2013 Anaheim 1 Supercross: Post-Race Update

James kicked off the 2013 Supercross series by setting the fastest lap time in the Supercross-class practice sessions, but unfortunately tweaked his knee on the final lap of the afternoon. Heading into the night program less than 100%, JS7 dug deep to salvage valuable championship points, but an eighth-place finish in the main event wasn’t exactly what he had planned. Here’s what James had to say after a long day in Anaheim…



  1. Twowheelcop says:

    People still think I am James’ Dad! I was walking up the ramp at PHX while RC was riding down the ramp for qualifying and he slowed down and waved at me and made a double take after he figured out that I wasn’t big James. We laughed when we figured out what just happened. Fro actually stood next to me and a couple privateers talking with us and after a few moments figured it out too late. Big James is a good dude to be confused with. He has raised a stand-up young man in J7! Make it do what it do!

  2. javi says:


  3. dbone says:

    What a bummer hurting the knee, but like R.C. says you just stick with it,get some points and move on. Consistency wins the title, just need to be in it to win it and you are. See you in PHX!

  4. Tom Purvis says:

    Comming from Kansas to watch you in real time.
    Be well , you’re the best!

  5. FROM BRASIL says:


  6. Nice job James, Hope the knee gets better for Phoneix. this season is yours.

  7. ziggy says:

    good to see u ride.stay in it to win it even if it means being mellow for a round or two.dont injure yourself so bad in sx season so we wont see u in the outdoors.love watching u race sx but would love to see u ride a full nationals season.js7 is a bad man on a mx bike. u help to keep the sport exciting because everyone knows if u are in it they gotta ride hard to win it.

  8. jojo says:

    good to see u back in the track… you’re still the fastest man in the planet… im your biggest fan in the philippines… see u in phoenix

  9. Joe B. says:

    Wow! You looked like a whole new James out there! I know you had to take it easy a bit because of your knee, but that was probably the smartest riding I’ve seen you do. A few years ago you would have still pushed it to get up to the front. Way to think about the whole season. Can’t win a championship in the first race, but you can lose one. Looking forward to Phoenix!

  10. JonQ says:

    James way to go this week and save yourself for the season… Smart riding!! Don’t listen to those haters…even a broken clock is right twice a day doesn’t mean it can keep time, or for those haters, make sense.! Can’t wait for Saturday!

  11. chad says:

    Just get a job with the Police dept. You know you’d prefer driving around with blue lights pulling people over.

  12. Cycleguy says:

    I hope everythings ok with the knee, I know you trained hard and it would just suck majorly if you had to sit out some races.
    On a good note, your still the” fastest man on the planet”.

    JS1 Baby !! Get Ur Done..

  13. Sweden says:

    Hi! Just like to give you two thumbs up for à great performance!!! Smart riding from you!!! Hope and think you are at the top of the box at the end of the year!!! Best of luck to you!! / one of you big fans from Sweden

  14. YmK says:

    Mature ride of James, see you next weekend!

    Bubba 4 life!!!

  15. Mark says:

    Good job James! Nice to see you get out there and race even with the injury. Hope to see you in the running for the championship this year.

  16. pablo says:

    love to see you all the way this year

  17. Randy says:

    To quote RC “Championships are won on your bad days”, great job Mr. Stewart!

  18. TIBURCIO says:


  19. Jason says:

    James glad to see you come out and salvaging the points with the knee probz. Hopefully this new bike will suite you well. Even though no matter the team, bike, or circumstances you are still the fastest! I have had your back since your debut race around 10 years ago since the 259 days! Get the knee rested up, can’t wait till next week!

    #1 JS7 all the way!!!

  20. John says:

    Hey James glad to see you put in a smart ride Saturday. Hope the knee heals up quick, be cheering for you this weekend in Phoenix!

  21. James stewart fan for life says:

    just like what everyone else on here said one of the smartest rides we have seen from you you rode smart and ended up in the middle in points from your contenders you were 8 places from the lead but a positive 8 places in front of villopoto so i think you did a great job, just come back to pheonix and do the same thing even if the knee isnt 100% all us fans of yours just want to see you at the gate every weekend win podium or not we just dont want to see you on the ground
    good luck in pheonix

  22. Tom says:

    The smartest ride we have seen for a while. Fantastic job you looked totally in control.
    You don’t need to win every race but crashing will kill your chances for a championship.
    Good luck this year .

  23. Cori says:

    Fastest all day in practice good enough

  24. zul0ss says:

    Definitely smart finish! I’m glad you finally figured it out! Look at villopoto for example.He want to pass you when he obviously not ready to ride a 100% and went down!XD This is sport you win in point’s not in one single event!Next time try to be in top 5.One step at a time.No one now is a favorite to win this championship.Villopoto is bad,reed too,Dungey can’t pass Barcia,and who is left to be a favorite?

  25. Greg says:

    Good job writing smart out there. Top 10 was awesome given the circumstances.

  26. steve says:

    So happy u made it out for the main. 8th on one leg has to make the rest of the riders very nervous. Hope the knee gets better this week so u can get on the box at phoenix

  27. PhillyB287 says:

    Was bummed when I heard you tweaked your knee. You rode smart and got out of there with value point. Lookin much more fluid on the RMZ. Get the knee better and come out haulin the mail in a Phoneix!

  28. Jldart007 says:

    James hey, so what you stayed up that’s great and you can keep goin from here. Your still the man
    Reed had tears I’m his eyes cuz he knows he’s not fast enough. Your starting way ahead or villipoto
    This is you championship.

  29. Peder says:

    Hope you didint hurt the knee fore the session.James you can do amazing thing out there and still the fastest rider no 1. Best wisches for you….

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