2012 Thunder Valley MX: Gallery

After laying down the fastest qualifying lap time in practice, James Stewart lined up to the gate for Moto 1 with all of the confidence that he should have had, considering his 4-for-4 victories thus far in the outdoor season. Despite starting in third, within a few laps Stewart was once again in the front of the pack and enjoying a two-second lead over Dungey when disaster struck: A media member ran in front of James as he was landing from a step-down jump, and the movement was enough to distract Stewart for just long enough that he got cross-rutted, causing him to go down hard and injure his wrist. At this point James remains very optimistic about his recovery and hopes to be back in action next weekend at High Point, but he must first determine how serious the damage to his wrist is.

JS7.com will keep you posted on any developments this week as they occur, but in the meantime enjoy this gallery from practice and the first few laps of Moto 1 at Thunder Valley…



  1. blog beast says:

    I simply could not depart your web site before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the usual
    info an individual provide for your guests?
    Is going to be back incessantly to check up on new posts

  2. Mike says:

    See Ya In Oakland James! Were cruising down from Lake Tahoe to see you. I have a feeling this is your track.

    Weather will be bit cool and air little damp as showers are forecasted for the area.

    Looking to see you coming at my seats from the holeshot……. your plate will be in 1st all the way.
    You can easily dominate. Just a mindset.

    Best wishes and look forward to seeing you at top of the podium this weekend.

    Mike from Tahoe

  3. murilo says:

    james sou brasileiro e tenho muinta vontade de te conhecerrr eu ando de moto tambemm e tenho uma pista ak em casa em criciuma sc brasilll.Vem correr aqui é uma boa ideia vou te ver concerteza..
    abraçoss de murilo.. e boa sortee.

  4. macoy says:

    Good to know you’re in. JS7 1-1 and 2-2 for your rival all the way. We all know that you don’t line at the gate just to get 2nd. I’m excited to see you back in action! Thank God you wrist is alright. You said that Lebron shown an MVP type performance in Game 6, tomorrow we will also see a championship type of performance despite what happened in Co. (“,

  5. Chris says:

    James don’t worry you got this in the bag i will always cheer for you no matter what happens

  6. Courtney says:

    Stewart just tweeted he is in for this weekend and can not wait to see his fans !!! Yea !!! Get that number one spot back.

  7. voox says:

    Get on the house again James

  8. jake says:

    Stewart needs 6 1-1′s in a row to tie Dungey in the points. Thats if Dungey finishes 2nd in each moto

  9. zul0s says:

    Let Dungey in front of you,and drive without the pressure! And in last 10 min try to make a pass for a lead,if you can’t, no big deal!You dont need to be first every time.

  10. atli says:

    Hope you get well soon, AMA motocross is not the same without you…

  11. Raphael Cesar Nick says:

    Ola James, sou um grande fã seu…este tombo foi de nada perto da sua força e historia pelo esporte…abraço melhoras

  12. Dallas says:

    shoulda won and what happened was bull shit. Hope you are good and can’t wait to see you this weekend

  13. Beefy Bo says:

    It is official and just confirmed buy Racer X and TransWorld, it was Tony Alessi that ran out into the middle of the track dressed as a photographer to distract James . They are so angry that Bubba took away Mike’s future factory ride for 2013 and on. Those Alessis are the “Real Deal” and they kept their word that they would T-bone # 7.

  14. Mick621 says:

    Tyler 27 if you clearly watch the go pro footage as soon as James hits the up ramp there is a guy in the middle of the track at the point I’m fair sure James would have lost consintraion on what he was doing its not that hard to get off balanced mid air iwindy conditions, point being why cross right in front of the pack why not wait til all bikes have past so clearly it is partly the ‘media members’ fault

  15. Sacko says:

    Come on Bubba show us the whole Go-Pro cam tape of moto-1, not just 2 minutes and 31 seconds of the beginning. You are leaving out the best part ( the distraction & the crash).

  16. ChipL says:

    Tyler 27…you clearly have never been on a track like that. You could tell from the helmet cam James had to change lines because of the person. Someone running out in front of you is also a bit of a distraction, in a sport that requires 100% concentration.

    Don’t be a hater and stop acting like a 10 year old.

  17. Tyler 27 says:

    Dude, that “media member” was off the track by the time you landed the jump.. you just happened to bust your ass right after. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. Nobodys going to think your not cool because you crashed. it was a rough track. Blaming someone else for your mistake is taking the easy way out.

  18. jake says:

    Its Tuesday you have been to the Dr. Whats going on with the wrist. The fans demand to know!

  19. Sacko says:

    Hey Bubba,
    When are you going to post the Go Pro helmet cam recording of Thunder Valley race. You have posted all of your earlier races and supercross. What gives???????? It’s already Tuesday 5/5. We are all waiting.

  20. MXking32 says:

    Hey James ..Mike from Czech Republic ! I have MX website in my country and people start to call it JS7 FunClub…can’t help it dude ! U R a awesome rider and I am sure a cool dude . I am watching all races till 11 pm ( my European time ) and than I do race report in my language on my MX website for all MX fans in the Czech Republic till morning so ….Man if you R going to be out it will be terrible and boring job ! So I hope to see you next week to show RD5 how well yours jersey looks from the back !!! U R Great Racer ..Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. macoy says:

    nice pics….nice outfit. Get well soon, Hope you’ll be back next week in 100%….you need to win it all. We’re praying. Good luck.

  22. jasonsurg says:

    Just a mistake, you never take your eye off the rut, oh unless some guy is crossing the track during the race. Bummer he keeps landing on the hurt side, hope he will be back to dominate. Yes, DOMINATE.

  23. chad says:

    At least there’s a new excuse for him falling down this time, since he can’t blame it on Yamaha.

    • ricky says:

      hey hater scram.gr.take the negativity somerwhere else.js7 fan page.thanks alot

      • chad says:

        Nah, I’ll stick around and see if he pulls someone over for speeding.

        • Drew says:

          You can’t get rid of Idiots, they always stick around.
          He is no different then all the other ignoramuses that are still blaming Bush on the CURRENT economy.
          All he has time to do is sit around and look for peoples mistakes, like telling Mick621 that he could not spell concentration.
          Loser is a word that can be spelled two ways, Loser or Chad, same thing.

          • chad says:

            “different than”

          • Drew says:

            You are so predictable, I did that just for you. I bet a coworker that you would find that mistake, and I would like to thank you for helping me win the bet.
            Thanks again Steve Urkel.

  24. Oséas Leal says:

    Não assiti a segunda bateria por causa da queda de James Stewart sem ele a corrida não tem graça.

  25. Machiavelli says:

    Get better James!

  26. CDW says:

    Well hate to tell everyone… but after searching for our # 7 on the starting line from the televised 2nd moto and not seeing JS7 lined up, my 12 year old would not even watch the race from CO this past weekend…. He says if Bubba is not there, he has better things to do. I would agree with him too… Without you James… I would rather do many other things than watch a boring Dungey ride around. I really hope you are not seriously sidelined, and hope you are ok for the tv coverage’s and the sport’s sake. Ride On!

  27. brent says:

    hope you can make it to budds creek

  28. Sacko says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault!!!!!

  29. Ryan says:

    Hope your racing high point it’s not fun without you

  30. Craig says:

    Get well. Get the plate back. Finish what you started. Awesome gear and bike.

  31. craig b says:

    I am a total JS7 fan, and he brought me back to the sport I loved in my younger years (grew up riding in the 1970s). But I want to add that I have love for all the riders. Any hatin’ is stupid. Look at image number 6 — the starting lineup. Look at all the different brands, cool gear, the different colors and styles, etc. That’s what makes the sport interesting and cool. If everyone was just like JS7, that would be boring too. Wake up everybody and appreciate we don’t have to settle for a generic sport.

    Still, JS7 rocks!

  32. craig b says:

    Nice photo gallery. But where’s the on with the big fool dressed in white, standing right in the racing line on the fastest part of the track as JS comes flying of the jump?

    (Sorry. Had to comment)

    JS7 rocks!

  33. Ryan says:

    A media member ran in front of him -___-, inexcusable. “Cant beat him, cheat” is the slogan they seem to be following. They don’t want you to win James but you ARE the greatest. Keep it up, get well soon.

  34. Anthony says:

    Fast and loose, that’s what makes him exciting to watch.

  35. Crash86 says:

    Get well soon James.

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