It’s been more than a long time coming, but round eight of the 2013 AMA Supercross series marked James’ highly-anticipated return to the top step of the SX podium. Dominating the Atlanta action from start to finish, JS7 rode off to a wire-to-wire victory inside the Georgia Dome to claim what he’s calling the single most satisfying win of his career! Here’s what he had to say shortly after taking the win in Hotlanta…



  1. gman34 says:

    what happened to all the haters had to eat a little crow huh!

  2. Twowheelcop says:

    I remember James as a kid racing the World Mini Grand Prix. He was so far ahead in his moto when his chain came off he was able to put it back on and still win…. He really is a stud.

  3. 418 says:

    Good job James jr u are the man all ways have been remember God first and he will see u through all, keep up the great riding. If your not racing I don’t even want 2 watch the 450 class

  4. steve says:

    great ride bubba. I have been to ATL supercross for the last 3 years, the 1st one chad reed took you out on the last lap and I was so upset for you and the team and all the fans that deserved to see you win. then last year 3rd which wasn’t bad but still not the result that you deserved. finally 2013 and I was standing the entire 20 laps and like you said waiting for someone to do something crazy or something to happen and it didn’t. you rode amazing and watching you win just made me forget about how much I dislike 22 and focus on why I pull for 7.

  5. lambert says:

    Bonjour, je m’appelle ennio(8ans) et j’habite en france a avignon pres de marseille. Je vais devenir champion du monde et numero 1 comme toi car tu es mon modele ainsi que ton pere que mon papa aime bien. continu a nous faire rever en attendant que j’arrive.

  6. Norm says:

    Go Fast ~> Relax ~> Have Fun

  7. Iysley says:

    Confidence James!! Don’t be so surprised when you when a lottttt more main events! You made a lot of peoples day by this win, But congrats and looking foward to Daytona.. At least i think daytona is next..

  8. Ron says:

    James, I’m so glad to see you pull off a WIN! I know you have wanted this for so long and through all the unfortunate injuries and mishaps you kept your head down and pushed on. I follow you each week and have felt your pain. It’s really great to share the excitement of your past win… I’ll be following you this weekend and can’t wait to pump my fist when you style out on that finish line jump!


  9. Julio Suarez says:

    James you are really changing in a good way. not just because you won and you attitude is positive right now but You are developing patience sand and We can see a more mature person. Good job in Atlanta!

  10. kevin harris says:

    you beat them fair and square!!! rv2 was right there and never caught you…I love how the commentators always say”look,he is catching james”..
    I always know when you have more in the tank to just ride fast enough to keep the gap

  11. Troy says:

    Your Fans knew you had it in you. You raced hard from flag to flag and won it the way you know how. DOMINATE

  12. Tom says:

    Great ride James! Funny how I’m tired of the two Ryan’s Programed responses after every race like corporate robots. I admit I jumped on the bandwagon that was its over for JS7, but I’m glad I was wrong! You still have you speed and sound like you have been humbled and really appreciate winning again. I hope you put a string of wins together and then win the outdoor championship. So I’m pulling for you! An old 54 year old racer from south Orange County,CA.

  13. Thierry says:

    Hi, dude ! you can win every races if you focus on the job. Glad confidence came back !
    You took your time to finish events, without falling down hard on the ground.

    Don’t forget you are “the fastest rider on Earth”. Always believed in you. It was just a matter of time.

    Following you season after season since 125, at TV in my beautiful island of Martinique, then at France during Paris Supercross ’09

    Now, you’re on the road for titles ! Make the yellow shine in your heart as well as your bike’s color.

    Again, wish you the best for the future…

  14. E.Serpa says:

    Great job JS, keep up the training, great ATL Race, (you are much faster now that you took all that hair out, “less weight”) lol

  15. Andreas says:

    I knew you would do it! I never stopped believing in you.
    Congratz to u James!

  16. GT says:

    James I am very excited for you. I am a true fan of yours, well one of many true fans. Every week I look forward to seeing you race. My son and I are finally getting out to our first live race in INDY and hopefully will get a chance to meet you. You are truly a great rider!!!! Looking forward to the rest of the season… Congrats to you and your team!!!!!

  17. B. Black says:

    Great ride James, as I had said before…..hopefully you can start a nice run of wins, you did what you had to. I knw it has to be hard with a messed up knee, but hopefully you will get some credit which you deserve for this ride at Atlanta…..pin it next week James….

  18. Daniel says:

    Whooooooooooo! Man, I just finished watching that race over for the third time! I’m so happy for you dude. When I said “see you at the top podium soon”, in my heart I believed it would be your next main. I didn’t want to put any pressure on so I just said soon, but to see it come to pass was an experience. I wasn’t able to watch the main live but I could sneak in the heat race where you blew everyone away by 10 seconds … come on man 10 seconds!! But what I did was put one more heart felt prayer up for you before I had to stop watching. Then on Sunday when I was able to see it and saw you take the hole shot I was like “Here it goes!”. You were radiating confidence and composure that was like a glow around your bike. I knew from the first turn that you were going to take the checkered. I expected Villopoto to give you some pressure towards the end but I was saying “Sorry Villopoto this just isn’t your time, this is James’s time”. Man.. your riding was art on wheels. The way you were finessing those turns with perfect throttle timing it was like you were on rails. Then you’d power it through the rhythm sections and whoops … the perfect balance between finesse and power … pure art man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everyone wants to slap the pressure on you now to keep it up. But don’t feed into it. That’s not what got you this win and that’s not what will get you the next. One race at a time, one rhythm section at a time, one turn at a time, one pass at a time. Whatever you did leading up to and during Atlanta, just keep doing it race in and race out. My prayers will remain with you. A..w..e..s..o…m…e job! Congratulations!

  19. Jefc73 says:

    Awesome race James. Keep the momentum going bro. Will check you out in Indy.

  20. Frank Rich says:

    I cant believe the first race I make it to you dominate! Definitely made the drive to Atlanta worth it.

  21. Steady Eddy says:

    Nice James!

    Way to go man. We all knew you had it in you still. Now build off of this and keep filling that trophy case. This year may have got away from you as far as the championship, but you can still grab a ton of wins!

    Hey just think if Davie has a mechanical one week things could change….A LOT!

  22. Joe says:

    Great job getting the win! Glad to see you looking strong because Daytona is coming up and I really enjoy watching you race there. Go JS7!

  23. Mickey says:

    Great job James!!! Bubba is Back! Im a huge fan keep it positive and run with this and see you at the top of the podium like the true champ you are! Go Bubba. Keep the old man at the gate with ya!

  24. albert says:

    yo bubba!! awesome job dude like everyone said could see it coming closer each race, despite all the challenges you encountered along the way. so exited for you looks like youre enjoying the ride again! keep it coming cant wait for the next race bro…. like the jersey looks like oregon football lol!!

  25. Mike says:

    Congrats James!! I stop by your website about 3 times a week for the latest info. I want to see some GoPro footage posted soon. Anyway this was the first week I ever posted a comment and you won so I do believe I am the good luck charm for you. I will post my next POSITIVE comment on Thursday. Enjoy the team win today and back to work Monday. You looked real smooth out there. Loved it.

  26. Bill Morse says:

    James – You truly inspire us in a way that other riders can not. You are the master. If you have never watched Ip Man you must. Last week when I heard you were out of the main with a mechanical I just shut the race off right there. Can’t imagine not cracking with all the challenges you’ve been facing, but you’ve risen above it all. Congratulations. You have so earned it. Thanks

  27. Schyler Powell says:

    Man James I knew this was your week! Way to go haha I won some money betting you would win over poto

  28. mozar paua says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkk i knew it,,,,, you are the fastest,, if you whant no body can catch you,, im so happy today,,, thanks buba for make us so happy like that,, ill keep praying for you to keep you up ike that,,,,, you are the best.. villopotois cac
    thing just the sand that you left behind.. kkkk

  29. LegalX says:

    James – Take a look at the 1st turn into the sand section…look at your comer speed compared to all that follow…like butter…keep it on two…good ride.

  30. henry says:

    right oN jAmEs congrAts from Tijuana Mexico always waiting for you’re postings thanx..Champ

  31. Cycleguy says:

    HELL TO THE YEAH !!!!!!!! That’s what I’m talkin about.


  32. Bill says:

    Great job.. Now lets start a streak of wins ! Congrats !! See you in Indy.

  33. Brian says:

    Looked great congrats!!

  34. ken howard says:

    James, I’m stoked I hope that old school 2001 Dr. Dre, and Jay Z the Blue print did the trick, I’ll make it to another race before the end of the season!!!!!

  35. Brian says:

    You looked soooo like the old James man, great job and congrats!!!!

  36. Craig says:

    Hey Champ, BIG, BIG, CONGRATS to you and every member of Team Yoshimura Suzuki on your maiden SX win together on the Yellow bike! Great effort for sure. You snagged the HOLESHOT check too?! Sweet.

  37. mubiru says:

    I knew this weekend was yours. You will get back there.

  38. Ben lawson says:

    So pumped that you got that win ! Long deserved James . Highlight of the season so far for me . Love watching you race and not give up . A bit of bad luck in the last couple rounds which was out of your control so to see you back on form was fantastic ! So happy for you and all the best for the next rounds hopefully get some podium finishes if not more wins !

  39. Aivar says:

    Thank you James. Today is Estonian independents day and there is,nt best gift that you win man! I will raise the flag for you!

  40. Niklas martinsson says:

    So happy 4 you! Hope you enyoy this realy good :) Se you next week! on the box!

  41. Jonathan & Samantha says:

    great job james way to go great start and great finish

    by the way thanks for singing me and my wife’s t shirt your awesome thanks again

  42. shawn28341 says:

    I am an old school racer who grew up racing the tracks with Damon Bradshaw , Rusty Coleman, Patrick Slate, Hank more in N. C. And had been away from the sport for some time. Honestly missed the entire Ricky Carmichael Race event all together. But I heard about you and remember seeing one picture of you right when I was getting out of racing, you were just a kid and to be honest being a black male in the sport really got my attention. I wanted to see what you were all about. Since my first race going on over four years now I haven’t missed a race. Watched every supercross and motocross to date. I guess I have seen both the good and the bad over these past few years. I have seen times where you could focus your speed at the jumps and straight a ways and slow a little in the turns. To try to keep from over riding the bike in the turns. And with good results back then. Now days it seems that the field is so packed that it requires running at your break neck speeds the entire race to win the races and the one that can do that and keep it on two wheels is the winner. But way to often it is you that is setting that pace. And people that really seem to benefit from it are people like Dungey who stay in their comfort zones and ride safe and conservative. A lot is to be said about those who often win championships with this way. But in my opinion I will always remember Damon Bradshaw for who he was and that was NOT riding conservative. I think that is true for many. And now without you, I don’t know if I would even still be watching the support. So thanks for that. And to let you know laying it on the line does mean something and you’ll always be remembered for that. Thanks for not being conservative.This Is my first time posting here. Good job at Atlanta Dude, my favorite track and the closest to home for me. Thanks, Shawn

    • ryno104 says:

      If you’ve been a BUBBA fan for 4 years and missed the Ricky ride then you need to check out some RC V BUBBA battles on Youtube. I think you’ll have even more appreciation of what SCRUBBA has done for the sport. Check out the time outdoors when they were going at it and James landed right on Rickys back b/c he was going through a section twice as fast as Rick. This unfortunately left James unconcious for a minute, what a moment. Or TERRAFIRMA when a 9 year old Bubba says,”break my whole body to pieces, and Daddy says, “boy you better pick that bike up and go”!” that is classic!

  43. Brewrabb says:

    Way to go James; gratz.

  44. Jeff says:

    I am soooooo happy you won. Just keep on building and let it come to ya. Your my favorite guy out there and to hear that you won made my weekend sooooo much better. Thanks James, your awesome!

  45. YZ-blue says:

    You look like you were totally relaxed and having fun this round, congrats! Hopefully this is a glimps of thing to come, you were truly smooth and controlled… awesome to see you back on the box where you always knew you could and should be! Hope to see you shave more points off in the coming weeks… you definitely seem more comfortable in the East series!

  46. Blaze says:

    so so so stoked to c you with the win!
    ive been a fan since i started riding u will allways be my hero!
    thanks james congrats! =)

  47. Bake says:

    Dude your my hero!!!! The fans champ fersure!!! When everyone else is gone you are still out talking to fans!! It was nice to talk to you the past 2 years at Dallas!!!!

  48. Callmeao says:

    Happy to see u get the w! Well overdue for u my man see u hopefully at Daytona and for sure at Houston!

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