2014 Seattle SX: Photo Gallery



  1. tomtick88 says:

    James you rock I am doing my speech on you on Thursday. I had a choice of all topics and I chose you. rock on and kick some more butt

  2. Brett says:

    James, you’ve been kicking some butt and it’s great to see someone show villapoto that he’s not nearly the fastest person on the track. Just wanted to point something out that I noticed. I can always tell when you’re going to win by watching your corner speed. When you’re on your game there’s no one that corners as fast as you. Keep those corners quick and I bet you’ll win the last races. Hope that helps, Good luck!!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    What’s up James!

    Just finished watching the Youtube vid. Glad to see you back healthy and enjoying yourself during the day. I could tell even before seeing the youtube video and right after the live race that you were really disappointed with the way things went. Hey, straight up, I feel you. Of course I could say “Hey be happy for 2nd … this .. and that” … but knowing how much you wanted to clean up these last three races, I can see why you felt the way you did. But now after saying that, Congratulations on an awesome race!! Man, you put it all out there and without your charge, the race would’ve been rather boring. There you go again, not letting off that championship without a fight, treating it like it’s yours to let go… and the battle rages on for at least another 20 laps.

    Like you said, it was so cookie cutter that catching whoever got the holeshot and open track would’ve been highly unlikely after having to get pass just a few other riders. Had that track had just a little more flow in the rhythm sections, I know you could’ve made those 4 seconds up with at least 3 laps to go to battle it out for that checkered. But what can you do when trying to go faster could only lead to over-riding and some really sketchy moments. But man, even though you were on razers’ edge for a while, I knew the Lord was with you keeping that bike upright. I mean you were putting it all out there and I could almost visibly see that He had your back. I too would’ve loved to see all that risk pay off in the end, but what can you say, Ryan was feeling good up there in front of his home town and there was basically no way to make up major time. We all know it would’ve been battle of the season if you would’ve started right behind him. With a track like that it would’ve been like you two fighting in a phone booth, with so little room to pull away. I think you would’ve really shined.

    But I was very thankful to not only see you finish healthy, but also not even make a mistake that cost you a position… that’s actually quite amazing considering how hard you were pushing it. But we got a couple more to go and you’re where you need to be. You should feel nothing but spectacular about your efforts this season. You’ve garnished so much respect and changed so many minds about where you are in your career and what you’re still capable of. Not to mention you spot in history. You’ve also solidified and grown accustomed to your new riding strategy which will pay off exponentially in the following seasons (especially the more wide open throttle outdoor races). So I consider your season so far as great of a success as humanly possible and also very blessed for what is beyond human control.

    Hope you enjoy the break. Also hope you enjoyed the song and it has served as a great motivation and spiritual grounding for you. I wrote it to last on and on by not limiting it in any way to just this season in the lyrics. So may it continue to bless you. You deserve the effort for all the effort you put in. Here’s to getting a little back in return. My prayers always! May you and your family be richly blessed! Congrats to Malcolm on that 3rd place too! Peace.

  4. Michael Howell says:

    Keep on digging.. Mr.James Stewart… “THE FASTEST MAN ON THE PLANET”……!!!!

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