The 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series rolled through New Berlin, New York on Saturday afternoon for the Red Bull Unadilla National, and after a three-race hiatus to continue healing his ailing wrist injury, James returned to action at round number 10 to test his progress. One of only four riders to score wins at Unadilla in both classes (250 and 450), JS7 is no stranger to epic performances on the legendary circuit, but unfortunately crashes in both motos on Saturday would rob him of the chance to claim victory once again.

After an inspired ride to battle his way from nearly dead last to ninth in moto number one, James was unable to continue on after his second moto crash due to a dislocated finger. Sore and obviously disappointed, James will now head back home to Florida to let his body heal before beginning preparation for a successful 2013 campaign.

Check back next week for a full interview with James, but until then continue reading on for the full scoop from upstate New York…

In what turned out to be one of the most chaotic motos of the year, the first 450-class race of the day featured five different lead changes from four different leaders before all was said and done. First in line was Michael Byrne, who nailed a great start aboard his Suzuki to control things early on, but James blew by to grab the lead on lap number two. Looking fast and strong in his return ride, JS7 immediately started pulling away from the field, but midway through lap three had an unfortunate mishap that left him lying on the Unadilla soil in the blink of an eye.

After taking time to gather himself and get his bike straightened out, James rejoined the race in 38th place, a solid minute behind the leaders. With 13 laps to go, James fought his way back through the pack, eventually making his way by 29 riders before crossing the checkers in a very respectable ninth place aboard his Red Bull-backed Suzuki.

Ahead of James, Bryne proceeded to lead for eight laps after re-inheriting the top spot, but he eventually had problems of his own and was displaced by Kawasaki’s Broc Tickle. Tickle rode tough while maintaining the lead for the next four laps before being passed by Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey with just two laps to go. Dungey took the moto win ahead of Tickle, Davi Millsaps, Andrew Short, and Josh Grant.

1. Ryan Dungey
2. Broc Tickle
3. Davi Millsaps
4. Andrew Short
5. Josh Grant
6. Nico Izzi
7. Phil Nicoletti
8. Tyla Rattray
9. James Stewart
10. Robert Kiniry

The second and final 450 moto of the day kicked off with great starts from all the key players, as Andrew Short, Davi Millsaps, Dungey, Mike Alessi and JS7 battled for position inside the top five. Dungey made a move for the lead to assert himself first, but Alessi and Stewart made quick moves of their own to round out the top three. With the three riders already opening up a sizeable gap over the rest of the field by lap five, the stage was set for an epic lead battle. As luck would have it, however, James’ run toward a moto win was once again cut short, as he hit the Unadilla soil for the second time of the day. A dislocated finger prevented him from remounting, and just like that JS7’s return to the podium was derailed.

Dungey went on to take the moto win, clinching the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in the process.

1. Ryan Dungey
2. Mike Alessi
3. Andrew Short
4. Broc Tickle
5. Davi Millsaps
6. Josh Grant
7. Kyle Chisholm
8. Nico Izzi
9. Tyla Rattray
10. Justin Brayton

1. Ryan Dungey     (1-1)
2. Broc Tickle         (2-4)
3. Andrew Short    (4-3)
4. Davi Millsaps    (3-5)
5. Josh Grant         (5-6)
6. Nico Izzi             (6-8)
7. Tyla Rattray      (8-9)
8. Phil Nicoletti     (7-11)
9. Kyle Chisholm   (12-7)
10. Mike Alessi      (39-2)



  1. [...] James Stewart #7 | Official Site | JS7.com » Blog Archive …Aug 18, 2012 … The 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series rolled through … to continue on after his second moto crash due to a dislocated finger. [...]

  2. your the best on the planet bro no one can hang the only time dungey ever wins is when there isnt someone fast in the race like stewart or reed dungey is garbage

    • TruthHurts says:

      Aaron… Jokes? Another mental midget who ignores the facts. Like the old cliche goes…. “you gotta be in it, to win it”. So yes, Dungey spanks him since Jamie rarely shows up to race, and when he does, he doesn’t finish. I’ll put my sponsorhip dollars on a guy who is at least grateful to have what he does and gives it 100% all the time. Speaking of sponsors, I won’t even wear /buy anything from Answer since they invested too much in an unsporting rider. Now if quitting, crashing, crying and whining was awarded points, Jamie would be in first place every year!

      You can’t destroy somebody mentally if there is nothing there to destroy!

      This will be an interesting Supercross season with all the talent coming back and moving up into it… will this be the last for Jamie? Place your bets!

  3. man these people are jokes your still the best on the planet the only time dungey wins is when your out

  4. jason says:

    James still has all the talent in the world, it just doesnt go away. But there is just faster and mpre consistant riders these days. Dungey haters are a joke, this guy is the best rider now period in outdoors. Every set back for James is gonna destroy him mentally and its gonna be real tuff to crawl out of this ditch, you might get ready to sell some of those ferarris if you cant pull it together. Can you yes! its up yo you. The bike comments are ridiculous, even privateer bikes could win events with a good rider…..

  5. ayden says:

    hay “bubba” can you do a backflip
    Ayden Tanner

  6. TruthHurts says:

    Your dad said it right before the Unadilla race started “it depends who shows up to race… James or Jamie.” Looks like Jamie was riding the bike again! Man up, shake yourself off and get back on the bike. This is not a 40 yard dash/sprint… it’s a 30 minutes plus 2! I was never a fan, however I am a hater of quitters! I’m nowhere as fast and never will be, but I finished my moto after breaking my T12 then took the ride to the hospital…. not some limp wristed boo boo televised on 5 episodes of “feel sorry for me, I have a sore wrist! I also don’t get paid millions to do this, I’m a weekend warrior! The JS7 show is too predictable now… boring!

    • TruthHurts2 says:

      …. by the way, I ride a 450Z with a complete Yoshimura exhaust ++ so don’t say it’s this bike, if you can’t win on this… you can’t win on anything. Dungey wins on a steel frame… he’d have plenty of excuses if he needed!

    • Grazer says:

      Best post I have read yet. Way to shut up all the Stewart fans. I can’t stand the guy and I believe that the “sore wrist” is a copout for his lack of being able to stay on the bike. Way to ride through the pain, I think Stewart should take some notes on how to man up. STEWART IS NOTHING BUT A HAS BEEN!!!!!

  7. Grazer says:


  8. steven says:

    James we all know you are the fastest rider out there. The one and only advice I can give you bro is to stay focused and don’t over do it bro. Ride your race and be consistent. For the supercross season prove to the ones hating that you can be a champion

  9. conner says:

    james has been having bad luck but hes still the fastest man he might crash but look at it its not speed its just the ruts he picks u guys all give him shit when others crashed and plus when others crash they usually have a light crash but brakes or tears bones and muscles this guy flies through the air into a barrel to imidietly get back up, this dude has mad pride.

  10. Star Playa says:

    p71 you sound like a dick! Go step in front of a bus.

  11. moto fan says:

    i am having a hard time understanding the dungey bashing he pretty much stayed with stewert in the first 2 races this season. if james was rideing like dungey has been all season he would be receiving all the praise as the fastest man on the planet. if i had any advise for stewert at all it would be that sometimes you have to slow down in order to go faster. motorcross is not just about pure speed but rather consistency , drive , and determination. the fastest man on the planet is determined by who finishes with the most points at the end of the season. lot s of luck to all the riders.

    • Daniel says:

      Dungy is the premier class motocross champion…and he always races with his head and doesn’t race dirty…no matter who is racing if one guy pretty much goes the season unchallenged I for one get bored with that…but respect goes out to Dungy for who he is and what he has accomplished.

  12. Tony Allessi says:

    I like James as a rider but all these crashes are taking their toll. The supercross in 2013 will be the end for James as he will crash hard trying to stay with the best guys. He just does not finish moto’s anymore and it isn’t the bike it’s him! Nobody is that unlucky and he is riding way over his head trying to be the guy he used to be 4 years ago. Its over!

    • Ghost says:

      Tony I do agree with you. I like James as a rider, he has the ability to win. He proved that in the beginning of the season. He just can not finish. He spent to much money buying cars, houses and keeping his friends happy. He lost focus. Supercross 2013 will decide his career. I’m a fane of Mike Allessi, he has the talent, he just needs better baking and managing. When supercross starts James will have to deal with a lot of strong talented riders to deal with. If he can not maybe he should consider a change.

  13. Daniel says:

    Very disappointing…for you and those watching and wanting to see Dungy eat a face full of roost…motocross season this year in the 450 class has been boring with the exception of Alessi giving it his best shot. With all the top riders out on injury…the motocross 450 title of “champion” doesn’t hold quite the same meaning…to be a champion one must beat a champion and RV2 didn’t line up this season….or Chad Reed and we only saw a flash of brilliance from you at the start of this season. I hope next year will be more exciting than watching Dungy beat everyone who isn’t in the top 5. Get well…I for one wanted to see you give the 450 class the excitement and competition it is starving for.

  14. TC508 says:

    James start your own team like reed did that will help you refocus…worked for chad..!!

  15. Bill Morse says:

    James, hope you’re not reading all this crap, but in case you are; you are the man. I’m a huge moto fan, but these days, I don’t even watch the 450′s unless you line up. Stay psyched, and you will be back on top where you belong soon enough! All these people talking s— don’t consider that you would actually only be a loser if you were to give up just because things aren’t going your way? What idiots. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    • Grazer says:

      I guess you won’t be watching the 450′s for quite a while since Stewart can’t ride well enough to line up for a quarter of the races. Really sucks to be a Stewart fan, nothing but disappointment all the time.

  16. dbone says:

    Ohhhh, my poor little finger hurts… That barrel just jumped right out in front of me!

  17. Stanky Leg says:

    In another 20 years you will be doing commercials for arthritic drugs. lol Seriously bro, you are a danger to yourself and others on the track even more so these days. Maybe it’s time to trade in the dirt bike for a microphone and become a sports analyst for Speed channel. You had a good run. Good luck in your next career!

    -Stanky Leg

  18. Star Playa says:

    James we have love for you, and you know people are gonna have BS to say about anything you do. You live for James and the fans that enjoy your racing, racing is really boring without you on the gate.

  19. jeff says:

    Please retire. This is getting painful to watch.

  20. Patrick Hobbs says:

    Never give up!

  21. cycleguy says:

    James…Dude!! Dude!! Dude!!… I hope you get it together in time for SX..

  22. KING OF CRASH is back again. Doesn’t sound like there is much support coming from all his fans after this weekend. Mike said it the best “look at what is coming your way, Villipoto, Reed, Canard, and now Barcia.” No one fears Stewart anymore because they know he can’t handle the pressure. Let’s see if he can keep a ride throughout the entire supercross season. I’m guessing after the 2 or 3 races and crashing in every main, suzuki will be thinking twice; as they are right now.

  23. That damn barrel says:

    I just don’t understand why the pygmy just outright hit me. I mean, I was minding my own business and walking across the track when all of a sudden, there he was! I have to admit, it was funny to see his eyes get real big. Funny thing, I heard the song “Another One Bites the Dust” as it happened. What a coincidence! I realize that he will use me in his ever-expanding list of excuses! But, so be it.

    • dbone says:

      what a racist ass ^^^^, why even make statements when your lack of intelligence emits from the wrong end? Karma remember that barrel boy troll

  24. Mike says:

    You better get your house in order soon James. Love watching you race, but finishing seems to be a HUGE problem. You know what’s coming your way…Villapoto, Reed, Canard, Dungey, Allessi and a ton of other up and coming 450 riders that are getting better by the minute. Here’s the rub, you don’t intimidate people any longer. They know at this point you are just another rider on the track. Normally in their way when you crash.

  25. tyler loud says:

    he dont have any heart

  26. Hatchkelso says:

    JS7 WAS my favorite rider but ever since he took off of racing for a year because fame got to his head and he thought no one could touch him. He came back and he can’t even finish a race nowadays and he’s always coming up with excuses when he can’t win. To all of u people thinking he will beat villapoto in supercross u guys are smoking crack. It will be the same story crashing everywhere.

  27. Roj says:

    Hope you still race some out door but if not ill be there at A1 with my JS swag on going crazy for you bro! F$%k this haters that have nothing els to do then come on here and talk shit!Real tough! I don’t see there bitch ass out there! So easy to say what you want behind a computer!! Ha,ha,ha! Can’t wait for next year. Go JS7!!!! ALL DAY !!

    • markO says:

      hey roj, lighten up, it’s just their opinion which everyone is entitled to. js7 is very popular, I love to watch him ride. He was flyin at Unadilla. I blame his manager, who doesn’t know MX. You can’t sit out an entire season and come back to probably the tuffest track and kick butt. He should of been riding all along.

      Hopefully, he’ll go to Steel city and just ride to stay in the rhythm of riding at this level.

      Roj, please don’t make it political and get ugly bro, it’s all good and we all love Stewart, there’s no haters! We’re just disappointed, as I’m sure he is, about not finishing races and crashing.

      he will continue, he will win again, and like I said, his management stinks! it’s not Nascar, it’s UnaFinDilla!

    • JS7 Fan says:

      A little harsh but i know exactly what you mean and i completely agree.

  28. Scott Pak says:

    Maybe J Law needs a teammate. You two can get sponsored by Amtrak and be team Train wreck. I understand your fast. That’s cool. But at the end of the day so were Jeremy M, Jeff E, Doug H, Greg A, Mike L, and RIcky. the difference is that they were tougher and thus way more respected and legendary. I remember Watching the flying freckle riding with a broken ankle.

    It’s ok to fade away.

  29. Kathleen Seaman says:

    Hi Stew!

    Although you won races on both the Suzuki and the Yamaha, since you rode a Kawasaki to multiple championships in the amateurs and earned championships while you were racing professionally for Team Kawasaki, perhaps you could consider contacting Kawasaki .

    Thank you for your time.

  30. Courtney says:

    What is the excuse this time? HAHAHAHAHA. Was it the bike? Oh wait, the barrel jumped out in front of him! That damn barrel!

  31. Chris says:

    Change your number put 259 back on the number plate

  32. vinceCB says:

    Obviously a tough track… but how do you crush it in Daytona and crash twice here? You need to get your head straightened out dude… talk to somebody… this is definateley a mental situation.. NOT physical… we love you much… but you need to get your head back! Remember how you got here and that will be your path back to the podium….

    • Jeff says:

      Good comment. When Ricky started racing the 250s after 125s, he was a wreck fest until he got a sports psychologist to help him. Its pretty easy to see that you have the speed to be the best, however, I am sure there is a mental side to it that plays a big part.

  33. kevin carter says:

    I love your last statement, …with that said I have nothing to say, except; you are the MAN!

  34. J.McBroom says:

    was nice to see u back, still think ur the fastest man on two wheels cant wait to see u back in the supercross season. I know bubba stewart will be back.

  35. JS7 Fan says:

    Hey James, Hope you get back to 100% soon! The 450′s are getting boring without you! All your fans love you and love to see you race :) I believe you will show everyone your true talent when Supercross starts up and win the SX championship in 2013!

  36. ROBERT DAVIS says:


  37. Chris says:

    looked like someone was on the track again in moto 1

  38. Steve says:

    I attended the Unadilla race not knowing that James was riding. I was excited to see him in practice and in the pit area. I knew from watching practice that he was riding excellent. He is always the fastest rider on the track and that’s a fact. He battled back after two crashes but the third one was kept him down. I look forward to seeing him come back and put on a great show. Malcolm is also riding well and we should start to see more of him.

    Thanks James!

    • lisaoutriding says:

      We know he is fast, but he can’t last. As a woman, don’t go to bed with JS7. he will leave you orgasm-less if his riding style is similar to his “riding” style. But then, we never do hear about any “love” interests. Hmm, maybe women already have his number. Any hoo, I agree, he needs a sport shrink and an EGO shrink, if Unadilla did not do the trick….

  39. Realist says:

    OK, James… You are the greatest to ever ride. I believe this whole heartedly. But there is something going on that only you can fix. You changed the sport of racing.

    Falling to dead last and finishing top 10 is remarkable and shows what you are capable of. when you stay up, there isn’t a person in the world who can beat you or run your pace. you are by leaps and bounds thee most entertaining 450 rider there is.

    So please, get healthy, get in your own head space and correct what needs to be corrected.

    Racing needs you!

  40. p71 says:

    A dislocated finger? Really James? Is that the best you could come up with? It seems like you bow out from any race you aren’t in position to win. Where’s the fight, the will to compete??? Do yourself and the sport a favor and just stop showing up. It’s becoming embarassing. You spend more time on the ground and then “healing” than actually riding the bike. What a waste of talent.

  41. Storey says:

    Man the fact you fell twice and made it back into the top ten in moto 1 is impressive, you got heart and it would have been cool to see you finish the day, you should sit out and start training for supercross for the rest of this time remaining man!!

  42. Tony says:

    I can’t wait to see JS7 come back and schmoke Villopoto in supercross..no matter what Stewart rides Kawi made an all time wins mistake not resigning Bubbs.

  43. brbanks says:

    No worries my guy!! Keep you head up and keep smiling! You are the reason why I ride motorcycles!

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