Introducing Seven Gear: Redefining Limits

Seven gear evolved from the collaboration between an artist and a racer.  From Troy Lee’s passion of working with the World’s fastest racers to James Stewart’s desire to develop sports driven performance gear, Seven is redefining limits.

For more information:
Twitter: @SevenMX_

Gear will be available starting September 2013.
Sportswear will be available January 2013.



  1. Ron Burgundy says:

    When will the new JS7 Gear be released? I want some!!!!
    Sick looking.

  2. Sean Churchill says:

    My son Tyler Churchill races the 250 Intermediate class. A major network is about to start filming a new TV show on Tyler coming back to MX racing after 16 months off of racing bikes.
    We are looking to partner with the best company’s in the sports industry to showcase their products during filming of the show and the 2013 race season. The advertising value alone would be over $100,000.00. Tyler is the #1 pick out of hundreds of thousands of young athletes in the US.
    The show is about youth sports and children that are above average at their sport. They have decided to follow six athletes and their families in the US. It will outline a story about when Tyler started racing from the age of 4 through how Tyler worked his butt off to be a step above average. The show will also follow the day to day training, sacrifice and commitment the young athlete has to commit to be the best at their sport! It will showcase the family dynamic and family commitment to their children to help them follow their dreams.
    This will be a exciting in-depth look at Tyler’s journey from being out of racing for over 16 months to his come back and road to going Pro in Mx . 95 % of the filming / TV show will consists of Tyler’s training and racing.
    We really would love to use your GREAT products for this show and racing for the 2013 race season.

    As of now Tyler is riding for:
    Rock River YAMAHA
    Rocket Exhaust
    Osmo Nutrition
    Uni Filters
    We All Ride
    Scott Goggles
    Rim Rapz
    Atlas Neck Brace
    Torc 1 Racing

    Tyler just raced his first race back on 1/7/13, round one of the Trans World Muscle Milk Series at Perris MX Park and did very well in the 250 Intermediate class.
    4th in 250 Int
    4th in 250/450 open (on a 2013 250)

    We will be heading to Worldminis in Mesquite Nv for the grand nationals April 8th – 13th

    Transworld magazine came over to our pits and told Tyler that he caught their eye. They did an interview /racer profile on Tyler. You can see it on the TWMX website.
    Tyler is training and riding full time now in 2013 and will be attending the amateur nationals from World Mini, LL, Ponca, Dodge and Mesquite Winter Nationals along with most of the local So Ca races.

    Thank you,
    Sean Churchill
    San Diego, Ca

  3. Daniel says:

    Is the JS7 gear available to the public? Or is this like the Nike boot thing and only for the “elite”…

  4. rick chew says:

    good going kid, now rock out like that for the remaining stops, REP FL AS I DID, RC DID, !! your good , rick chew says so !!!

  5. Simon says:

    Kit looks awesome but where can we buy the sports wear ( T-shirts) from ? It says from jan but I can’t seem to find a site that sales it.

  6. lechatkawa says:

    Allez James, déchaînes-toi et gagnes nous des courses, montre à Villopoto ce qu’est un vrai Bubba Scrub !

  7. josh says:

    Why would anyone want to buy Seven gear unless your number IS 7 ???

  8. Enjoying while protecting yourself is very important. This sport is risking your life that is why, you also have to invest from protective gears that will keep you safe.

  9. Craig says:

    Be fast and safe.

  10. effortless says:

    James. .

    First off, thank you for yet another display of gorgeous riding.

    The new gear has very good, fresh color. . With very good design and balance from 360 degrees.

    I’ve appreciated your creative realization since our amateur days, and I’ve said since then, that your the rider to me, that has most realized the vision. . The truly free, creative rail. . Dream of ideal riding

    I hope we prioritize our health, and remember that you are still, that most rare one

  11. Gee Mr. Science says:

    My God! A seanson without Bubba is……..well…..a season without EXCUSES!!!!!

  12. God, I Miss Cliff says:

    Poor Bubba is hurt and the season has not even started. Hang it up “Hasbeen”

    • Rick says:

      Thats Lame “God” Bubba Get healing up. we’ll wait as long as it takes to watch the most talented rider in history make his come back and share your gift of with the Moto wold.

    • Hopster says:

      There is no one on planet faster when Bubba is 100% Watch the lap times jerk off and that’s with hurt knee. Bubba #1 by me!!!

  13. Anthony says:

    Lookin loose on the bike. Definatley going to win some races.

  14. H-MAN says:

    You know your dealing with a true artist when every other word is “man” .Awesome…

  15. Van says:

    Good luck at A1 James.Your fan from Thailand!!!

  16. Paul says:

    Hi James,

    It’s all about the magic stick… either you have it or you don’t… so pray for that magic stick… don’t worry about going down… worry about keeping ahead of Ryan!!!!!

  17. Sean says:

    Your riding style is you and you are so talented. Watching you letting it all hang out is inspiring and motivates me in my riding. I watch supercross to see js7 you are the show man. Your Story isn’t over yet you will win again and I will be watching. Remember business is just as important as riding. A business friend told me once, if you do nothing nothing will happen, so good on for your for new gear.

  18. Cristinaa says:


  19. jason says:


  20. Deuce says:

    good to see you doing the busines thing, much props to you man hopefully 2013 will see you back in the mix from start to finish! Already see people are hating on your new gear but its pretty good to go and loving the colors…! If the price is right may definitely have to add some of the gear to my birthday wish list! Hey I know your style is balls to the wall wide open, but hope you can be more patient this year and become the attacker let the race come to you boss, you know you have the speed to chase anyone down when they are within striking distance! You know that old saying if you keep doing things that way you’ve always done them you tend to get he same results, switch it up a little this year be the hunter not the hunted … we are rooting for you to squash the critic’s who will continue to bad mouth you! Show them that you still have what it takes to be a champion even with the Ryan’s, Reed and the young guns up and coming! Smooth and steady for 2013 don’t keep killing yourself like last year man! It’s kind of a bummer when the #7 is not mixing it up with the so called front-runners, because truly, most us fans want to see the #7 kicking some butt, but gotta keep in “old’ yeller” in the game until the end nad you have all of the means/talent to do it, just gotta get that mojo back…! You have to believe in yourself and shut everyone and thing else out. Just hope that you can find your groove and let the race come to you instead of forcing the issue, you did it out doors for the majority of time you raced let’s go man… show them what’s up, “JS7 Style” Good luck this weekend!!!

  21. mike says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t he concentrate on actually racing, completing a series and winning a championship? If he loses Suzuki, he will be a privateer cause no manufacturer will touch him any longer. He may want to show off the back of the jersys now, cause with the caliber of riders this year actually racing, not many will be seeing it. Good luck JS7, you are going to need it.

  22. yzf125 says:

    Im sorry but this is th most hideous gear I have ever seen

  23. Andy says:

    Dear James Stewart,

    I’ve immediately send out a mail to TLD because i could not find your E-mail address from Seven mx gear.

    Please read that mail and get back to me as soon as possible.

    Yours Sincerely

  24. Harold says:

    James, I have been watching you ride since you first came on the pro scene in 2002! I’m not a fan but more like a big brother you never knew hoping the best for you! The new gear is really cool! Glad to see you running things and it looks like you are happy again. I miss racing myself but motocross and supercross will always be in my blood and in my heart. I want you to have a great season this year and really have fun out there and show everyone what Seven is all about! Even when you were hurt and not having the best of luck, I truely feel you did not have a chance to show your true potential! I think you’re going to have that chance now. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and my wife and I look forward to seeing you here at Chase Field soon. We are rooting for you!

  25. Anthony says:

    Looks sick james! cant wait to have the team rock it in ’14

  26. Brappppppppp says:

    @Karl. If CR22 can build a team and everything that goes with that, I’m 200% sure JS7 can still keep his focus on winning championships while starting a gear company.

    • JS7fastestMan says:

      You’re right. Braaap Karl dont be so racist this is JS7 site and not CR22 site. you damn! JS7 is a short man expect him to be tumbling in the whoops whenever he got mistakes but dont be so PERFECT for yourself

  27. tom says:

    James the gear looks sick! I’m sure you may get some criticism on color combos and what not but just remember its impossible for everyone to like everything! I personally think the gear looks sick! Hopefully it works out for you and in the end works out for all of us because that’s what motocross is about everyone helping out! Good luck at A1!

  28. craig says:

    Smart. It’s cutting edge. Dumb dumbs will think you’ve lost your mind. Keep at it. Hope your riding backs this up.

    • Karl says:

      James, this gear might make you rich, but it’s going to look like hell tumbling in the whoop section! I hope your focus is on that new Suzuki, and not on the color of your riding gear! Looking forward to you winning the championship again, glad you are off that god-awful blue bike, and wish you the best of luck in 2013. You have lot’s of people pulling for you, just be yourself, ride like the wind, and get this thing done!

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