2014 New Jersey SX: Photo Gallery



  1. Courtney says:

    What’s the excuse this time? When is this pathetic excuse going to retire and leave it to those who want it? Ho-hum, another year another non-factor. What will the excuse be when motocross starts? This guy is plain not all there. But the good news is that he has you all suckered. Which is worse, a lame excuse making, washed up has been or fools that forget to wipe your chins when is he done?

  2. Courtney says:

    It’s always something, isn’t it. When is bucket head going to retire and leave the racing to those who really want it. What’s the excuse for this pathetic POS?

  3. Daniel says:


    Just read the update on your knee and all I have to say is the Lord is faithful! I have been praying for your knee since I saw it happen on Sunday at the 4:00 airing. When I saw it happen I just turned away from the tv and stared out the patio door into the nature behind my house (it helped to comfort me until I figured out what I had just seen). At that point I had two decisions, to think the worst and doubt God’s favor for you, or to thank Him for His goodness and grace and believe that this wouldn’t derail your career again…. I chose to thank Him, trust Him and pray for a miraculous result with your knee. All the time while waiting to get your results I wouldn’t believe for one second that this would put you back out the game for a while. I just trusted and believed. And I’m so happy to have read the news on CycleNews.com.

    I am so, soooo happy for you man. You’ve worked so hard and looked so light hearted and optimistic in that video they released with you and Malcolm doing some outdoor riding (the one where you almost lost in on the wheelie that went sideways). Watching that video while waiting for your results tried to get me down, but I wouldn’t, I just believed. And to hear that you’re going to be good for Vegas! Man! God is good!

    Sorry that happened to you man. That was another one of those “what could you do?” situations that could’ve happened to anyone at anytime. I remember the same thing happened to Ryan right at the end of a season or something, tweaked the knee planting around a turn. But he was out for much longer than you if I remember correctly (just in terms of how long it took for him to get back going).

    I couldn’t be happier for you and more thankful to the Lord for adding His grace to that situation and not letting it go but so far. Only good things can come from His hand, but when the hand of the enemy gets involved, His grace is there to decide how far things go… and in this situation He saw fit to save your outdoor season chances of dominating and losing all that work that it took to get you back to fully conditioned. Whew.

    So great! It’s JS7 lining up for the start of the motocross season with a head full of confidence and a heart full of God! Can’t wait to see it. Not to discount Vegas, I’m looking forward to see you do your thing there too. Keep praying. Keep seeking to know Him better, that’s what life is really all about and He’s the only thing that you CAN take with you from down here. Your the best around, nothing’s gonna ever keep you down! My prayers always. Peace.

  4. B. Black says:

    Also, nice to see a great turnout for supercross, it sure wasn’t like this in 1991, or any of the races I have been to back then.

  5. B. Black says:

    Sorry to see you have the knee issue in the final. Hope you will be okay for outdoors, and see you in Unadilla this summer! I hope we in the NYC area made you feel at home.

  6. Howard Smith says:

    James…how is the knee? Sorry to see you tweek it during the main, thought for sure you had another podium in the works and possibly win the Toyota.

    Keep pushing and I can’t wait to see you rock the outdoors!

  7. frank says:

    Your my favorite rider but don’t wear a NY shirt in NJ wear a NJ in NJ

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