Message from James

I just want to take the time to publicly thank everyone affiliated with Joe Gibbs Racing and with Yamaha for everything we’ve done together this year. It has been a rough year and it’s obvious that this is not the outcome any of us saw coming. But in the end, we believe this is what’s best for all of us. There have been a lot of rumors and talk about our relationship, but there’s really not a lot of truth in them. I do and have always appreciated the time and effort put in by everybody at JGR and at Yamaha. With Yamaha we’ve shared some really great times and those are times that I will never forget. Thank you all for the effort, the support and for the good times we’ve had. I really do wish the best to you guys and congratulations to Davi on finishing up the season on such a high note.

Let me also take this chance to be clear. My focus is on racing and fighting for wins. It always has been. And I really look forward to lining up on the gate and competing at all the MX races this season. Thank you to all the fans out there that have stuck with me through thick and thin. Thank you to my sponsors, thank you all for your support and we’ll see you at Hangtown. I can’t wait to get out there.

- James Stewart



  1. JeffC3 from CA says:

    Dear James,

    Love the new colors (yellow), the new plan, the new confidence, the current respect for the past events, your professionalism, your strength, your commitment, you drive and your continuous hope. most of all your hope!

    in all things, your talents, your commitments, your fans, your family, your talent, your taste, your ?, your professionalism, your dignity in difficult situations, your commitment to your sponsors, your brand loyalty and most, your ability to make bold choices and follow your intuition to get on your real path.

    I hope you the best.

    my family owns and has owned a Suzuki shop since 1969 in northern CA near the old Sears Point. We used to promote the local races there and worked the Ama Nationals and Trans Am series’ there until they ended in the 80′s.

    I love suzuki. even tho they have made it difficult over the years.. but i always love this brand. as do many. and i wish you the best and hope you do great on this bike as i see already you can.

    i just ask this.

    1) is there Any Way you can do a quick drop in to my parents’ dealership in Petaluma near Infineon Raceway this week before or after the hang town race?

    2) can you promote the RMZ450 by telling your followers how great it is? especially at turning…1 its great at that im sure and im sure you can get to realize it by now..!

    3) just be you! don’t think about anything else. just be you. the js 259 or js7 or whatever you want. just be you and just ride like you want for fun and enjoyment.

    i remember your crazy first scrub on the 125 back in, what was it, 2003 on the kx.. that one jump at budds or something. the one.

    every time i see you ride i still see that. every time.

    i just wanted you to know.


    go james 7!

    xo, Jeff

  2. beeer says:

    good luck and be happy with the suzi

  3. kim says:

    james “you the man” find that “eye of the tiger” look forward to seeing you out there doing what you do best. rock that suzuki. bubba forever!!!!!!

  4. Bobo says:

    Congrats, you look better on Yellow anyways
    to bad you couldnt go back to the Green bikes
    best luck
    i guess your not going to go to NASCAR now

  5. jojo says:

    go bubba!!! cant wait to see you on your yellow bike.. hoooooooooooooooo

  6. Motomaniakk111 says:

    What type of person says that,JS7 is going to rock on that Suzuki,I’ve ridden and owned every type of bike u can’t go wrong with none but some bikes suit people better and that yamaha wasn’t for James just like that Kawi wasn’t for Reed.James looks good on tha Suzuki and he’s only going to get faster and faster,everybody watch out.

  7. Dario's says:

    Tu sei il più veloce del mondo,ora gli altri vedranno solo un fulmine giallo e rimarranno accecati dalla sua luce.GO JAMES,all’attacco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sacko says:

    James, just say good bye

  9. YmK says:

    Good news. James has always loved those Suzies. He just need to have fun.
    No doubt, he would have some good results with that bike.
    Good luck James.

    Bubba 4 life….

  10. moto4life says:

    This is your shot to win the outdoors now. NO RV1, CR22, its just you and Dungey. The rest of the pack is lappers. Really, when everyone was healthy, where was millsaps? maybe 7th – 10th?. RC dominated on that bike so pick uo where he retired on. No more BS, get out there and kill it. JS fan for life. Supercross was good up till the front four got injured. Make your fans proud. Ride the wheels off that RMZ!!!!!!

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  12. Matt says:

    Are you retarded the only reason i watched you is because you were driving the killer yamaha now your on a piece of crap suzuki it was to many redbull that got to ya sorry to say but worst of luck your family probably ashamed of you and this life changing mistake i would rather watch a scooter race than you. I’m ashamed to say but i hope you crash and break everything on your body just because of that suzuki and also that the suzuki is the worst bike you could ever buy or ride. I think i would rather ride a honda over a suzuki and i hate honda with a passion. HERE ME OUT YOUR JUST GOING TO DO WORSE,WORST OF LUCK TO JS7 >retard@!

    • Joe says:

      Wow you have some problems, I suggest you seek help. the sooner the better!

    • Joe says:

      Oh and good Luck James!

    • BBBBBBB says:

      Ricky Carmichael seemed to do ok with it.

    • Courtney says:

      Anyone who wishes harrm to another person must be very sick. If you hate James so much why in the hell are you on his board ? Get a life James will do just fine !!!
      And if anyone here is a retard which is very rude to the people in the world that have that physical disability condition it would be you. I am sure his family loves him and sticks by him whatever James choose to do . Sorry your family must of left you since you are such angry idiot.
      Go to hell you dumbass !!!!

      James Stewart fan for life !!!!

    • Cameron says:

      Matt has some serious issues!!!!rather just shut your mouth and let james show you what he will do with that yellow machine!!!good luck james will be good to have you back for a full season!!!make us proud ans lets take the top step which you ar accustome to be standing on.behind you all the way! P.S awesome suzuki testing video!!!

    • Jrbmsu says:

      Dude you are an absolute idiot. Your sentences don’t make any sense, and you have no idea what you are talking about. Yamaha is a second rate bike, and has never won anything. How many Yamaha’s do you see out on the track maybe 4 out of 40. The only reason Davey finished second on a Yamaha was because all the good guys were out. Keep spewing your idiotic words because you just fuel the fire that only retards ride Yamaha. I wish I could meet you. I bet you can’t even ride a PW-50 with training wheels. I bet Yamaha is ashamed of you for even being a fan. Answer me this how many championships has your awesome bike won in the last 10 years compared to suzuki. Well since 2001 Suzuki has won 5 races, Kawasaki has won 3, Honda has won 3 and your fabulous Yamaha has won 1. Keep talking dickhead.

    • floyd says:

      Hey Matt, go bitch at your mom for dropping your dumb ass when you were a little bitch!!! JS7 Baby!!!

  13. doct says:

    Good luck with the New ride man the bro show has gone “black and yellow”, pretty sweet!!! have fun with the fuel injection, ride for you and on a side not…. now hope the haters can be silenced once and for all!!! Much respect JS!!!!

  14. Pyroman says:

    Go Go Go Bro ! Do what you want, have fun and take it easy !

  15. Courtney says:

    Good luck James this is great news . Now let us see the old James with confidence and a will to fight to be the best. See ya in Hang town !!!

    James Stewart fan for Life !!!

  16. Damian says:

    If you all havnt heard James is now on yosh Suzuki along side brett.

  17. Darren says:

    Smoke em bro. do what you do. do it easy.

  18. Darren says:

    Game on James. Smoke em!

  19. Howard Smith says:

    James it’s all good and like many others can’t wait to see you on the track and even better the podium! Had a good friend hurt yesterday at the track, this after he was putting down better laps than he had all season…even clearing a tripple that only a handful of riders attempt. My point is he is going to have a rough road getting back to where he was, but he does it because he loves the sport. I think you have this same passion and will return to the old form we all love to watch.

  20. #144 says:

    GO get em’ james -> nail the starts -> relax -> have fun & GO FAST !


  21. eric says:

    james i hope to see you at hangtown you know with any sport there is so much pressure and everyone putting all the pressure on you because they say that you are the fastest rider and the most talented rider i could not imagine what all of the riders go threw with everyone expecting nothing less than a championship yea you race to win and stay on two wheels even if you came in first second third or last at the end of the day you know that you tried and gave it your all that what matters . go out and ride and have fun like when you were a little kid wasn’t that the good times? put a :) on your face life is short have fun k be happy

  22. Dillon says:

    Wish I could come see you i live up in the 209 Merced, California The Tracks down here arent the best but there good. Hopefully i could go to hangtown and get some autographs from you, your like my idol Sounds kinda weird but its true . Hope to see you get that #1 Plate Back.!!!!!!!

  23. Dillon says:

    Bumbed out to hear that any news on who you will join?

  24. Michael says:

    Rock On James! Go for the gold and do things your way to get back to the top and start racing for the enjoyment of it and forget all the corporate crap. Best wishes at Hangtown on what ever bike you ride! (Ride a Husky Steve McQueen style!)


  25. Todd says:

    I heard rumors of the breakup between James and JGR, but obviously they were more than rumors. I’m curious as to what happened. If anyone knows the truth, I would love to hear about it. James sold this relationship as such a good fit and how the JGR Yamaha was so much better and faster than the San Manuel Yamaha. I enjoy watching James race and think he adds a different dimension to the sport, but I really do not think he is a title contender anymore. I just finished watching the Bar to Bars (again) from 2003 to current and I’m telling you that the James Stewart that raced the first four years of his pro career is NOT the same James Stewart that lines up at thet gate today. What I see in the early years is a hungary, agressive and focused James with a true passion for winning and what I see now is a James that has already proved that he was the best at one time and does not really need to prove anything more because he is financially set for life. I think he will continue to be a top 5 finisher in the event of not crashing, but there’s one rider faster and more consistent (RV) and a couple that are just as fast but more consistent (Reed & Dungey). I see a lot of comments regarding the brand of bike he is riding. I don’t think it has much, if anything, to do with the brand of bike he rides. Remember, he won a SX championship on a Yamaha. Also remember, this is a guy that use to beat 250 four strokes on a 125 two stroker. I hope James proves me wrong on his RM, but I have lost faith over the last few years. I wish James the best of luck, but he really needs to get on a team that can keep him focused on winning. At the current pace, RV will break McGrath’s SX wins long before James does.

    • btchplz says:

      Just a friendly thought to ponder regarding bike swap affecting james’ performance.

      People have been known from any sort of activity to pysche themselves out over nothing.

      The best example I can give is when I used to skate with a friend of mine. He could never land a certain trick (kickflip) down a staircase. Although he claimed fear of getting hurt was not an issue, he just never landed on the skateboard. BUT, doing the exact same trick, but off to the side of the staircase and landing on some soft grass. He was able to land the same trick off the same drop almost every time in grass. Then try again to land on concrete and still bails haha. He was frustrated to say the least.

      Yes, it can make all the difference in the world. It’s a placebo effect at worst. If thousands tell James that his bike sucks, James might start believing his bike sucks. It could be he just doesn’t have confidence anymore and he’s not sure yet but maybe the blue isn’t letting him focus even when he doesn’t realize it.

    • elpato says:

      James is from Hungary? Just sayin…

      On a serious note. I hope James gets his head straight and finds motivation on what ever bike he shows up on. I’m not holding my breath for a show at any of the outdoors events. That clock is ticking towards retirement age Mr. Stewart… Time to poo or get off the pot

    • kid_shazzam says:

      Said the same for mcgrath…

  26. G-mon says:

    Take your time to get a bike set up right for your style of riding. Have a strong family backing and you will be back on top no matter what.

  27. Gene says:

    James, we have met a few different times, every time you have had a grin from ear to ear…remember to go out there and have fun. Unfortunately moto is a painful sport but your positive attitude and constant smile at life will carry you through the crap. Cheers to your happiness and finding yourself in this crazy race of life. Im a big fan no matter what you choose buddy.

  28. codyo says:

    First n for most, james is n incredible athlete… There are very few people out there who have done what james has.. I would say hes changed the dynamics of motocross/supercross from the recent generation of carmicheal/mcgrath… which has created a foundation for all the young talent. (kids on 85′s scrubbin all over the track) We all know the consistency hasn’t always been a friend of james but all professional athletes have their days.. But to see a person push it to a level like james has, is what makes watching him such a blast… so for all u haters out there grow up look past the ur biased selves.. yes rv n kd n rd n the rest are sick riders but lets not forget bout ole bubba… hes gonna kill it wenever he finds a comfortable home on a bike.. follow your heart james n ill assure u u’ll b back up on the box!!!

  29. Ryan says:

    You will always be my favorite rider I hope u bring the old bubba back for us! Even tho I hate suzuki and will never ride one I’ll get over it because whatever you do is amazing goodluck this season hope to see u at highpoint and Unadilla bring back #1!

  30. Can’t wait to see you @ hangtown, supercross not been the same without you.
    Stay focused and keep smiling and most of all enjoy.
    Good Luck bubba

  31. rv is king says:

    Youre lucky RV is hurt we all know that’s why you decided to race outdoors

    • btchplz says:

      Please, JS would smoke that joke in outdoors. Besides, James had plans before RV was even hurt to race nats. More like RV pretended to twist his knee to not race against a brand new JS7! haha!

      • Revin Wade says:

        Here’s the deal. I wish the best for Stewart and hope he succeeds in the future. But to state that RV was going to get “smoked” by anyone is flat out ridiculous. Before his injury he was at the top of his game.

  32. terry says:

    Well ,, cant wait to see you on that rm 450,, I seen you test riding it,, but dont keep it black,,
    yellow the color,, wish you the best man

  33. niki says:

    Just get that bike set up the way you like it… I am sure you already have!

    Can’t wait to see you lining up at Hangtown.
    It will be a great season to watch in no small part thanks to your attendance!

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