2014 Daytona SX: Photo Gallery



  1. claudio coutinho says:

    parabens , eu ja sabia , acredito no seu esforco . MICHIGAN JA FOI . vamos la bubba.claudio coutinho (Brasil -Mg)

  2. Eric says:

    Go get ‘em in the Motor City, James!

  3. Courtney says:

    Ho hum, another year another non-factor. Give it up before you hurt someone!

  4. Daniel says:

    What’s up James!

    Just finished watching your Youtube post. I’m just feeling everything you said. I’m sincerely admiring your take on everything. I think your outlook is perfect … just looking forward to what’s possible in being able to win the races left. That’s exactly what I was going to say to you before I listened to your video.

    No one knows what could happen if you just went out there and pulled checker after checker. Fifty something points back sounds bad, but in a real way, it’s still just a temporary number. 3 weeks ago it was 14 and there are still twice as many weeks left of racing so …. who knows. I’ll tell you what I do know. I know that with God all things are possible. I know that from my own life. Looking back on my life it would seem impossible to be where I am right now … but His grace is sufficient in all situations. One thing for sure is that when you’re living for Him, He’s always making things work for your definite benefit. We won’t be able to see or understand it because His thoughts are as far above ours as the heavens are above the earth. Therefore, you can only trust in His goodness and the love He proved that He has for you through what He did on the cross.

    No matter how your season has gone so far, one thing is still for sure … you are THE BEST out there. Numbers cannot always reflect greatness, it just is. And that’s the case with you. I see it, your team sees it, your supporters see it and anyone else with clear eye sight that has seen this season. No one has shined and persevered like you. You have the unsung red plate right now. But there is so much racing left to do!!! So many more for you to win and leave it all on the table this season, as the new, reinvented and still fastest you.

    Speaking of the best, I’ve decided that I want to do a tribute song to you for the rest of this season over a soundtrack that has those words. Words are a talent that I was blessed with and would like to share with you in a way I enjoy using them. I hope to have it finished this week and uploaded to a file share sight for you to download by next week. It’s just something God put on my heart that I would love to do as one Christian brother to another. I’ll keep you posted.

    So you got it man! Go out there and win races because that’s what’s in your heart and blood to do. I’m looking forward to some great and technical tracks with flow for you to do your thing on. I’m believing and declaring that the rest of this season is yours man!! And I do believe in the “impossible” to, and will continue believing till time runs out. You can do all things through faith in your salvation and resurrection in and with Christ. My prayers always. You’re awesome on that bike. Thanks for the gift of putting your talent on display for me to watch and enjoy. Peace.

  5. claudio coutinho says:

    Mais uma vez parabens sx14 daytona ja foi , agora vamos la bubba .Brazil . MG

  6. Spooky says:

    Just can’t catch a break..
    All the best for the next race

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