2014 Indy SX: Photo Gallery



  1. Aderailton T. Amorim Osio says:

    I am your fan here in Brazil, congratulation for tuday, great race!!!!

  2. MXMan says:

    James, where’s the info on Daytona on your site? Man, I swear, if it weren’t for bad luck James, you would not have any luck at all. Getting stacked up the first turn in Indy and then Alessi’s handlebar denting your header pipe in Daytona. WTF!?!? Not a good last 2 weeks, but that’s racing and you still have another 7 or so races to go so you need to keep positive and keep pushing for the win. The championship may seem out of your hands, but, as we know, anything can happen in 7 races.

  3. Daniel says:

    What’s up dude!

    First off, major congrats and much respect on climbing up to 7th. It was a weird bunch of emotions from the start to finish of that race. I was blown away in the beginning to find out you went down, but by the time the race was over, in a weird way I felt like you just won. To know you raced that good to get up to 7th, only 3 spots behind Villopoto who got off to more like a mid-pack start, I was so impressed and inspired by you and your ride. To be able to get by so many people on such a difficult track… I was truly amazed. Although, they didn’t keep the camera on you much, so I couldn’t see hardly any of it. I don’t get that. For you to be charging like that, you should’ve gotten much more air time. Anyway.

    You went down but you’re not out. It strengthens my belief in God’s will for you this season. From the bleak outlook in Anaheim one to this race … you just won’t go away. You are truly inspiring me in my trials by your strength and effort.

    You’re right there with the leaders for 2nd place. If the same thing that has happened to you, Dungey and Roczen happens to Villopoto … it’ll be a dog-fight for the championship. All you guys are right there waiting to pounce. And there are so many races left. I’m just so happy that you stayed healthy this weekend while taking the risks you had to take to place where you did. This thing is so far from over and I’ll say it again … YOU ARE STILL THE MAN TO BEAT.

    I’m so proud of you and nothing could change that. You are fighting with such heart and racing with such talent. I’m glad to be on your team. If I were in a battle, you are definitely someone I would want on the front line with me. I hope your team feels the same way because they should. I also tip my hat to them for all the great work and support they’re giving you (the round of applause before each main), it’s awesome.

    You guys just keep hanging in there and believing in God’s grace. All of you are doing all that you can humanly. Definitely no regrets. I will keep praying and believing and I have a feeling inside that great things are going to happen when it matters most. Don’t change a thing unless it’s praying and believing harder and being more determined to remain patient and confident. Patience is a virtue… patience is power… and it’s all that someone with your speed and talent needs in this situation. You can do it. You can do all things through Christ who is your strength. I know the wins are coming and I believe they will be enough. My prayers always. See you at the top! Peace.

  4. James says:

    Stay confident,stay strong. It’s time to do work my friend. Make it ran on them,raining yellow!

  5. Good ride James,
    From 21- 7 on a washed out beat up track that was getting worse by the second.
    Way to finish up strong buddy. Keep plugging away one race at a time all the way to Vegas.
    Consistency x 7= championship
    The whole of us are pulling n pushing for u man ! !

    • craig broussard says:

      Great point. “On a washed out beat up track getting worse by the second.” I was wishing to see more of James’ ride on the screen — oh well. But I kept my eye pinned to the stats, seeing the amazing number of seconds James was making up each lap all the way to the end. Outstanding! I’m sure the fans in attendance (still) enjoyed the show.
      I echo best wishes for a JS7 championship. James, keep riding well. It’s always so great to see. And stay well. Cheers!

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