2013 Hangtown MX Classic: Post-Race Update

The 2013 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series opener is in the books, and James is happy to walk away with a solid third-place, podium effort. Though not quite as satisfying as his victory at last year’s Hangtown MX Classic, James is realistic about the long series to come, and looks forward to the Thunder Valley National next weekend in Colorado.



  1. Villipoto #1 says:

    Well, well, well. I bet I will hear the same cheers for Stewart about the upcoming 2014 supercross season because his chance of becoming the motocross champ is over. He can no longer run at the pace of the front runners. Will he squeak in a moto win somewhere during the season, probably, but the number 1 plate will not be on his bike ever again. I wonder who he will be riding for next year? Maybe Mitch Peyton on a 250 so he has better odds of winning a race. Good luck.

  2. B-RIGG says:

    I really think a lot of you JS7 haters are really obsessd with him. Week in week out all you can think about is talking about J.S. Do any of you go to other riders pages ever, or just fantasize about Stewart?

  3. Dario says:

    Ostia de un’ostia,voglio vederti davanti a tutti ,Vilopoto te lo devi mangiare come una bistecca nel barbecue,voglio vedere il Bubba che non aveva avversari,voglio che tu vinca davanti a tutti,tu sei il più forte,il più forte,il più forte,mi hai capitoooooo?

  4. Pierre says:

    I must admit that JS has been off the pace for a while now.
    First during SX and now MX.
    RD5 never had much of an answer for JS’s speed, but during 2013, the roles have been reversed.

    I have never been a fan of JS, but I sure enjoy watching him race!
    RV2 and RD5 FTW!!

  5. Mark says:

    You guys are the biggest fools there are and being played like nobody’s business.

  6. Mike Hunt says:

    If he never wins a title again then who cares! He is still one of the greatest riders ever! I would pay to watch him ride a dirtbike all day long! Everyone will see how fast Villopto is when he comes to the Nations against Cairoli and Herlings! James and Dungey are going to have to hang it out and push Villopto into a mistake or he will just ride on into the distance! James had two solid rides and looked good for the first round. I would like to see James or Dunge beat ron weasly #2 soon though!

  7. Excuse Making 101 says:

    Let’s go ahead and get the most popular ones out of the way this early in the season:
    “It was the bike’s fault. It sucks.”
    “A bale jumped out in front of me.”
    “A camerman ran across the track 10 turns ahead of me and distracted me.”
    “My police siren is broken.”
    “The bad bully ran into me.”
    “It was someone else’s fault.”
    “The ground is too hard.”
    “There was a gnat on my bike.”

    As you can see, dear folks, these are just a few of the well-known excuses to be found here on this forum. As we are so fond of saying, wait until next year. Oh wait, we said that the year before…and the year before…and the year before…and the year before…

    • Daniel says:

      Hey let me do you a favor. If you don’t agree with people who support James Stewart … don’t come to websites made for people to show their support. I wonder what ability you have that can compare to his ability that you criticize so proudly. Just remember, the same negativity and hatred you show others can come back on you. Just some SUPPORTIVE words of advice.

  8. Courtney says:

    And yet here we are almost at the beginning of the season and full of so many fan’s wishes and dreams are yet again about to be dashed into the dirt as fast as the bobble headed wonder can crash. And yet, there will be another round of pathetic excuses from the kool aid drinkers that can be found at this very site. Should we start taking money on how long the chorus of “next year” will be resounding from these very halls? One thing for sure is, that the kool aid drinkers on here are not based in reality. We have some that swear he is the fastest man on the planet but those same people will not answer the question that if he is so, then why hasn’t he won anything, much less a title in over four years? Kind of makes one go hmmm… We also have some on here that absolutely believe that everything he does is for the fans…that every appearance or whatever is for the fans – but they won’t believe all of that is written into the contract. And then we have those who are just in love with him and believe that he is the second coming.

    • Damian says:

      Lets see you go out there and ride thirty minutes plus 2 laps and finish third with a field as deep as the 450 class I bet u wouldn’t even finish top 30 so how bout this if all your gonna do is come on this website just to smash js7 get the hell out of here and atleast think before you speak dumbass and realize what your talking about I have tore my acl multiple times and have had 5 knee surgeries I know what he is going through I am not even 100% yet but still am scared to get back on my bike and ride like I use to bc acl injuries suck and hurt bad and im only 24 so shut your mouth and get back to your couch and try and find something else to talk shit on dumbass

      • Grammar Polic says:

        You would probably be taken a lot more seriously if you used correct English.

      • Martha says:

        This has to be the most ridiculous post I have ever read. A sentence that long with no punctuation? You did say you were 24, right? Did you learn nothing in school or what special brand of idiot are you?

    • O.G.Jdub says:

      Suck it go away no one gives a shit about what you have to say

    • Daniel says:

      What sick and pathetic pleasure can you get from this? There are plenty of other places you could go and rally some support for your opinions. But obviously your talent in life that can compare to his ability to ride bikes is trying to annoy and tear down people. Great job! Hope you’re proud of yourself!

      P.S. – I wonder what it is about James Stewart that annoys you more than any other rider who runs into difficulty? Hmmmmm. What makes him so different that it bothers you so much? I think I have a few colorful clues.

  9. Daniel says:

    What’s up James! Great ride! You showed tons of focus and heart out there. Congratulations on the two hole shots. That’s definitely good to see you dialing those in.

    You seem to have it all together right now. The team. Your strategy. Your confidence. Everything’s lining up for something good. And if you keep building those areas each race… something great.

    Villopoto’s on a high right now. What can you say? Who wouldn’t be after clinching to supercross title. And it’s clear he’s trying to send a message to get in everyone’s head. But hey, let him do him and you just do you. It’s not about trying to beat someone. The moment you make that your goal you lose sight of your own vision and they ARE in your head. So just block out what anyone else is doing and keep the focus on making that Suzuki respond to you and your style the way it needs to.

    Hangtown down. One in the record books. Two hole shots. Two podiums. A nice shiny gold plate trophy. Good points standing. And you sent a little message of your own today … “JS7 is in the house!” Just don’t overthink these races …. instead over-feel them. Keep adding fuel to the fire inside and it will come out in the races. Guaranteed. Clear head + Strong Heart = Great Ride. My prayers always. Keep your head up and your hands folded. P.S. – Great to see your dad being so supportive of your long term vision with his “Stack the Chips” mentality…Awesome! Later.

  10. Aking3434 says:

    Lets call it like it is, james ive always been a fan but, your
    Fitness is lacking…….bottom line

    • Daniel says:

      Uhhhhhh. Did you see him take his jersey off in the pits? Looks like he’s been living in the gym.

      • Daniel says:

        By the way, I’m referring to the video above. Wasn’t at the race.

        • Aking3434 says:

          Hey anyone thats ever worked out Knows that it doesnt matter
          what your body looks like! That doesnt determine your fitness Genuis!
          Watch him ride his race, he starts to wear down. He use to keep the same
          pace for the entire race. He gets slower and im a fan, but ive watched him his
          whole career. His age and fitness is lacking, no matter what his body looks like!

  11. SlapRacing says:

    Keep it going James u got momentum now just work on persistence

  12. Celfred says:

    Hi James, nice and smart ride man..

  13. B. Black says:

    Hey, its a good start, better to be slow and steady, well, not slow. The pace the Ryans set was way up there, saw the whole first moto, but missed you leading in the second. I know you have the speed Stewie, so no worries, on to next week.

  14. Eric says:

    Nothing wrong with going 3-3. Ryan V is riding with loads of confidence right now. And you know Ryan Dungey is gonna be up there too. James rode smart. He’s not done.

  15. Jonathan n Samantha says:

    Good job james that a great way to start just keep it smooth and you got this

  16. Bubbafan says:

    Way to go bubba. 3-3 is a good building block for a strong year.

    Go like tha all year and grab an overall Or two and you walk away with another championship.

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