2013 Thunder Valley National: Post-Race Update

The 2013 Thunder Valley National in Lakewood, Colorado—round 2 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series—is now in the books, and James walked away feeling pleased with his ride despite suffering from some bad luck in moto number one. After tangling with Andrew Short on the opening lap, JS7 next ran into the bike of Jake Weimer who went down directly in front of him, and was forced to battle his way back up from nearly dead last. James shook off his 15th-place moto one result by throwing down a solid third-place effort in the second moto, and is feeling optimistic heading into the Tennessee National next weekend. Here’s what he had to say after the race…



  1. Rick says:

    Stick to your plan !! In all your ways Acknowledge Him and He will set your paths straight !!! YOU CAN

  2. JIS says:

    I dont know what happend to James ” low speed ” Stewart. He coudn’t match the speed of the 2 Ryans anymore. Tired watching like this.

    • Aking3434 says:

      Amen, what has happened?? I understand being cautious but Dang!

    • Daniel says:

      If you’re that frustrated just watching, imagine how frustrating it could be to put in all the hard work and have to live it. Keep in mind that James really hasn’t had much time to test his bike on the outdoors. Villopoto has been with Kawasaki forever and they’ve got that bike rediculously tuned into him. Not to take anything away from him but that adds up seconds per lap that you’re going to make on those who don’t have the same quality set up. And that takes time and lots of practice outside of the race. Not making excuses, just being truthful about all the little things that make the difference between 4th and 1st at this level of competition. Everything takes time. And until JS feels full confidence in his set up he won’t be able to do what even he wants to do. I’m just saying.

      • aking3434 says:

        Hey Daniel, do ever read James Tweets? Nothing was said about his set up on the Bike.
        After the race he admitted he wasn’t there mentally. He hasn’t been there mentally for at least
        two years. I’ve been pulling for Bubba for many years back when He and RC were banging
        bars, and before that! Yes its Frustrating to watch someone that you know could still be Great,
        but yet these past few years its one thing after another. Big James needs to step up and put his foot in his ASS, like he use to! But hey it may be too late, lets face it when you’ve got as much going on around you as James does i would imagine it would be hard to focus. But hey keep blowing smoke screens for him, if i talked to him i’d be a true friend and tell him to pull his head out of his Ass! Or maybe i could do like you, and make excuses. Oh yeah JS has said in the past he doesnt pay attention to these comments. This is just a place for us common folk to get shit off our chest, like it really matters. I’m just saying

  3. Courtney says:

    Hahahaah…have to laugh at the greatest, fastest man on Earth being abused once again. What is the excuse this time? Even Dungey owns him now. HAHAHAHA

  4. Daniel says:

    What’s up James! Tried to post something yesterday but for some odd reason it didn’t post. So here’s the short version. Great ride last weekend! Tons of heart and focus and your attitude so far is one of a winner. Anyone who’s not taking you seriously has to be mental. Here’s my take on your season as of right now. Everything will be down hill after that first moto win. Just focus on that first win. I think the feeling will become your comfort zone and the next wins will fall into place. Remember that relief you felt when you rocked in Atlanta. You just need some of that to get this season started. You just have to believe it. Not just see it, not just visualize the win. But believe that’s what you can do and will do. I tell you what. I believe. I can smell it in the air … the silence of all the naysayers … the fear of all the title contenders … “Oh no. James believes now.” In the words of many pit guys plastering two words on a board and cheering like a fan – YOU CAN. My prayers always. Later dude.

    • Daniel says:

      Oh yeah. Tell Malcolm “Awsome!” on the top ten finish. I know you’ve got to be proud of him out there representing the Stewart dynasty. Congrats to all the fam on that one!

  5. Daniel says:

    Anyone else having trouble getting your comment to post on the site today?

  6. Oscar says:

    Why to you believe that James’ performance in this race or the prior race are mediocre? This is an open forum, but please back up your statements with some facts.

  7. Dario's says:

    look me James,i am italian fans Bubba Stewart….voglio vederti battere RV tu sei il più forte tu devi vincere…vincere..vincere…

  8. Radio Free JS7 News says:

    Newsflash! Newsflash!

    There has been a massive recall of the stewie bobble head dolls! There have been reports of them following over at the most inopportune times. Also, their voice recordings have unexplainedly started making excuses such as blaming it on the the counter surface, cat, or the copyboy running errands. It appears that the bobble head doll really is imitating the real one.

    When asked if he had a stewart bobble head doll, RV stated “why would I? The real one is more entertaining to watch fall and hear his excuses. Although, the doll does put up more of a fight.”

    Well said, RV, well said.

  9. Courtney says:

    Look at all the suckers accepting mediocrity!

    • Oscar says:

      Why to you believe that James’ performance in this race or the prior race are mediocre? This is an open forum, but please back up your statements with some facts.

      • Mediocre is the word says:

        Don’t know if I agree with Courtney, but there isn’t much fight to be found in him anymore. The best he can do is 3rd and he is supposedly the fastest man on the planet? Well, the question should be, is he the fastest or is he not really trying any more? I mean, he is getting thoroughly waxed by Vili, so maybe he has no heart left. He does seem to quit when the chips are down. Maybe they are right, it is time for him to retire.

  10. Oscar says:

    Well done James. In my humble opinion, you are riding very wisely. I can only imagine the hard work to overcome your recent injuries. How did you perform your cardio training with your injured knee from early Supercross round? Now that you say your knee is doing better, how can you quickly improve your cardio to endure the upcoming hot weather races? It is your focus on doing well and the fact that you do not complain about the challenges that keeps me a fan.

  11. Doct says:

    Definitely good to see you holding your own in the 2nd Moto after Wiemer took his dirt rest in the 1st moto. Always a pleasure to see you back outdoors in MX where you seem more in your element compared to SX. Big props to Mookie as well, good to see the brother’s Stew’ mixing things up this year as a duo! Best of luck to you both next wkend

  12. Eric says:

    Despite the first moto semi disaster, good overall finish. James seems to be comfortable with his efforts and his abilities. Get that bike setup right………I’m looking forward to the next round!

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