Thunder Valley MX Post-Race Update

James Stewart started out his day in Lakewood great, setting the fastest lap time in timed qualifying. After getting a third place start in moto 1, Stewart quickly moved his way into the lead. A lap later, a photographer crossed the track in front of James, causing him to lose his concentration for a split-second. The brief lapse in concentration was all it took for JS7 to cross-rut, sending him to the ground. Although James attempted to remount and join the race, his wrist was ultimately too sore to continue. James will have his wrist and hand X-Rayed as soon as he returns to Florida, but is hoping to make his return to racing next week at High Point. Keep checking back to for more news.



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  3. craig b says:

    I still just want to know what the rules are regarding a person out on the track like that. Still, no one has discussed this on NNC Sports or anywhere. To me coverage seems sort of hush-hush, with no commentary on what has a lot of people wondering. Does it happen regularly? And was he official, sanctioned and behaving legitimately, or what? I don’t know but would like to.

  4. dr.6010 says:

    If you look closely james, and I think you already know this but you swapped early in the line, thats what threw you off balance. I have noticed lately that your weight is over the front alot, you are leaning hard standing up fully committed with the bike pinned and it has been working out well for you so far. I have seen you take some corners standing up and leaning waaaay into the front of the bike with it pinned..even in the wet stuff. You have been getting away with that and doing well with it and this new bike. The thing about this was…and I have seen you swap like this before and just pin it out but this time you were in the slop and your front end just kept hydroplaning on the mud as you leaned over and pinned it to try to do what you did at freestone on the opening laps of moto 1. The track at freestone was really wet but it did not stop you with your technique and the new bike of course. This track had wet, dry and slop. You swapped as soon as you entered the slop and leaned over and pinned it….then hydroplaned the front end instead of pushing it in to hook up, it slipped up cause the mud was too deep. Honestly you were testing the limits of your machine…seriously pushing the envelope. Keep your head up man, you are still the fastest man on the planet and screw george forman up there at the top with his comments, ….then again, you could start a new line of cooking grills? WTF?

  5. George Foreman says:

    My appoligies JS7 and fans I errored you can still win a championship… There is always europe !!!! LOL your career was over years ago…

  6. craig b says:

    Take care of that wrist. You have the bike and the team now. Great things to come — no doubt.

    Best wishes James!!!!!!

  7. God, I Miss Cliff says:

    If only Cliff Clavin would return and lay some reality on you kool-aid drinkers!

    Gee Mr. Science

  8. SinceslicedBread says:


    Haters will always be around to hate. But you never let it stop you from doing what you love. Last week is the past. Whenever you line up again weather it be this weekend or even in January for SX, you better believe that I, along with your many other fans, will be cheering you on. Best of luck to you my man.

  9. glama says:

    i dont think the person on the track made james crash,
    im sure there has been bigger distractions during races,
    keep your head stewart

    dont get me wrong tho
    bubba for life

    • craig b says:

      Well this is professional racing where riders are paid to go full out, putting their lives on the line for their teams, their fans, and the sport overall — including the TV networks and all who benefit from the risking THEIR lives.

      For ALL racers, not just James — but especially James, because he was in the lead, THE GUY SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE! Many people were negligent that day, not doing their jobs while James was doing his 120% or more, as he always does. HE deserved the others to do theirs.

      Now he is injured (something that could last for life), lost points for two races, and he is out of his chance this year to have a second undefeated season.

      Who cares if you think the guy caused to or not. In fact, it is at least possible that he did; and the fact that that possibility was allied is a serious problem for James. So what about other distractions. This one was blatant and wrong. Your opinion is shallow, meaningless, unhelpful, and possible insulting. So please…save it for your friends and give James and his fans who care a break.

    • Todd says:

      I disagree! When you are racing at this level and speed, the amount of concentration racers have on the race and their lines is intense. All it takes is a split-second lapse of concentration and you are in a line you did not intend to follow. Now while split-second lapses of concentration don’t always result in crashes, they sometimes certainly do. If you watch the GoPro footage, it certainly seems like the crash happened after the photographer crossed the track and after James went into the corner he washed out in, but he may easily have been in a line he did not intend to long before he entered the corner. Just speaking from experience!

  10. ya Boi says:

    I would have ran over the camera dude, arsehole had no business running across the track, He probably did it on purpose.

  11. cycleguy says:

    let us know if your going to race this weekend as soon as you know..
    Hope its not too bad..

  12. cycleguy says:

    @ craig b,
    I ‘m with you man, you took the words right out of my mouth ..

  13. ziggy says:

    he will have to win the next 12 races just to make up the points.Not impossible to still get the championship but there goes the second perfect season in a row.Hope the wrist is good because he could still win the rest of this season and then to see him defend it against reed, villopotto,dungy,etc,etc, would make next season off the hook.Sx is great to watch and Im sure winning the sx title is great but the outdoors are the real heart of mx and to me thats where the true champions prove themselves…….and its great to see james out there again.

  14. Robert says:

    tape that !@#$ up gotta get out there! Points dude…! come on… the series is yours JS7..!

  15. Wyatt F. says:

    Get better quick! The series needs you and you are the best!

  16. Mike says:

    Sorry about the bad luck bro seems like you cant get a break. still think your awesome. better be there at high point, got a long uphill battle to get that red plate back! good luck!

  17. Gwb says:

    Heel fast and stay on the gas

  18. Dano says:

    Come back strong this weekend!

  19. Roni says:

    Hoping your wrist was not seriously injured and that you’ll be back in the race next week!

  20. Greg Marino says:

    Who or WHATEVER the OBVIOUS intruder is/was…he should be banned from credentials from ANYTHING more complicated or dangerous…than a ping-pong match!

    Thanks for your positive attitude James in the aftermath! Heal smart! (And see Barcia’s hand/wrist doctor!)

  21. Thomas says:

    are you racing highpoint??

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