2012 JS7 Ride Day: (Bonus) Photo Gallery



  1. Alex Jaroshevich says:

    Suzuki looks sharp

  2. meuf says:

    James, your riding style changed super cross many years ago. Now everyone is riding like you trying to stay low and keep the power on the ground. It is great to see you still are the fastest on the planet. Love to hear the excuse by RV that he was trying to keep the pressure on you and force you into a mistake. If he is so good, then why didn’t he just pass you. Instead he comes up with a stupid comment on tv. He should just admit that is could not catch you.

  3. H-Man says:

    Dear King James,

    Thank you

  4. hapsmo says:

    dear james stewart,

    i am writing to offer some advice for the upcoming season. i have followed your career since the terrafirma film. im a fan. my advice is as follows. it is a given that your talent and phyical fitness are top notch, your weakness is mental. it has been said that we make our own luck. do your best to keep a low profile and ignore / avoid the media as much as possible. when you do need to be visible say as little as possible and show as little emotion as possible. save your feelings and personality for your family and close friends. stay focused on the task at hand. you want to win so win and stay healthy. do not allow yourself the distractions the unecessary distractions. dont watch the twitter, youtube, bling bling bs. forget about the past stay in the present and know the desired outcome. hire someone to keep the distractions at bay if you need someone i could help. enjoy the moment but protect yourself from the marketing, pr, interviewers, videographers, suits and others they all feed off your energy and are draining and distracting you from your goal. if the title is the goal than for the next 6 months nothing else is important. no go pro, no twitter, no pizza with fans, no parties, no video games, no marketing meetings, no clothing designers, no interviews, no speaches on the podium, no videos, and never doubt. let your results entertain and inform the masses. your fans will be happy to see you ride, so will suzuki.

    a friend hapsmo1

    • Njl719 says:

      I agree , don’t let the distractions get to you James. I went to the thunder valley mx this year and was so excited to see you for the first time when you crashed most of the crowd was really sad.. Except for the haters. And we both know you’ve had those since day one. I hope you win the championship this year, competition is gonna be tough but we all know your the fastest man on a bike, just stay on it and have laser focus…. Good luck

    • Kaleb says:

      The thing is all that sort of stuff allows him to work on improving the mistakes he made during the race and keeping the stuff he did right pretty fresh and repeated. The GoPro allows him to see first hand what sort of stuff is improvable and what he can work on muscle memory. The pizza with fans sort of thing improves his relationship with his fans. If he stopped that then he wouldn’t have as many fans and it wouldn’t push him to keep himself, the team, sponsors, and the fans all working towards a championship or just a win at an event. The speeches on the podium allow him to express how he feels about a win or loss and what he can improve to get a win at the next event.

  5. TC508 says:


    James you were so sick…so natural on the bike maybe u need that KX back best bike out there!!

  6. Rovens says:

    James You Got Beautiful Riding Style!

  7. savvasGR says:

    omg james, just make a vid to teach as how to whip/scrub! greetings from Greece

  8. Luis says:

    We will see it Grazer

  9. Gilou says:

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  10. Grazer says:

    No Jesse, #7 for life, he will never see #1 again. Go RV2, I mean RV1.

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