Hot of the heels of his first win of the year in Atlanta, James entered round nine of the 2013 AMA Supercross series in St. Louis with his sights set on a two-race winning streak. After dropping the fastest lap in practice and winning his heat, JS7 battled tooth and nail for the main event win with series rival Ryan Villopoto, but came up just a bit short at the checkers. Still satisfied with a second-place finish, here’s what James had to say after the race…



  1. jojo says:

    hey james, you have to improve your turns.. if you could do that?? rv2 gets pissed off..

  2. gman34 says:

    Looks like you have won more fan support with your classy second place ride (which should be a first since in my opinion the ama should have docked vp 2 laps in total) and VP lost not only fans but also respect for putting a win ahead of a fellow riders safety. I will never understand why the ama wants vp to be champ so bad. So far thats 3 cheats for him in half a season 1. they should have restarted race where reed took out all the fast guys “except vp” in the second turn. Promise you if it was anyone else they would have restarted it. 2. Should have penalized him 1 lap for first double under red cross flags. 3. Should have been penalized another lap for second flag infraction.

  3. kodraracing6 says:

    I’m a bit behind watching the race. Awesome ride. I like the fact that supercross and motorcross rule enforcment is a bit shady, it keeps people honest, mostly, and lets you know what type of rider they are. Cut a rug at Daytona and show ‘em some new moves.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hey James! First thing I have to say is “Great Race!”. That would’ve just been another race without you in it. That was in my opinion the most exciting race of this season. With that said I also have to say … “Man, that was your race.” You not only had to deal with the 21st rider but the 22nd which is the flags. The first one took your three second lead and the second allowed Villopoto to sneak in a low blow. But I must say YOU RACED LIKE A CHAMPION. Your head stayed in the race even after those unfortuneate events and you gave every other rider something to remember. You held your ground to a very aggressive Barcia and Reed who would do anything to make a pass. You could’ve gotten thrown off by Villopoto’s sneaky move and got frustrated, dumping your bike. But you stayed on two weels and pulled off a very well earned podium spot. You looked AWESOME out there the way you battled with those guys. It was like you were skillfully fighting off a swarm of bees. I had to slow motion the way you cut off that turn the first time Villopoto tried to pass you going into the woops… it was like you had afterburners or something. That’s the kind of stuff that just can’t be taught or taken away from you that make you so special on that track. It’s truly a gift that I’m glad to be able to witness. I know how didicated you feel towards your supporters but don’t feel bad at all, you didn’t let anyone down, rather we feel for you … that you got let down by the crappy job those flaggers and officials did. But look at the bright side .. you’re healthy, you’re riding like a champion and you look like the guy to beat right now and for quite some time. You’re sending the message that you’re here to stay and you’ve got plenty of supercross championships still inside. Personally, I think you’re just hitting your prime mentally and skill-wise. Just continue to stay focused, keep a positive outlook regardless, and continue to race like the champion that you are. My prayers always. You’re looking great out there! JS7 for president!!

  5. HENRY says:

    Just now watched the race… But the f with RV on the yellow flag>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. B. Black says:

    Hey James, that was a great race, yes Villipoto’s move was sketchy, but hey you got a 2nd, and brought it home safe, so looking forward to Daytona, and hope you can pin it to win it there!!!

  7. ridge says:

    James that was one hell of a race

  8. Rufus says:

    just be there and am happy so thanks for rking your life to make me enjoy my self

  9. bobby puppie says:

    Very few may beat the #7, But at the end of the day they know that they will never be

  10. Robert H says:

    Nice race James. Even my 10-yr old son jumped out of his chair and yelled cheater. O well. Keep up the great work. We all want to continue to see you race every week!!!

  11. steve says:

    1st and 2nd in back to back races. awesome 2 weeks. i have to say that villapoto is trying to win the championship and some guys do the right thing to win it and others do the wrong thing. the 2 was WRONG. but this is not about him its about you. keep up the good starts and they will all be chasing you. good luck in daytona.

  12. Cycleguy says:

    Man… that’s so shady, I can’t believe the AMA will not enforce their own rules, that sucks big time.. Wait a minute….. What the hell am I talkin about, they pretty much did the same thing when Reed was acting up trying to knock you off the track, squeezing your neck and all that BS, they didn’t do anything about that either.
    Hummm there seems to be a pattern here..
    Would’ve been really nice to beat RV again though, he was really trying hard to win…

    Represent JS7

  13. Largent Family says:

    Nice racing James! Our family enjoys watching you and we look forward to it every weekend! Love to see you win, but especially when you are in Oakland, Ca. Our signs all say……Just Win Bubba! Even though it sounds like technically Villopoto followed the rules, it was a dirty move. He pushed the rules and did not care about anyone, but himself. Something that you would not do. We like the way you ride. You are a good sport and role model. That is why we root you on every week. Take care, The Largent Family….Kent, April, Tanner, Connor and Cooper.

  14. Jeff says:

    Super happy to see ya on the podium. Keep up the good work! Love watching ya race James, your the best rider out there!

  15. Craig says:

    Awesome race Champ!! You rode great. It was a dogfight for sure. See you on the top podium in Daytona babyyy!!!

  16. dave says:

    Its a first place in my book since the ama isnt guna follow there own rules, keep it up looking awsome you’ll be on top next week.

  17. Victor from CA says:

    Before it was neutral feelings to Ryan, but now am I not only rooting just for you, but I am against Villopoto for that shady move. Thats a real character check right there regardless of what the official outcome was. Keep riding the way you are James and things will pan out

  18. Mario says:

    You have changed this sport forever keep it going

  19. Sloth says:

    Good job Bubba. 2 Podiums in 2 races. I was a bit worried after your fall in practice. I thought you might be a bit sore for the Main. I hope all goes well for you and the Team in Daytona

  20. Tom says:

    Another great ride James! Daytona is going to be yours.

  21. Oscar says:

    Well done James. You maintained your cool under the pressure.

  22. Henry says:

    That was a bad ass race bro… Hey James can u do the Harlem shake?.

  23. Bubbas says:

    Bubba hang in there you did win in my mind VP cheated on both flagges and the AMA should give you the checker. TX with out mechanical issues you would have won as well. Never forget you at Glen Helen on the 125cc smoke the whole group by 45 secs. WOW you are the best and don’t forget that, beleve in yourself and you will be a champ in no time.

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