2013 Minneapolis SX: Photo Gallery



  1. Skibeerski says:

    I don’t understand why so many are so critical of James?? I for one loved seeing his all or broke style early in his career, showed cajones. Ya, so he still tries to ride on the edge and gets bit but you gotta admire his drive and determonation to keep winning. Most of you armchair criticts couldnt go through a tenth of what James goes through on a weekly bases. Props and thank you to James for the entertaining riding all these years!!

  2. andyman says:

    Come ride the GP’s, travel the world and have a life experience

  3. Danielle says:

    Dear Motocross God,

    Show me the secrets of motocross.


    • Daniel says:

      Hey James ! It was awesome to see you yesterday at Pala! Thanks for making some time to talk and share stories. You looked nice and smooth out there! Wishing you all the best at Hangtown and the outdoor season! Daniel

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