the high calling in Christ”. With your faith in Him being your entitlement to the goodness and grace of God, your high hopes are always lying before you within your reach (Hebrews ch12). Just remember that and keep your head to the sky and your hopes high before the drop of each gate. Expect that holeshot and go after it like it belongs to you.

    I prayed good things for you while watching your post race video on youtube. I have high hopes about this season. I know it’s a matter of time before you get that bike dialed in and your mind acclimated towards the outdoor season. Once again, try your best, but still let IT come to YOU. Don’t force it … you’re still the most talented rider on a dirtbike … wins come along with being that guy…. that and of course your faith in the salvation and goodness of the Lord.

    I believe my prayers were in line with God’s will. I felt a sense of peace and anticipation when I prayed them. So I’m expecting good things for you and Malcolm. His grace is more than sufficient for you both. I believe in a championship for you and I will continue to do so because that’s the hope that was shed on me. That day is a reality that I can see in my spirit and know is possible with God. My prayers always. See you next race. Go get’em. Peace.

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