2013 Red Bull Budds Creek National: Post-Race Update

James had a crazy day at round number five of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series in Mechanicsville, Maryland on Saturday afternoon. Check out the video to hear what he had to say about his performance at the 2013 Red Bull Budds Creek National…



  1. Matt says:

    I been riding motocross 35 years. Watched a lot of great racers in my time. I have to say James Stewart has my respect right along with Jeremy McGrath. And honestly, and sadly, Ricky Carmichael and quite a few others don’t have that respect. I lost most of the respect I had for RC long ago when I first witnessed him cheating. James, my hat’s off to you buddy. Thank you for racing clean and sportsmanlike. No matter what the spoiled little bitches and wannabees say in this forum, remember winning isn’t everything. You have class and you’re a Class A human being. Any wins over and above that is icing on the cake. Amen, brother.

  2. Kieth says:

    Another one bites the dust! Guess he saw the two R’s coming up and threw it away as usual. How does that dirt taste?

  3. Daniel says:

    What’s up James. Late watching this week. Accidentally recorded the 250′s on NBC thinking it was your class. Caught up yesterday online on moto 2. Solid ride! Just keep doing what you’re doing. Your faith is going to make the difference between all you’ve been through being either a sob story or the story of the heart of a champion. Do what Paul said in one of the epistles – This one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind and pressing forward to the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. You know what’s been placed in your spirit to do. No one, no result, no challenge can refute what you know you have inside. Congrats to the fam on Malcolm’s accomplishments. I know he’s making you proud for setting the example of what’s possible. My prayers always. Peace.

  4. ken howard says:

    It’s your James it’s your number 1 Atlanta fan. Southwick is a great outdoor race, relax, enjoy, and ride it hard and controlled. Malcolm 4th overall is huge! heat race win at Utah….what! if your not motivated don’t …….Move toward you energy, not yesterday’s energy, but tommorow’s!!!! I’m riding street everyday, I went to the The speedway classic this weekend at Barber Vintage MotorSports Museum. People from all over the southeast on bikes they rode to the event. I’m on my tricked out Honda CRF 250L, but I see a BMW 450X barely street legal and I drool. I’be done all I could to this bike, I’m cool on the street, but what you do, ain’t easy. I bought this bike because, if you don’t ride then you can’t really understand, and be like me a fan. Sothwick!!!, Malcolm!!!!, got a few ideas wish you could hear them someday.

  5. dave says:

    keep at it james everyone has ups and downs, you’ll be on top before you know it looking forward to seeing you at southwick good luck.

    • Kieth says:

      The only thing he will be on top of is the step ladder that he will be standing on to see over the crowd’s heads in order to see which riders are on the podiums because it won’t be him!

  6. Ex Pro says:

    Its such a shame that Jeffrey Herlings isn’t racing at Southwick! He would of been faster than EVERYONE there! I can’t believe how bad James is struggling at the moment. A few years ago he would of schooled Villopoto and Dungey, but time moves on and injuries take their toll. I hope James gets out at the top like RC and Everts did. He is on a par with the best ever! Don’t spoil it!

  7. Its so obvious how racist people think James Stewart will always be a champion you cant take that away from him and you cant take his wins away from him either and if im correct for the first 2 seasons james raced ricky he was on a 250 2 stroke which I do believe could be raced in the 250 class now so lets not forget that people cause he did beat ricky a fewtimes on that bike

    • The Mirror Knows says:

      Wow is all I have to say. No punctuation whatsoever! I don’t know if you are really that dumb or just uneducated. Also, I have yet to read a racist statement. If anyone is racist, it is YOU for making that remark.

  8. rich says:

    hey we all know u r fast and u can beat these guys. remember when u pulled all those big leads, u can do it man. u got it man. show all the haters what the bubbas all about . scrub them all away an you’ll be passin them all. always a fan. brrrap

  9. Courtney says:

    After years of observations, it is safe to say that stewie is nothing more than an upper second-rate rider. How can that be, you ask? Well, he could never beat the GOAT…and in between the years of RC’s leaving and RV/RD, there wasn’t any upper-level talent. Now that RV and RD are completely dominating, stewie is no where to be found. A true winner doesn’t need all of these excuses, but yet they continue to appear. Even Allessi is beating the hell out of the buck-toothed wonder. The real question is, why is there ALWAYS an excuse for something?

    • Fritz says:

      “…and in between the years of RC’s leaving and RV/RD, there wasn’t any upper-level talent.” .. That upper talent is/was James Stewart… Doesnt matter if you redneck want it or not – thats the truth. He is also one of the PROs that promote the sport more than anyone.. He is also still the fastest guy in laptimes 50% of the races… Doesnt matter what you think or like, if you are a true motocross fan you will also look up to James Stewart – the same way that you look up to other big names like the goat, mcgrath, or even RV as it looks right now.

      Go James – show the rednecks wzup!

      • Courtney says:

        “…He is also still the fastest guy in laptimes 50% of the races…”

        But not when it counts, eh? Even a blind monkey can find a banana once in a while.

        “…Doesnt matter what you think or like, if you are a true motocross fan you will also look up to James Stewart…”

        No, I will never look up to someone who half-asses and continually makes excuses. I used to be a fan and defended him just as others on here, but not any more…I woke up and saw the light.

        • O.G.Jdub says:

          If you “used” to be a fan, you don’t know what the meaning of a fan is. Take it from a raiders fan

          • O.G.Jdub says:

            Oh yeah I don’t know what the “excuses” are. James will straight up admit he ride like shit. What excuses is he making?

          • Excuses 101 says:

            Please allow me to step in – there is always an excuse, for example – how many times has he blamed CR on hitting him?; there is the on-this-board-infamous photographer incident; haybales; bike; etc. My favorite one is a couple of races back when the bike “suddenly” developed a brake problem and quit working over a jump – and this was after RV and RD were all over his ass getting ready to abuse him yet once again. Interesting how this just suddenly happened. Sigh, but everyone one on here will scream that it was real…just as the ignorant voters…

    • Why must you state your OPINIONS in such a nasty, hateful, spiteful way. You’re totally inappropriate. I hope you’re not always like this, spreading hate to people around you.

    • SevenFan says:

      WUUUUUUUTTTTT!!!! He never beat RC what attic did you slither out of. You better check your history. And if you know MX You’ll know ur wrong. James has beat RC many of times. Haters like to hate with no facts. Ck out E:60 espn James Bubba Stewart.. RC himself says James is the fastest rider to ever ride a dirt bike..

    • SevenFan says:

      This Courtney fella says James never beat RC HAHAHAHA!!!Wuuuuut!!! Better check yourself and your MX and SUPERCROSS history. For the Js7 fans ck out E:60 James Bubba Stewart on You tube. RC himself says James is the fastest rider”" EVER”" to ride a dirt bike..HMMMMMM Words from the almighty goat himself..

  10. ThomasR says:

    Time to drop the hammer Bubba, Be aggressive, WE know your gonna win one :) Believe in those instincts, we believe in you

  11. Eric says:

    James, I’m always gonna be a fan. It’s hard to see you not where you want to be and are expected to be. I’ve said it before, you’ve spoiled us, and we expect you to always be at or near the front of the pack. The haters are loving this right now. People get too emotionally involved. And that’s in all sports. Motocross has a different dynamic, though. I remember when Grant Langston first raced at Hangtown. The riders where either practicing or were on their parade lap. I heard HUGE cheers from a group of fans when Grant rode by. Complete silence when James rode by. Now, I can appreciate the presence of foreign riders on American soil, but that sent a message to me. And I’m just another fan. I really enjoy watching you ride when you ride the way everybody knows you can. I loved the sport long before you were there. I’m gonna love it when you decide you don’t want to do it anymore. Good luck at Southwick!

  12. IREAD539 says:

    WE getting there, just keep calm and focus…. Remember, Latinos from kissimmee with you.

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