Always among the most anticipated races of the series thanks to massive fan attendance and good ol’ southern charm, the Atlanta Supercross once again did not disappoint as a near sellout crowd lined the walls of the Georgia Dome to watch James make his dominant return to the top step of the box! Long overdue for a Supercross victory, JS7 was simply unstoppable at round eight of the series on Saturday night, and rode off to wire-to-wire heat race and main event wins.

Despite having some issues finding a comfortable flow early in the day, James set the quickest lap times during both 450SX timed practice sessions. 450SX Heat 2 provided JS7’s opportunity to qualify for the night’s main event, and he quickly took advantage by grabbing the holeshot and early lead. Not to be challenged, JS7 threw down eight flawless laps on his way to a dominant heat win ahead of reigning SX champ Ryan Villopoto.

With the enthusiastic Atlanta crowd on their feet, James dove to the inside of turn one to snatch the main event holeshot. In a near carbon copy of the heat race, Villopoto dropped in behind JS7 early on, and it looked to be a two-rider battle for the ATL win. Smooth, steady, and well in control out front, however, James burned 20 impressive laps without a single challenge from behind, and went on to capture his first Supercross win since Daytona last year.

“I just gotta give it up to the team,” James said after the race. “After hurting my knee, they could have easily given up on me, but they didn’t. These guys continue working hard every day, and it finally paid off tonight. We’ve had some pretty crazy things happen this year, but this definitely helps to ease the pain. I’ve won a lot of races and several championships in my career, but this might just be the most satisfying single race win of all.”

1. James Stewart
2. Ryan Villopoto
3. Davi Millsaps
4. Justin Barcia
5. Trey Canard
6. Ryan Dungey
7. Eli Tomac
8. Jake Weimer
9. Chad Reed
10. Mike Alessi



  1. IREAD539 says:

    BUBBALICIOUS is coming…….

    latinos with u from kissimmee,fl

  2. Sloth says:

    Awesome Job Bubba.Great to see you back top .Good luck in St Louis

  3. AL_X GREECE says:

    Nice Race bubba.keep going hard and win races.greetings from greece.

  4. mge says:

    The fastest man on earth is back! Go bubba!! :D

  5. Alexis says:

    James now that you found your b@lls starting wining some more!

  6. malibu mike says:


  7. Courtney says:

    Great race James you you rode your ride and showed that you still are the fastest man out there. I was so happy for you to see that fist pump crossing the finish line. Keep it up you are so awesome to watch ride.

    James Stewart fan for Life !!!!!!


  8. tyler says:

    Nice win, sucked last weekend with the bike problems but its all good.

  9. adam says:

    bubba nice race, you looked good mate keep it up still the best mx and sx rider in the world.

    and all you haters out there f**k o** lets see you do what this man has done and will do in the future.

    Adam from Manchester, England

  10. Dario says:

    grande grande James,you are the big crossman of world…ciao auguri in bocca al lupo from italy.

  11. chris says:

    im friends with your cousin james stewart you should ask him for my number and call me

  12. zul0ss says:

    I just found out!XD Im too happy.Now continue to ride in top 3.Dont force it too much to get in 1.place.Prepare you’r self for outdoors season!Supercross is over for you this year but now continue ride it without pressure because you have no pressure anymore!Maybe little from Villopoto when he’s behing you.

  13. battler says:

    Congratulations! James Stewart. It was a thrilling race to watch, knowing that a small mistake would more than likely be costly in terms of the win.
    I have read some of the silly things people say when James is not winning and I find it hard to believe what they saying and wonder where do where they get their opinions from?
    Some were saying James was finished?……
    Its so good to see the support from his Dad and his team. They are all winners.

    I reckon the little bro has been blessed with the same talent. Be awesome to see younger Malcolm on the podium.
    Hey, but all those guys racing super cross are super awesome. Its just that James is such a likeable dude and a marketable commidity that I love watching him race and then listening to what hes got to say, win or lose… this cat is cool!

    • Jon says:

      I totally agree with you! James is an overall genuinely good guy. But more credit goes to his dad ” big James”. He must have had clamy hands, a heart drop and possibly a strong man tear come out when bubba toke the win in Atlanta. A shout out goes to Greg Hatton, James publicist for his consistent support of his rider. Ultimely, Suzuki and all of his sponsors for truly believing in his innate racing ability. Loyal fan for life!

  14. Chase M. says:

    Great Job!! Congrats on your win bro. Always a pleasure to watch you in person big dog!

  15. Jeff says:

    There we go James!! I knew your luck would turn around soon & you finally had a nice race. But don’t get me wrong, luck is one thing, but being talented & laying it down for 20 solid laps is another…which is what you did! I was watching it live at home & when you crossed the finish line I started whoopin & hollering so loud my wife came out of the bedroom & was like “wtf?” Lol, looking forward to your next win bro!

  16. Joe says:

    Way to go James! I’m still bummed about your bike problems last weekend, I was calling a win for you. I liked the last two sets of gear you were running too.

  17. YmK says:

    Wannabee Courtney!!! Who???

    Bubba 4 president.

  18. Fred says:

    good job glad to see you doing your thing lets keep it up and I need to say that the hair cut good to

  19. Fritz says:

    really nice race, nice to see you back on the box and nice to see you riding that fast and still looking increadibly smooth. Looking forward for a big win next week and then some classy winning in daytona!

  20. CALL ME BOSS MAN says:

    Congrats! I knew you would break through. Keep it up bro!

  21. Shaun says:

    Good job and nice hair cut

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