2014 Detroit SX: Photo Gallery



  1. Mike faria says:

    Why arent you racing now its august 21/2014 you are the best the races are boaring without you

  2. Michael Howell says:

    50 what a fantastic achievement js7…”The fastest man on the planet”…keep using that noggin..!!!

  3. Spooky says:

    The haters have been quiet in the past couple of weeks..

    Great win in St Louis..
    Looks like you’re having a blast out there. Keep it up brother.
    Australia is cheering you on.

  4. craig broussard says:

    Hats off to James and Team Yoshimura Suzuki! I was jumping out of my skin in excitement and joy to see that ride last week! After the first couple turns I sat down, turned down the TV a notch and said, “okay, calm down, be patient, and watch James work his way up and win.” I just felt it.
    Your fans remember the outdoor MX dominance, the two SX championships, and so much more. What I believe now is you and a Team have finally been able to get things up to the level. Team Yosh/Suzuki looked great from the start — up to the setback at Hangtown (a crime!). Following that, I have watched and believed it would just take time to get the program up to the level the others (like Villi and M.E. Kawi) went on and developed in your absence.
    It’s taken time, but it’s clear you and the Team are all so friction’ talented and smart. Please keep up the great work! It’s historic. Have fun, be fast and be safe.
    P.S. Suzuki and Yoshimura products are starting to look pretty glamorous these days!

  5. MXMan says:

    James, WTF!! You rode like a god in Toronto. That is the James Stewart I knew back in his amateur and early pro years. You just plain killed it bro!!! Why did you waste your time training like a boss the last 4 or 5 years when you could have been sitting on the couch during the week and winning races on the weekends? You add a totally different dimension to SX when you race like you are capable. Your confidence has to be on an all-time high. Keep it up.

  6. Rob says:

    The sherrif is back congrats on a unbelievable performance in Toronto my 12 years old son had no more voice after the race lmao Lol …… Great job you got it now head down and do you’re thang that’s js7 .
    5 races left I think you can do it vilopotto is in trouble !!!
    Ride smart, be safe you got this ……

  7. Dario's italy says:

    Dall’italia congratulations for your fantastic race ,tutta l’italia del motocross si congratula con te perchè tu sei il più grande motocrossman in the world,you are in the legend for your talent infinito.Thank james for all the emotion that give us….
    Dario’s italy

  8. Alfred says:

    Congrats Champ!!!

    Last year i flew with my wife and daughter from the Domnican Republic to Toronto to watch you race and was disappointed with your effort as i let you know in a post last year!!….

    As a die hard fan of yours, i must also congratulate you on your epic performance this year in Toronto… it’s so awesome to see that fire back in you.. You kind of scared everyone of us when you mentioned a couple of weeks ago about possible retirement next year, not fun :) …..

    Of course, we would love to see you ride for many more years,,,,, Just keep in mind that you only get to this once in your life, so many former champs wish they had the fitness and abilities to still do this, but they can only wish… You still have enough for a few more years, so don’t go out so early, when you still have so much to enjoy and to give to the fans of the sport… Remember, later, you might wish your body could still do it, but your body might not withstand it….

    Although, i haven’t been able to make to any of the races this years, i must say, it’s been a thrilled to watch you ride this year…… You’ve been the most dominant rider on tour this year!!


  9. Craig says:

    Amazing win I was at the race! Congrats on the milestone! TORONTO LOVES JS7!

  10. Louis from dilla says:

    You tore it up out there in Toronto. Glad to see you win. My wife and I were watching. Your great man!

  11. Spooky says:

    Great win in Toronto…
    You’re riding fantastic
    Keep it up
    Australia is behind you.

  12. claudio coutinho says:

    Brazil / Toronto = bubba 48 = 2 na historia dos melhores .
    Parabens Bubba , eu sempre acreditei no seu potencial , agora è só manter essa performance . Mais uma vez parabens. Seven + Suzuki = Vitoria = Bubba . Claudio Coutinho _ Brasil – MG .

  13. craig broussard says:

    Absolutely beautiful ride. In your zone (flying of course!). So good to watch. Looked like amazing physical fitness (had to be some arm pump toward the final couple laps)! Best wishes for speed and safety forthcoming. Cheers!

  14. james says:

    It rained yellow in Detroit and I’m positive it’s gonna rain yellow in Toronto. God Bless ya James and keep it up. Never give up!

  15. Daniel says:

    Whoooo!! What’s up Mr.Stewart!

    Just watched Youtube vid. So glad to see you happy after a race again. This victory seemed to put on a brighter smile than the ones before. But PRAISE THE LORD for you win!

    I know you’re just getting warmed up for some more checkered flags. No pressure, it’s just inevitable because you are the best out there. And this win goes to proving it some more. You won two straight before 3 straight weeks of not being able to contend for the win … and as soon as you are in contention … it’s right back to where you left off. What a statement. And like I said, I know there are more to come and I can’t wait to see them.

    Congratulations on tying second most wins in supercross history. I know that’s something you wanted for yourself. You see, defining yourself and going out there racing with your own vision is already paying off. And so is all the spiritual effort you’ve been putting in. You’ve had a blessed season regardless of the disappointments. (And it’s not over yet!). I hope you haven’t lost faith in the Lord’s goodness because of where your championship contentions are right now. He has great and loving reasons behind all He’s doing and what He’s most focused on is your soul and your relationship with Him. Look at what lengths He went through to make sure a complete stranger like myself dedicated my efforts and prayers to your career and relationship with Him. I take no credit, it’s all Him. And I’m sure you can see a noticeable change in your life that has been going on through your trials and now successes. Remember, it’s a faith war over all else … faith in His goodness, love, power and plan for your life and eternity.

    So keep praising and praying. Keep pointing to the sky to let everyone know where your talent and strength comes from. You know, I’ve recently had a situation where I thought things were going to go a certain way went totally wrong. I was crushed and disappointed at first. But now two weeks later I can see God’s plan for it all. I’ve grown sooooo much and gained so much spiritual wisdom and intimate closeness to God that it was sooo worth it. It will lead to quantum times more than it cost me … and it looks like it’s going to resolve well too.

    Keep it up and keep faithful. Awesome win in Detroit. Once again, making it look easy. See you at the top again soon. My prayers always. And concerning the song I told you of, still working on it. Haven’t had much time with all the snowed in days dedicated to family. But I will finish it soon because I want you to have it for the rest of this season. Congrats again!! Tell Malcolm he’s still awesome and looked great at Daytona. I think he’s going to shock quite a few people when he gets going on that 450. Blessings to you and the family. Peace.

  16. Spooky says:

    Great MATURE win James….
    You rode fantastic and kept a level head throughout the entire race.
    Will say my hear was in my mouth when you stalled.
    Well done.

  17. Michael Howell says:

    Congratulations JS7..the fastest man on the planet..for your 48th career win..and for tying the G.O.A.T …!! Always use your head..!!

    • Vic says:

      James work on your starts and u can be the best. Continue to stay focus & be the spoiler for the remainder of the season. Make RV earn the Championship…take his heart! Good luck, be smart and ride ur azz off like your fans know u can.

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