2014 Dallas SX: Photo Gallery



  1. Austin Chugg says:

    Hey James!!
    You are AWESOME!!! you almost had super cross championship when i was watching it and when i saw you off the track and something was going on with your bike! I was so pissed i just turned the T.V. off right then and that because i was so MAD!! I wish STUPID Ryan didn’t win!! you would’ve won! You are SICK. That’s awesome that you are doing so well in motocross.

    your friend

  2. Levi says:


  3. Rob says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about sheriff is back very proud of you’re abillity’s but I’m not impressed that’s just what you are ( determined fighter , force to be wrecking with in the wonderfull world of supercross )
    A world that lots of us would be dreaming to live what you play every weekend , so for all of us tiger………Keep rowing that boat to success the finish line is near.
    Be smart , focus, and you’ll see it will all come together just like in 09′ I will tell you again “YOU CAN DO IT”
    Wave at you’re fans, put you’re head down watch that gate and what can I say man !! Just do you’re thang !!!
    Ps: bring back post race reports this sucks
    Play smart “BE SAFE” see ya in Toronto track walk : )

  4. kevin says:

    Congrats James “Vintage” Stewart awesome ride man.

  5. jeff says:

    did you hear the stadium when he won dallas,, every one was cheering seems like, so loud

  6. Daniel says:

    Aww man James! It’s coming into focus!!

    Congratulations and praise the Lord on your second win in a row!! Let me show you how real this is … the last comment I made on the Phoenix post race video was to someone named Dion … I said in my response ” Don’t worry, we’ll be celebrating multiple wins in the weeks to come and we’ll be right up there in top 3 points standing with plenty of time to challenge for the lead.” And here we are!!

    And now I sit here saying this to you James… This championship is yours to win, but more importantly, it’s His to give. Always remember that on and off the track.

    What can I say but “Man you’re there”. You are standing exactly where the Lord would have you in order to win it all. You’ve become that rider and are becoming that person (He’s always working on the person).

    Now this is what I have to say at such a crucial point in this battle … The strategic key to it all is STAYING the new you. It’s no secret, everyone see’s it and are admitting that this is the best you’ve ever looked overall. Now listen to me closely, you will be tested by situations and other riders to resort back to your old mentality. It’s their best chance at beating you. Trust me, they know it. Notice how Villopoto and Dungey both did the same thing … stayed close enough to pressure you but wouldn’t take the risk of trying to go faster than you. At this level of your growth it has become the best strategy for getting the best of you … sitting back and waiting for you to crack. But by the Lord’s strength you won’t. It’s more common knowledge than you may know … listen to the commentator of this last race with 6 laps to go right before you cross the finish line jump … He basically said that it’s strategic to beat you by getting you to focus on something else other than your own ride … in other words, count on your mentality to lose focus. (He studdered trying to not make it sound so obvious).

    The only racer standing between you and the championship is the Stewart of old… the “fastest man on the planet” with the burden of carrying the weight of that title every lap of every race. There are many ways to break the best and I believe that pinning that title to you was a cunning way to do it. Not any more. You define yourself and others just have to suffer the consequences of your inner resolve and self identity. The Bible says that pride comes before a fall… and you’re not falling for the pride that comes with that title any more. Amen.

    I love that you also didn’t get involved in a verbal distraction by saying in your interview that 2 wins in a row is not a message to your competition… good staying out of that drama… proud words could only haunt and distract you. You’ve got to stay in that place inside of you where no one can touch. Not the media, other riders, fans, naysayers, etc … the place where it’s only you and God and the dream He has given you. It’s called the secret place of the Most High and it is inside your heart, where no one can touch. Stay there and out of the confines of other peoples thoughts and motives. There is the safe place for your heart and mind to stay on course to your destination.

    Remember, the times will come when you will be baited into racing like you used to. Don’t fall for it, every race counts … and your strategy for your season, not the temporary strategy that others will bait you into, is what you must stick to (even if it costs you a position because you’re racing to win a war, not a battle). Keep that in mind before the drop of every gate. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep patient. Keep yourself in that secret place. Keep drawing closer to Him because His reward is with Him. I couldn’t be prouder of you on so many different levels from professional to spiritual. My prayers always. One race at a time. One goal. One long term focus. Peace.

  7. Anthony says:

    suzuki championships : Reed, Carmicheal, Dungey, Stewart?

  8. Nicolas says:

    Amazing ride!!! keep going!!! 3 in a row looks close!!! I hope I will be in Anaheim 1 next year.

    best of lucks from Chile!!!

  9. Willy Jackson says:

    villopoto is goin down!

  10. B. Black says:

    Great ride, two in a row, looking great too!! On to Atlanta!! Keep it up brother!!

  11. Dario's italy says:

    james, when run looks like a yellow butterfly with elegance and lightness fly from flower to flower, and in woops woops.

  12. James says:

    James I couldn’t be more proud of you. Let the Yellow Rain fall,it’s raining yellow! Great team great rider.

  13. Dario's italy says:


  14. Renato..penny says:

    The only thing you have to think about is bike setting…no standing points or other…You have the skill to stay relax and focus, quality not common to all…just like that you’ll mentally DESTROY your opponent.Go dude..Italy is with you

  15. Chris Sanders says:

    U did great

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