2014 Atlanta SX: Photo Gallery



  1. craig broussard says:

    In the three races before Atlanta, James was willing and able to do things other riders just weren’t. A few would quad or triple like James a few times, but JS7 did such things consistently. This shows me that he is and has always been a most deserving champion, period. I NEVER bought the assertions that James wasn’t “mature enough,” or irresponsibly rode over his head. I always felt that the struggles were with equipment and setup, or machinery and team ‘development’ over the long run.

    Racing is about two main things: Riders pushing their limits, communicating their experience with the engineers and mechanics, and; second, the latter in response, improving the machinery to accommodate the riders’ efforts. In other words, we have always known James was capable of riding out front — way out front; not just as an obsessed lunatic, but as an outstandingly skilled and ARTFUL rider: he “creates” moves on the track that others overlook or avoid. My point is, (in my view) ever since departing his dominant stint with Monster Energy Kawasaki, the pressure has indeed been on each successive team to raise their game and supply him with a caliber of equipment to match his own. Factories and engineers, suppliers and mechanics, must want to win as badly as their riders; and if they do, the struggle to continually improve, or ‘develop’, the equipment (and overall operation) to match the riders’ efforts and skill is real. Yes patience is a virtue, but not forever. I am not interested in the blame game here, just to say that if everything is set up optimally, we see what JS7 is willing and able to go out and do — things that others generally aren’t. Looks like Team Yosh has in fact raised their game. It has simply taken a proper amount of time (especially given their early setback their first summer season) to get there. I think they just might be there.

    Let me finish by saying that I hate to see injury and upset to any rider. I admire ALL the riders and wish them all a safe and fulfilling season. But it just always seemed to me that James Stewart possess something extra-special in the sport. I want to see him in the history books reflecting exactly that — more wins and more championships. You could say it’s in there already, and be right. But I know there could be a lot more. He was getting top ten finishes, and commentators were saying how “mature” that was. Well, yes, I guess it is mature to learn not to kill yourself when there’s little hope to get the machinery out front. But the fact is, that game is just plain sad, and basically unacceptable given what we know is possible. James needs and deserves the stuff that gets him out front, “comfortably,” like he had under him in Texas. There, things just looked right (like it used to be most of the time!). So I say to the great Team Yoshimura Suzuki: If you want to go down in history, NOW’S your chance, with a rider who has always been willing to able to push it out and beyond what others see as possible. Get up and give it all to “the fastest man on the planet.” JS7 and team, I wish you the greatest!


    • craig broussard says:

      I never heard what actually happened in Atlanta, like why what looked to be a severe front brake lock-up happened. After two basically confident wins and top qualifying at Atlanta, such a mishap seemed very odd. Still curious. BUT ANYHOW, as my previous long message expresses, Team Yosh and JS7, get up and get it like we know you can!

      Be safe. Have fun. Place high.

  2. Black Sunshine says:

    James , You are still in the game! I swaw how they overwaterd the track in SEVERAL spots.
    Be cool!
    Black Sunshine

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  4. Hey JVS ATL is in d books,over dead. Get it out of your head, take the positives and move on. Minimize your mistakes and you’ll maximize your championship prospects. Keep it on 2 Stewy.
    N remember consistency+consistency+consistency=Championship
    We’re all pushing for you bud.

  5. JOE says:

    Very disappointed about Atlanta. From 14 to 26 back. It’s all good though. Don’t stall it in INDY this week. James, you’re riding well this year. Keep it up. If you get on a roll, you’ll win this thing. I know it. Minimize those stupid mistakes.

  6. Daniel says:

    What’s up James!!

    It’s all good man! Just watched your youtube video. Glad to see you still see things clearly. You’re EXACTLY right. Your riding is awesome and has been all season. A couple of mishaps including this weekend but your still 3rd in points. I couldn’t have said it any better than you did. Glad to see that perspective still in tact.

    Hey man, you still have 9 races to win. And you are STILL the man to beat. The only rider with 2 in a row and making it look easy. Here’s the thing … if ANYBODY can do this, you’re the rider who can. If you just keep up what you’ve been doing since after Anaheim 1 you’ll still be on track to winning it. Bottom line, no one out there is better than you cc for cc. Period.

    This is a 17 round fight. You’re winning more rounds than you’re losing and that’s all it takes. I for one still believe the best is yet to come. Just like you said in your video – you’re still the same guy – and that’s what matters most … continuing to ride with the patience, poise and confidence that has gotten you this far.

    As you can see from your comments here and on youtube, we still love you man. And we still believe in you. The good fight of faith requires us to walk by faith and not by sight. Continue to walk and ride by what you believe is possible with God, remembering that all things are always possible when you believe in Him. Don’t try to figure it out. The Bible tells us to trust Him with ALL our hearts and don’t lean on our understanding. The faith fight is about believing against what appears to be or what we think is happening. God is still on the throne. You are still redeemed by the blood of Christ. God is still calling you closer to him through all that you’re going through. And all things are still working for your good as long as you are loving Him.

    You know what the difference is between this weekend and 1000 years ago? Absolutely nothing, it’s all in the past. That’s how you have to look at it. The glass is still full of potential for you to win a championship. I still see you on the top podium more often than not … with you riding the way you are and being conditioned by the past 8 races, I believe you won’t even have to force it … you’re already the fastest and you’re determined to keep riding smart. That’s all it will take … that, your prayer, faithfulness, loyalty and belief in our Almighty God.

    Stay in your secret place and in joy because you are surely blessed to be doing what you’re doing and to be where you are in life and the points standing. My prayers and belief always. I know you can do it. JS7 till the end of this thing! Peace.

  7. James says:

    Keep grinding James you are an insane talent and you will prevail. Raining Yellow!!!!

  8. Claudio Coutinho says:

    bubba o campeonato sx so esta no meio , ainda da para levar o titulo .(brasil)

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