2014 Phoenix Supercross: Post-Race Update

The second round of the 2014 AMA Supercross Series in Phoenix, Arizona is now a thing of the past, and despite a head cold and a tough crash in his final timed practice session of the day, James walked away from Chase Field with a respectable fourth-place finish in the night’s main event. Here’s what JS7 had to say about working on the bike, battling through his illness, and more…



  1. Tom Ewing says:

    OK, the fire and focus is clearly back. The Oakland 2nd place, and gaining on RV, showed us what is in store for us this season. We WILL see the #7 at the top of the field again this year. RV is great, but I’m glad to see he is not invincible. With you, Reed and Roczen pushing him hard, RV has faltered and has shown how vulnerable he is – and not just once. The field will be tighter this year. That’s the JS7 we have been waiting for…. welcome back!

  2. davemx90 says:

    awesome job james looked great , get better and get back at it for next week.

  3. Mario says:

    Something different about you this year. Looking strong keep it up its gonna pay off!

  4. Mitch says:

    Hey James,
    You’ve had a little bit of bad luck, but don’t let it get you down. To be able to go out and place 4th when you’re really sick is awesome… even after a bad crash in practice to boot. You have what it takes to win this thing, so stay focused and go kick some serious ass tomorrow at A2

  5. steve says:

    well, its almost as if people didn’t watch the MEC, so A1 bubba passes every rider including RV and reed and dungy and caught a rut in the woops. bad luck. then gets a terrible start and finishes 4th and speaking of making excuses….the haters keep making excuses of why all the other riders can crash and not podium and yet they are all great and bubba is washed up. its 2 races in lets slow down a little bozos and lets see how the season plays out.

    • Andy says:

      … and Anaheim 2 he wins the heat race as easy as it gets. Finish second in the main event while Ryan’s crash two times each.
      The hater’s should start to look on the facts.

  6. Today's Word says:

    Excuse: Attempt to lessen the blame; seek to defend or justify.

    Today’s lesson is about the word “excuse.” This word is one that every person on this site should know, since mores excuses can be found than anywhere else.

    Tomorrow’s lesson will be about differences between “your” and the contraction “you’re.” We understand that the limited intelligence of the average poster on this site does not allow for the understanding of such a simple word, so we have decided to start with this misused word. We may also start lessons at a third grade level because the average poster exhibits the intelligence level of a lemming. Good day!

    • Spooky says:


      Lets ask questions instead.

      How much money did you make from your occupation last year? Hopefully my assumption regarding your employment status is correct.

      I know that JS7 made a tonne more cash than you did last year. Mind you, doing what he loves.

      Washed up?

      If so why has he been able to secure sponsors?

      James is still one of the top 3 fastest riders in the world. His performance these past 2 races have proved that.

      Admittedly he did have a fall in A1. What was he to do? Sit in 2nd and be content or push the envelope. Maybe he should have been a coward and just settled for the points from second?

      The racer in him will not allow him to settle. Any real racer (not your type who race on a ps3), will go for a gap, no matter how small. That is what separates them from the rest of us.
      RV, Dungey and James all have that instinct.

      Seems people would like to see James retire.

      I think that they are just RV fans and figure with JS out the way RV can have a easy run to the championship.

      When you are capable of qualifying for the AMA series then you can speak ill of whom ever you like. Until that point, pay you ticket fees and zip your mouth on riders sites.

      It just shows your lack of intelligence and class. As well as proving how disrespectful you are. You are talking about things you have no concept of.

      James, keep up the great work… Love to watch you race. All the best for the season.

    • O.G.Jdub says:

      Where you at now?

  7. There’s no doubt James is the man out there! To go down so hard at A1 and respond the following week with that amazing ride! Keep up the hard work, stay focused and I know your will find your groove in this championship and work your way to the top. 1 race at a time, bit of patience at times as your did here… this is what will make the difference. Amazing amazing rider! I fear that I will lose interest in the sport when you retire. So please stay in for as long as you can! :)

    • Andy Capp says:

      Oh this is just comedic gold… The idiots on here blindly believe anything ol’ toehead says…just like lemmings. Such sad times for the youth of today.

  8. J. P. Dithers says:

    I have been a follower for many years but am having different thoughts. I had high hopes for this season, but at A1 found tears running down my face, but found it was from laughing so hard and thinking “this is just typical.” I agree with some of the others, it’s time for him to retire and hang it up before someone gets seriously hurt.

    • Daniel says:

      Ohh here we go again this season. People starting to feel like they have Mr.James Stewart on their personal payroll. If you indeed laughed at such a painful loss to him personally, there is no way you can be a supporter. You’re just a skeptic who’s still hanging on to the back of the bandwagon “just in case” it pays off for you, not him, but you. I wonder how you would’ve sounded had he not made a mistake and went from 10th to win it. Hmmm, I wonder. These are professionals, not super heroes. No one is safe from mistakes out there, even the heralded Villopoto who, remember, crashed out of the LEAD ALL BY HIMSELF (not racing someone through the woops). He’s a pro at what he does. Why don’t you be a pro at the simple job you have of being supportive and respectful on someone else’s property (his site). I think his job is a lot harder than yours being an anonymous online commentator. Just do what moms have advised for decades “If you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say anything at all”. Even if you get away with it here, there is Judge who administers justice who can make sure you reap what you hatefully sow. Think about it… then find the site of the rider you really support and say something good to them instead of kicking another human being while you THINK they’re down. Because he’s definitely down in heart or out of this championship.

  9. Courtney says:

    Once again, ho hum, another season, another non-factor. Good to see that the numnuts on here will continue to make excuses. What will it be next?

    • J.H. says:

      Courtney, James Stewart races in the, wait for it, AMA SUPERCROSS and OUTDOORS series, the premier indoor and outdoor series in the world. He gets paid millions of dollars to do it win lose or otherwise. Now this sounds a whole lot better than sitting at home with tall poppy syndrome, cowardly throwing insults from your room. The fact is, and like I said, win, lose or otherwise, he has made it, while you on the other hand lack any kind of spine or success in any facets of life. Do us all a favor and throw yourself in front of a truck.

    • Daniel says:

      Hopefully what will be next is you finding some real friends. Because it sounds like you don’t have much luck in that department with all the anonymous terrorist type of behavior you show here. I bet if you spent as much effort bettering yourself as you do trying to worsen this site, you’d probably get more love in your life to get rid of some of that hate…. just saying.

      • Daniel says:

        (this comment was meant for our beloved but unloving Courtney)

      • CFL says:

        I have great luck in that department, considering what your old lady has to say. What you really should be concentrating on is learning something new other than the missionary. It’s no wonder she went looking!

    • Courtney says:

      Really you are still using my name after all these seasons . I have not been on this board in at least 6 months. James I think you are doing great keep up the hard work you are showing us that this year you have that edge back in you.

      James Stewart fan for Life !!!!!!!

  10. Blake says:

    I have done a lot of thinking and am starting to agree with the naysayers on here. There is a constant supply of excuses from him. He may finish on the podium every now and then, and may win a race or two, but he isn’t in the conversation for the championship. He just doesn’t have what it takes to beat the faster riders. He is nothing more than maybe a top five to ten rider. Of course, those on here continue to believe the lies and excuses. So what is it this time?

    • zul0Ss says:

      If you consider last time he went down pretty hard,this 4th place is very good! I dont know about this he is not feeling good,that maybe not true but is solid 4th place.

    • MXMan says:

      You know, a couple years ago I would have agreed with you, as it seemed as though James did not have the drive or thirst for another championship and it seemed like there were always mistake riddled crashes or excuses of some sort. However, the James I have been seeing lately has given me hope. I have to disagree with you on your statement that he is not able to keep up with the fastest riders. Given a good set up on the bike and feeling 100%, he can and has shown he is still probably the fastest rider on the SX track. He proved that at the MEC and at A1. MEC, he outright smoked RV at will and at A1 he would have blitzed by Roxzen in the whoop section had his ass end not had gotten crossed up. All though James has gotten more conservative and patient on the track, he is, and never will be a rider like Dungey, where he plays it safe to try and keep consistent. James’ riding style lends itself to being more prone to losing control of the bike because he is constantly pushing the envelope. How many other riders did you see quading in Phoenix other than James?

    • Courtney says:

      Welcome to the dark side, Blake. It’s nice to see a breath of fresh air instead of these sunshine pumping idiot disneys!

      • Daniel says:

        Exaclty Courtney, the dark side. I hope you switch sides before you stay trapped there for eternity. It’s your choice for now, but it will be God’s choice later.

    • Daniel says:

      Hey dude, everyone has a right to their opinion. And no complaints, you’ve stated yours honestly and respectfully. I see it as a little cry for help because you’ve been taken through the ringer since his injury. I totally understand. If you look at him more like a human and not a race horse, it will really help you cope with his struggles. This is such a mental game as all sports are. Imagine what it would do to your mind to be on top of the sport, get injured, and have to watch other people in that spotlight that you earned. Then having to cope with recovery and never being able to forget what could happen with another injury. These aren’t excuses, these are realities. I mean look at Millsaps … just recovered from surgery and got reinjured three months later in practice and now is out for the season. Do you realize that it takes unseen and unthanked effort just to show up to that gate prepared? Forget about the “dark side” as naysayer #1 Courtney admitted to being on. He/she (can’t tell from the name) is definitely coming from a dark place. Everyone else who doubts just doesn’t have the heart for this uphill climb. It is tough, but it comes with the territory in sports. Here’s the bottom line … he CAN do it … it’s going to be tough to climb up those points … but it can be done. No one is safe until they raise that championship trophy. He’s still in it and that 4th was a big step in the right direction in keeping the title within grasps. And he’s become a much safer rider to believe in while still being fast and aggressive when needed and advisable. But if you want to celebrate hard in the case he takes it all, you gotto hang in there. Just don’t be a follower of naysayers, that’s bad advice for life in general. Follow your heart and keep a steadfast one to the best of your ability. At least then you can respect yourself and look respectable. Personally, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can go on a 4 win streak at any moment. And on the same note, other riders can dnf with bike problems or go down and lose a bunch of points. That’s just supercross.

  11. LazyAss724 says:

    Top 5′s until you feel better.

  12. Daniel says:

    What’s up James! Perfect, perfect, perfect. The highest compliment I could pay you is that I could see your strategy play out on the field. You could look at your riding and read your thoughts about staying in championship contention and still posting good points. That shows an ideal mental maturity that really keeps you where you want to be race in and race out. Now you are starting to build momentum that should peak when it means the most this season. This is going to be a whimsical season… the competition is so thick that those points are bound to bounce around. It suits Dungees riding style of just kinda sitting back and watching things unfold from the perfect vantage point. With your matured new mentality of being able to dictate your strategy, you will be able to do the same thing to keep it safer while still climbing up consistently in the points.

    You know, when I looked at it after this race I saw your first round misfortune as a blessing in disguise because it’s forcing you to strategize every single race with the long term championship in mind. It’s sharpening you in that way to get into that type of mentality early. This weekend was a picture perfect example of it working to your advantage. You rode a perfect race for the start you got. And that’s what’s going to have that championship within grasps soon enough. The season has just begun and like I said, those points are going to be bouncing around like lottery balls, so keep doing what you’re doing in staying positive and keeping your cool and I believe things will turn in your favor. It’s what I’m going to continue to pray for. Once again, with God all things are possible at all times.

    Prayed for your head cold. Glad the pressure is off to get the ball rolling back in the right direction and not let that points lead get rediculous. “J..S..7..!..J..S..7!”. All right dude. Talk to you later. My prayers always. Peace.

    • Dion says:

      You said it all Daniel, I like the way you think. James is a driven individual and a born winner. I’m a fan for life. GO J S 7 GO!

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks a lot Dion! And I appreciate your faith and optimism.. rare qualities nowadays. You’ve got heart. I like that. Don’t worry, we’ll be celebrating multiple wins in the weeks to come and we’ll be right up there is top 3 points standing with plenty of time to challenge for the lead. Just strap up and enjoy the ride as much as you can. James is driven and a born winner. He’s proven that to the world for years. You can take a lion out of a fight but you can’t take the fight out of a lion. That’s James. I’m with you … GO J S 7 GO!

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