2012 Unadilla MX: Photo Gallery



  1. Alex Jaroshevich says:

    2013 Supercross Champ!

  2. @yzf275 says:

    All of the people getting mad or defensive about all this are so stupid. I like js7 and I haven’t always but I follow him on twitter and he’s no different than you or me. He’s just good at what he does and that’s what he does for a living and I’m sure he’s doing just fine. You sit here and say oh he sucks and that he is a baby for his wrist, I would like to see each and everyone of you to go do what he does and I want to see you work your ass off and get where he is then talk trash and say it to him then go out there and show him your better but untill then have some respect and enjoy the race!

  3. Thomas says:

    So, what is up now with “Boy Wonder?” Is he, will he race the 2013 SX series? Is he going to race the 2013 outdoor series? WTF????? There is a post before this one that says JS-7 is “BURNT TOAST” Yep! I believe he needs to hang it up. That homeboy could have been somebody. He should jump on a 250 2 stroke and go make a name for himself that way. Do something different. Motocross Action magazine said it best; James shouldn’t act like a Rapper, a Basketball star, G-Money, he should act like a Motocrosser! Just good ole boy from Florida that rips it up!!!! But Nope!!!!! he wants to go out and play “I wanna be a Felon” Whatevs, Get serious and go out and prove it! Don’t talk Smack! DO IT!!!!

  4. Suprmxfan says:

    I’m so sick of all you haters who never raced a day in your life at the pro level or any level at all. If you watch any race you will see that James finds lines, does jumps that others won’t even consider. I still feel James is the fastest rider on two wheels. 2013 will be a great year regardless of who wins I just hope all the top guys stay healthy. James, you know your the best now go kick their butt. Your older (47) fan.

  5. Timbo says:


    It’s time to hang it up. You’re lack of commitment reflects on results. You have been named the “Crasher”! There are far to many guy’s that are better than you. Your reaction time is much slower not that your older. Obviously it wasn’t the Yamaha so now what? Motocross riders are tuff and when they crash they get back up and ride. I remember a few years ago when you came back to MX. You finished second and clamed you should be winning. You then took time off. A real rider would ride back into shape or better yet admit when he was beat and congratulate the winner. It takes more than having Bubbas World to be numbetr one. I’m glad they cancelled it because it wouldn’t sound to good being the 10th fastest man on the planet. Like RC always said my riding speaks for itself!!!

  6. Brayden Thomas says:

    Hi james, love the way you ride and i love your show “Bubba’s World”. My favourite episode is the one were the kid comes to your house for training, and puts your gear on and gets an your bike and starts it up.

    see you soon
    Brayden.T. from Melbourne, Australia

  7. Hi James

    I just want to say, that you are a great rider and you are the “FASTEST RIDER ON THE PLANET” only you ride a motocross bike like that.

    Stay concentrate, you have a lot to give in this sport.

    I wish all my life, to race a motocross bike and race against you and the others riders, but unfortunately in my country, only the rich people can do it, because is too expensive here.

    You must to be the 2013 champion, because you can do it.

    Take care

    Juan David Torres
    MedellĂ­n – Colombia

  8. slm says:

    Ride over your head much??

  9. lisaoutriding says:

    Great Unadilla photos!

  10. Evan says:

    just keep going James you are not burnt toast

  11. Sacko says:

    Go back to the rich spoiled life that made you fat, lazy and out of shape .

    • Pifr01 says:

      Glad to see you write this, cause i know It only makes James stronger and even more hungry. Strong people feed from people like you Sacko.

      Also, James is easily in the top3 most fit guys in AMA MX right now, even thou he’s been injoured. So get your facts right before you even comment a photo.

      Also, where were you the first two rounds of AMA MX? When James came of the track barely tired and Dungey came of the track right behind him and looked like dead meat?

      • Grazer says:

        Dungey looked like dead meat? You are such a dumbass Pifr01. Why is Dungey known for the second half of the motos? Because he is one of the most fit riders on the circuit. After Red Bud Dungey rode 150 miles, yeah miles, on his street bike for a charrity ride. Not even 1 days rest between 2 motos and 150 miles, is that the Dungey that you are talking about? Get your facts straight before you open your mouth. I love how you comment on how they “look”, where you at the race, did you get to talk to the riders and see how they feel?

    • Storey says:

      The funny thing that kinda sucks at the same time is if Stewart doesnt crash or if photographers do not walk out on the track in front of him, no one can come close to matching his speed, maybe trey canard, if he was back healthy, but dungy has already proved when James is healthy he cannot beat Stewart. So keep talking crap haters, that’s all you’ll ever be!! “nothing”

      • Grazer says:

        Real tough guy Storey. Well here’s a story for you, Stewart SUCKS and will never amount to anything again, just like you. Everybody was talking about what Stewart would do in the 2010 SX, what happened? 2011 SX, what happened? 2012 SX, what happened? 2012 MX, what happened? See the trend, so keep cheering on the “KING OF CRASH” because that’s all he does.

        • #23 says:

          Love to see ya haters here. :)
          You gotta love Mr Stewart as you spend so much time talking about his riding.. Thats right, you still know his the fastest out there..

  12. Sacko says:


    Hang it up……..your burnt toast

    • ethan says:

      Cant wait to see what factory you ride for so I can bag on you on your website. Oops my bad you don’t have one.

      Ps. if he’s burnt toast then what are the other 98% of the racers you never see on the podium or podium once a year. they must really suck according to you. You have any idea how hard it is to make the show at this level? Get real.

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