Daytona 2013 was much tougher for James than he expected, especially after posting fast lap times all day and winning his heat race. In the main event, however, a poor bike setup choice left JS7 struggling to find his groove, and he ended the evening with a disappointing eighth-place finish. Watch the video to hear James explain what happened in detail…



  1. JIS says:

    RD 11 Stewart got a problem again.. An easy win for Villopoto!!!!

  2. Byron says:

    Dude I love you riding the Suzuki it’s such a machine ,
    there is nothing Like a yellow bike out front !!!
    You lightning fast , absolutely awesome to watch !!
    Rock the rest of the season stay focused and keep super fit !!
    And it’s all yours for the taking !!!

    Byron Segal
    South Africa

  3. Ron says:

    Dude… Totally Stoked to see you ride! The heat win was Awesome! RV is riding good, but if you get the hole shot RV ain’t got nothing… Get the hole shot and just twist it!

  4. Cycleguy says:

    Its all good Bubba, do what you do and stay healthy, RV is fast but not as fast as you…
    You already beat him head to head a couple of times.
    Man Please!!!!
    Stay up and Encouraged..

  5. JIS says:

    Get Aldon Baker back and improved your turn. !!! JS7 Solid Fans

  6. ziggy says:

    u got a bad start in the main for sure….atleast as far as getting off the line.the berm blew out and u went down.shit happens.we know u have won at daytona but its a place that doesnt seem to like u much lol!!! kinda like unadilla.dont get down james.your winning days are far from over and your fans love to watch u race.to tell u the truth i am sick of watching u race sx.save it for the nationals man.

  7. Robert Vaughn Herndon IS Black Sunshine says:

    Let’s Rock James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Robert Vaughn Herndon IS Black Sunshine!
    Robert Vaughn Herndon ist Schwarz Sonnenshein!
    Robert vaughn Herndon is el Sole Negro!

  8. MPH says:

    For all you Bubba Heaters that never road in a race or even a dirt bike for that matter. Tires make a big different on how a bike response to the track. All you can do is watch every weekend and yell at your TV. Bubba RV might be fast for the moment but you are the fastest man on a dirt bike. Can’t wait for the outdoors to start only you and one other went 24 for 24 recesses. RV doesn’t have a chance if you are at 100%. Keep doing what you do and I’ll keep watching.

  9. Daniel says:

    What’s up James! I know how much you would’ve loved to win this one but hey, it’s just one race, another chance for you sharpen up and learn, which you did. It’s doing nothing but adding fuel to your fire and giving you more experience that will surely pay when it matters. And by the way, you’re not capable of “sucking” on a dirt bike, so I won’t accept your claim that you did. IT’S RACING… and racing can suck, but never a rider of your caliber. You can’t win’em all but one thing is for certain, you’ve won a whole lot in your career, and you’re still winning! It may be hard to see now, but all of this hardship is going to do more for you than you can imagine. You were born with natural talent and championship drive, but the strength you’re gaining from your injury, to team dynamics, is just compressing you to be an even more valuable diamond on the track and in life. You can’t let anything or anyone take your eyes off of the amazing life you’re able to live doing what you love and doing it as one of the best of all times (and possible THE best when it’s all tallied). But yeah man, you’re doing your thing, riding smart, smoothing the rough edges and getting sharper with each race. So let it be and love it while you can! Realize that all the hard work and dedication you put into this sport is a luxury to us spectators… not something you owe us… but something you bless us with. At the end of the day, you only answer to you and the Man above who gave you the talent (awesome shout out you made to Him on this video too!). Just continue to stay strong in mind, heart and spirit. Don’t accept any negative thoughts from yourself or anyone else. Keep the long term picture in mind at all times. And keep proving to the competition that you’re a cut above, which you are. Once again, thanks for help making supercross the awesome competition and spectator sport that it now is, you’re awesome, and I’m sure to see you at more top podiums throughout the supercross season. My prayers always and just remember, all long as you’re doing your best, “D.S.A” … Don’t Sweat Anything!

  10. IREAD539 says:

    BUBBA, it was nice seen u live @ daytona, i never imagine it can be that many fans for u, once everybody notice u was not the man in first place every body start walking away by the 11th lap of the main event, I was one of them. i didnt get ur autograph but took a pic with ur dad… good luck for indy and remember one thing LATINOS with u from Kissimmee,fl.

  11. Todd R says:

    Well I loved watching the Heat race, Missed the Main. JS7, Keep it up.

    Man some of you on here are a bunch of Wankers, go bitch somewhere else. You must be very unhappy with your own life, maybe you should work on that. GET HAPPY>

    JS7 Fan from Downunder

    Todd R

  12. Courtney says:

    Pleas excuse the imposter that is using my name he is just a ignorant a hole that i have dealt with for a year now. I am a huge James Stewart fan that has watched him since he started racing. I think he is the best rider out there and brings excitment to the sport everytime he races. I do know that he has been unhealthy for a while now but the last two races before this one he has proved he still has it. I will always be a James Stewart fan through the good times and bad. I love how he has grown into a man now and races for us and because he loves this sport.

    James Stewart fan for Life !!!!

  13. Mike Hunt says:

    I don’t think the tire choice would of made any difference really. At the end of the day Villopoto is riding like James did a few years ago and knows he’s the fastest and WANTS it! Villopoto is sketchy and hangs it out! I don’t think James ar Reed want to get hurt anymore and who could blame them! James has won everything and made a fortune and has done things on a dirtbike that I’ve never seen ANYONE else do! If he wins another championship…GREAT! If he doesn’t SO WHAT! He’ll still be a legend in Supercross/Motocross all over the world. It doesn’t matter how fast Villopoto or anyone else is in America they would never beat Cairoli or the Worlds fastest sand rider Jeffrey Herlings at Lommel/Valkenswaard or any other sand track on the planet! Keep at it James and take wins… the championship hasn’t been won by anyone yet!!!

  14. Tiaan says:

    Hey James…Biggest fan out of South Africa here. Don’t be to hard on yourself, i know you still got this. Just keep your head up and ride like you know how…There isn’t any professional athlete in the world who haven’t gone through some rough patches. I believe you will get through this, just keep it on two wheels and have fun. There is always next season and outdoors!!! Whoo hoo!.. Super pumped.. I Know you are gonna make things happen

    • Courtney says:

      “Always next season.” Funniest thing heard in a while! Wait, isn’t that what was said last season? And the one before that? Shall I go on?

  15. Derek Lodato says:

    Keep racing James … And for everyone out there .. Although the odds are James doesn’t have a shot he still does albeit a longshot…. Its important to never give up. I remember more racers who put it all out on the line more than the one who won the championship. Let’s face it… Winning against RV each weekend should be the goal regardless of the championship. I cannot stress the importance of getting inside his RV’s head for longterm championship success. Can’t let him run away with it without a solid fight. Fight till the end James!

  16. Harold says:

    Hmmm… While it was obvious that he didn’t try to fight for position. But was it that bad? Was the tire bald? I guess I don’t understand. Rick Johnson still fought when he had to race a stock production piece of junk Yamaha against works Hondas and he still kicked ass. But then again, I can’t really say. I was disappointed in James because that was not him out on that track. So to a point I can see where James’ is coming from. But from being a former racer myself, It would have been nice to see some heart out there and fight for position. That’s just natural! So like I said, I can see his point of view. If you’re not happy with how the bike is set up or feeling out on the track, why risk it? Plus he is out of contention in the championship. He didn’t want to risk crashing and getting hurt all over again. And I know James is tired of being hurt. So let’s move on to the next race. James, I know it’s different when you are not fighting for a championship and I know you WANT more championships! Let’s see some effort out there and more aggressiveness if you can. If not, just do the best you can and may the dice fall where they may! If you are healthy and are ready for the outdoors, let’s bring it because I know you can..

  17. JIS says:

    Believed me guys… JS7 will never win another championship.. RV1 is so fast and unbeatable. . Fom Bubba solid fans!

  18. SandLizard says:

    Remember, he’s only in the hunt for wins now that he can’t win the championship. 8th place, 5th place, it’s all the same. He did the right thing, held his position, finished the race, and kept her on two wheels so he can come back and try again next week!

  19. Noah says:

    Courtney obviously the change made him struggle. He still is the best racer ever. Everybody has a bad race that doesn’t mean u suck. By the way Reed is washed up and bites ass. Stewart for life

    • Courtney says:

      At least Reed didn’t give up like little bitch boy. “Ooooohhhhh I can’t win so might as well not try. Oh boohoo, woe is me.” what a crybaby little POS. And, Reed knows he is out of it, but you know the difference in character? At least Reed tried, which is much more than you can say for the buck-toothed wonder.

      Former James Stewart fan for life !!!!

  20. Courtney says:

    What kind of lame shit was that? There isn’t any kind of argument that anyone of you sorry asses can make for it. Even the announcers said he gave up. And this is supposedly the best rider in the world and who has such a strong desire? What a crock. No fight whatsoever. And you know what the funny thing is? Reed made him look like the little bitch he is – care to argue that one? At least Reed fought back after his crash. And you little sheep say he is the best ever. Hahahahahaha. What a bunch of fools you are. Time for him to retire. He will NEVER win another championship.

  21. Mandango says:

    Damn man! Oh we’ll shit happens you are still the best to watch Bubba and the whole family is always cheering for you. Can’t wait till next week now keep charging.

  22. MrOldMan says:

    Shizzit happens man. Don’t worry about it. You’ve got yourself in a good place, your equipment is good and you’re healthy. Get back on that thing and ride home boy. Just remind yourself to have fun, and everything else will take care of itself. Your real fans aren’t going to desert you based on any single race. Or season, for that matter. Get some next week and move on! Cheers.

  23. Sloth says:

    Don’t worry about it Bubba.Sh!t happens.At least your healthy and fit to fight for it next race.Keep your head up mate,after all 1;18s prove your still on the pace…just bad luck thats all

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