Outsider: JS7 Searches for his Groove

Still feeling the effects of a crash back in Colorado at Round 3 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships, James Stewart found himself frustrated and out of patience. With the #7 Suzuki docked in the garage, James worked through his frustrations in the gym. Taking a hard look at the championship and his career, he looks to refocus his efforts and get back on top.



  1. Milagros says:

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  2. jason says:

    Where are you man, we need an update bro! Also, for the other guy…..Dungey is the fastest man alive right now outdoors, and will win it for the U.S.

  3. Spook says:

    Wanted to say thank you for what you are doing for the sport and for minorities on a bike.
    We live in Australia and my 8 yr old looks up to you and its a little tough being the only ones at a track who look different.
    We dont have it anywhere as tough as you did though.
    Keep up the great work .

  4. Troy Weeks says:

    Being a fan and fellow Floridian I have to say it was an awesome experience meeting Mr. Stewart. I was traveling Friday August 10th and happened upon him and his team working while I was visiting a MotoCross track.
    After apologizing for interrupting their work he an I had a short conversation. He was very pleasant and friendly and a genuinely nice guy. They could have told me to get lost but didn’t. A memorable experience indeed.

  5. Gilou says:

    Hello friends of the United States fans of js7

    I have the pleasure to announce you the birth of my website


    James return fast to Unadilla and a GP!!

    Good visit

    Gilles “Gilou”


  6. scott says:

    Too bad James didnt make the mxon oh! Forget it thats for the guys that contested every moto!!

  7. Karl Grove says:

    James Stewart is a legend but I’m glad he isn’t in Team USA for the Nations. Lommel is the most demanding track in the World and Team USA are going to get their eyes opened up when they go there! Barcia and Baggett will suffer round there but Dungey will dog it out even though he won’ t get near Cairoli and Herlings! Cairoli lives in Lommel and Herlings is the fastest sand rider in the World. If Team USA are going to get beat it will be there. My money is on Belgium but the races will be won by Herlings and Cairoli! Comeback for the Supercross James and podium every week for the title!

  8. Steve says:

    Well its simple, until an idiot ran on the track Stewart was 4 for 4 in the outdoors after not riding in them for 2 years. Dungey was just trying to get 2nd cause thats the best he could do. 1st wasnt an option. no bubba and the wins started coming. no reed, no stewart, no canard, no villapoto. i mean its so obvious. the year dungy won the supercross title who was he racing? he is not better than stewart, reed, villapoto, so maybe i was a little harsh hes a 4th-6th place rider………….my bad!!!!

  9. wtf2 says:

    Why do people come on Stewarts website and post hate comments. If I hate Nikes and love Reebok’s I don’t go on Nike’s website and start talking trash about their shoes. It’s call a fan page for a reason. You’re obviously haters willing to go out their way to the point it’s stupid. Oh ya I hate Mcdonald’s but I’m going there tomorrow to talk to people inside about how their food sucks.

  10. Steve says:

    Well one thing is for sure, Dungey wins when the top riders are on the shelf he is a 5th to 7th place rider at BEST when the top guys are out there. When the supercross season comes around we are gonna see something special from the #7. i hope the rehab and training is going well and get back out there and quiet down all the haters. you are still the best EVER!!!!

    • RV2 #1 says:

      You have got to be kidding me, Dungey 5th or 7th. The guy challenges for the win almost every race, does Stewart (sir crash a lot)? Why wasn’t Stewart in the top 3 for points during the middle of the supercross season when everybody was healthy. Dungey was, Reed was, where was your hero? He has never been the best and will never be the best. I still haven’t had anybody show me anything that Stewart has done in the past few years. What’s the matter guys, did I stump you all with that question? I bet all the teams that didn’t sign him and really happy. The guy sure is good at representing a team when he isn’t racing, why, oh yeah, he wrecked AGAIN!!!!

  11. Justin says:

    Thier are some rumors going around saying that ur working with RC. Wondering if the rumors ar true. If so smart move.

  12. Brian says:

    Stay focused, strong and motivated James it’ll all fall back into place soon enough!

    Look out 2013.

  13. Star Playa says:

    RV2 what do you say about Trey C, Chad, Villi, Metty? There all injured, so what is the your point?! Dump comments not allowed!

    • RV2 says:

      You’re right, they are all out due to injury; except Metcalfe, but how many times have they been injured in the past few years? Not as much as Stewart. I checked the stats online and found that Stewart has the most crashes all-time, with RC in a close second, but how many championships has RC won compared to Stewart? So who wrecks out more? You can’t compare RV, Reed, Canard to Stewart because they are more consistent riders than Stewart and consistency wins championships not a win here and there. No doubt that Stewart is fast, but he is not consistant.

      • ethan says:

        Yes they are more Consistent. Consistently boring.

        • RV2 #1 says:

          Boring, they are the ones that are always at the top of the pack. Stewart only makes the highlight real to show his crashes. All his fans should be bored, since they never get to see him race, they only get to see him crash. Way to go Stewart, keep crashing in front of all your fans.

          • wtf2 says:

            Ya your right all the riders should start riding much safer and being much more careful. They should always be very concerned about getting hurt and riding safe. Just doesn’t sound like racing to me. I’m sure all the good riders will agree with my previous comment and that’s why their all out hurt cause their pushing it and riding hard wanting to win.

  14. Ransom Triplett says:

    Can’t wait to see you back on top James ! Your the best rider out there , no one compairs to you !

    Oh an can you do me just 2 favors ? Post more videos of you not just at races , but also whereever you ride . An kill Dungy for me !

    Thanks (:

  15. Star Playa says:

    Did you heard, that sounds crazy! lol

  16. Star Playa says:

    James have you heard that Roger D. DOESN’T want you on the MXnD team! I can’t believe that shyt! I want you to beat the brakes off of Ryan Dungey every time you line up to race him! You shouldn’t let him win not ONE damn race when you return! NO MERCY!!!! You are the best racer racing and I want you to show the world your back side, so they can kiss it! Your next butt patch should read KISS!

    • Amax510yz says:

      Hey I agree so much! James is better and everyone knows it. He had this championship for the taking if it hadn’t of been for the crash. James you come back and keep him out of first place if you can or even better off the podium. Go get’em scrubs!

    • markO says:

      yea, great idea, so he can crash the 3rd lap while leading and team USA comes in 5th because of another, or er, antor yo, DNF!

      • Keep him off of the US team. We don’t need another Stewart hype, just to watch him go out and wreck. He will lose the Motocross of Nations for us if we let him ride. I keep hearing everyone say that he is the best, but someone please tell me what he has accomplished since 09′. Not a damn thing!!! The guy needs to retire, so he can quit tearing bikes apart everytime he crashes. Nobody will be able to show me a damn thing that he has accomplished lately, so think hard about who you are cheering on.

        • preston says:

          what has he done since 09 …. won some supecross races , and daytona , and two nationals this year , so far , your comment was lame , and not thought out

          • motolife says:

            since when are winning multiple supercross races and going 4-4 outdoors not an accomplishment. what a naive statement^^

        • JD says:

          The best thing he accomplished is that he brings it every time – no holding back: fastest sections, crazy passes, sick scrubs, increadible pace, the best looking style and unfortunatly some crashes… still without James MX or SX is BORING.

  17. Star Playa says:

    James did you read that Roger D. DOESN’T

  18. mike says:

    Sup bubba .. As soon as your healthy u will b on top.. The races aren’t the same without you. And watching RD win with his unsportsman like attitude is painful to all your fans. Heck he’s probably the one that told the flagger to run across the track.

  19. Realist says:

    When james is even at 85-90% healthy, he cant be beat. looking forward to SX 2013

  20. JS7 Fan says:

    Once you get healed up and are 100% again you will show everyone just how great you are. All of your true fans believe in you and we all know you will win championshipt again soon!

  21. cycleguy says:

    Dont worry James, you’ll be back on top before you know it but it will not be easy,I know you can do though.
    Before you got hurt you “DID NOT LOSE” and you were rusty for cryin out loud, missed out on alot of track time / racing, man that says alot about your skill level, you were on your way to another perfect season, maybe….
    You were only getting faster and RD would not have been able to keep up like he was doing while you were rusty..

    Feel me??

  22. cycleguy says:

    I wonder if the AMA did anything to change the way camera people are to be on the track. You haters know dam well that dude should not have been on the track, he made James go outside in the slippery stuff instead of inside where ( EVRYBODY was going ) the traction was good.

    Stop talking all your shit, have a little class and respect..

  23. Grazer says:

    Go Dungey!!!! Hope he enjoys the championship because he will lose it to “the fastest man on the planet” RV2 in 2013. Bye bye Stewart.

    • Storey says:

      Mark my word right now! Please remember this, ” James Stewart will Win Supercross 2013 and motocross 2013″
      I guarantee it, I know a guy that rides down in Florida that apparently Stewart’s camp right now after his injury says he has carmicheal training with him, and he is putting in 80-100 laps per day three days a week-staggered, in between he is biking, running, wieght lifting, and RC is saying its more vigorous than any camp he ever had to get ready for racing and wishes he could have pushed himself as hard as James is right now, saying and I quote, “It looks like Stewart is getting ready for an mma fight he is in such great physical shape!”

  24. Dan says:

    Dear Dr. Stewart, How did you make the “GOAT” retire so young? Thank you.

  25. Courtney says:

    Do you know why the photographer crossed the track? So bubba frump can have another excuse!!!

    James Stewart Fan For Life !!!!!!

  26. Storey says:

    James, you really are the best there is, it is too bad you got hurt, I hope you watched washougal, because Dungey got his ass kicked in the first moto by Alessi, and then disrespected Alessi, it was shameful to say the least and I like Dungey, he ended up winning the overall but the fact that Alessi can put up a fight with him makes it not to impressive, granted Alessi is a damn good motocross racer, it’s just that with you, RV2, Reed, and Canard out it cannot be a story told as a great champion of 2012… Granted, he will be the champ l, and thats respectable, but he needs to be more humble, and even if Alessi beats you, you need to be a class act Mr. Dungey… Anyhow Stewart, get healthy and kick some teeth bro!

    • Courtney says:

      Want to know an interesting fact? Dungey is #4 on the all time outdoor win list. Guess who is NOT ahead of him (and who has been riding longer than Dungey outdoors)?

      James Stewart Fan For Life !!!!!!

      • Storey says:

        Dungey is a damn good motocross racer, maybe you should read my blog again before you say something foolish like that cause no one cares that (fun fact) Dungey not just this year but in 2010 when he won almost every race had Reed and Stewart with out “outdoors” contracts, RV2 hurt, canard 250s, and there was no competition… Granted he is very very good, and so are ever single pro racer but on that level he is not the best and he has gotten about every win when the elite players are out, stewart for the better part of his career before his injuries, had to deal with the GOAT RC4, and Reed and Windom, when windom was good. And none of those guys were really ever hurt, and that leads into a who new con. Like Stewart stayed way too long on the worst racing bikes ever “yamaha” which they do just suck, no one has ever won a championship on a Yamaha, the elites historically have always been kawi-Suzuki, Hondas are decent too, bottom line, Dungey is great and I wouldn’t take anything away from him, he has Definatly earned it! But if your are a true racer like me and have follow this sport the way I have, day on and day out and knowing everything and how it plays out, you see certain things and some you can appreciate more then others even if they are equal if you get what I’m saying…

        • albatross says:

          That’s weird I could have swore Langston one a championship in 07 on a yamaha. People should really check there facts before they make stupid comments…. granted yamaha only has 2 outdoor championships Langston and Henry, in the last 15 years, but they have several supercross. Reed, Stewart and Mcgrath have supercross championships on yamaha’s. Not to mention if RC had chosen to throw a leg over one they would have several more….

          • Storey says:

            Dude I was generalizing which maybe I shouldn’t have done, so yamaha has won 1% of all championships ever! Happy?

          • Storey says:

            Also dumbass, since 1986 only one person has won a motocross championship on a Yamaha.

        • Amax510yz says:

          A championship was one on a Yamaha! James “Bubba” Stewart one the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross championship on a San Manuel Yamaha YZ 450F.

  27. Courtney says:

    Love the attitude James we know that you love this sport and it has been very boring without you out there. Keep working hard and you will be back on top. Only come back when you are 100%.

    James Stewart Fan For Life !!!!!!

  28. davemx90 says:

    hope everythings healing up good cant wait for southwick looking foward to seeing you back on top.

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