2014 San Diego Supercross: Photo Gallery



  1. Karl says:

    Two in a row my man!!! You go James! Your fans have been waiting for this for a couple of years, so glad you made the bike change. So, when you pass Ricky on the win list, is he still the GOAT? Rock on brother!

  2. Joe says:

    Great job James. You took my advice and gapped those fools. Go get you some in the ATL.

  3. Medina 13 says:

    Were happy and proud of ya Bubbs!!! You are fulfilling the next chapter in your life and its equally inspiring as it was when you dominated the field. Your tenacity and character is one that will more define you than championships and wins. You have the biggest fan base and it isn’t only that you are such an incredible rider, its also that we love the person you are. So when you have success in your sport we share your joy cuz we love who you are! Congrats to you and your family..


  4. kevin says:

    (Form is temporary class is permanent) congrads on the vic James Vintage Stewart. That win was great but your consistency is even greater. According to the stats your average is second only to RV. Had the result @ A1 gone the other way you would be current points leader. With that said ,keep it on 2 and you will be the three time 450cc SX champ. When I first saw you this year @ A1 I thought you may haved over trained but I was wrong. You look great like a pitbull in fighting shape. My advise for the team is when you guys have a pretty good bike setup for practice/qualifiers & heats don’t get greedy and tweek more for the main. Tell pops I still got dat BDA gold , and I’d like to give it to him peronally when I’m able to get back States side. Just be in position down the strech JVS and capitalize. Consistency,Consistency,Consistency=Win

  5. JOE says:

    great job james. don’t make it so close this weekend in dallas. gap those fools.

  6. Daniel says:

    Whooooo! There you go Stewart!!

    Congratulations to you and the family on a victorious weekend of racing! Congratulations to you personally for showing the resolve, FAITH, and tenacity to work your way back up to that top podium…especially after such a frustrating and challenging start to the season. Congratulations to Malcolm too on that podium finish. I always knew that if he could pull out a decent start that he would be able to hang with those guys up front. Awesome!

    But back to that 450main … man I don’t know where to start. Yes I do. I’ll start by first saying THANK THE LORD! This weekend I decided to just relax and trust that you were in His hands. I was much more calm and assured while you were out front that you would stay there. Secondly, I have to say that you are a true artist on that bike…something very special. I don’t know if other people can see the difference between you and the other fastest guys … but I can. Only a true great with a true gift can make it look as effortless as you did this weekend. Smooth as butter and flowing like water on that (slippery) track. I could tell that you had it all together under that helmet and especially under that chest protector. You had such as peaceful confidence that radiated in your composure and consistent speed. It was awesome to watch. I mean, this is the first race I’ve seen where you could hold you and Villopoto side by side and get a good look. When you and your team have it all together like that, it’s game over. You’re technique is just too good over the obstacles and turns … you set that bike down gently and put that torque to work immediately. It’s like you’re driving a v12 Bentley around the track.

    What I loved most was watching your elation and thanks to God on your victory lap. Your hands didn’t know whether to make a fist or keep your pointer fingers to the sky. I can tell which one you wanted to do more because you couldn’t stop pointing. Then that heart felt prayer, heart tap and point to the sky … that was visibly sincere. You two working together like that equals classic victories like this race. To come back from rd1 and ride like that in front of the #1 plate is a truly classic ride.

    All you have to do is keep doing what you just did. Make it your #1 priority to stay in that head and heart space… be resolved to remain patient and confident no matter what, with nothing to prove to anyone but yourself, and KEEP THE FAITH. Now you can race a little relieve but don’t dare get too relaxed. The same focus and mental alertness you had to have to climb back up to this point will be needed to keep climbing and clinch this thing. You have to have that focus, faith and patience all the way to the last race. You can man! Talk to you later. PS – I’ve probably watched that race more times than you did up to today. My prayers always. I see you at that top podium more often than not from here on out. Peace.

  7. PATRK says:

    I do not understand why so few appreciate such a legend still at work.

    What other riders can match James innovative style and. Still. Speed above all else when he gets to show it.

    Give JS the opportunity and he is still the fastest mx rider on the earth. And being a thrill to watch.

    RV or RD can’t match that.

  8. James says:

    Rained Yellow I’m super Dungey pumped for ya….King james!!!!!!!

  9. Pierce says:

    Solid win James!!! Been feeling it for the last few weeks, great to see you back on the top spot. Keep in the top 3 and the title could be back in your hands.

  10. Moe says:

    Way too go Bubba!! The only way those other riders could beat you is when you’re hurt or when you’re lacking confidence due to some of the stuff you’ve been through. Outside of that there is no doubt in my mind that you would earn what is rightfully yours and that’s the title of G.O.A.T !!!

  11. Mark says:

    Great job James! Awesome whip too!

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