JS7 Suzuki Shoot Round II



  1. jake says:


  2. jake says:

    I watched the first moto STAY HUNGRY FEED THE WOLF!

  3. jake says:


  4. Stunna Saint says:

    Katt Williams says ” if u have someone hating on u right now u better think of how to get 5 more ppl hating by Christmas. You need haters to make you stronger..w/o haters most ppl wouldn’t try to become better. Just tell them “b*tch u just hate me b/c u can’t be me” kill em in outdoors man!!

  5. Johnny says:

    Rev that youshi to the moon.

    Good Luck from Sweden!

  6. jason says:

    Lets get something straight. Any bike, that James would ride, no matter which brand would be the best bike ever. He’s all factory with the best of the best. Yes, the Suzuki looks good and hope it gives James a new flare. Guys like James are super freaks, and could beat you on a pit bike. Less than 1 percent of all who rides world wide will ever be this good. James is a freak and can beat anybody if his mind will allow it. Its up to him and not his damn bike!

  7. Jeremy says:


    I cannot wait for the season to start and then have James start winning so i can stop seeing you and all these other losers who are hating on James to go away. I mean what will you say when he is winning?? I mean if you knew anything about riding AT ALL you would know that there are certain bikes that work better for certain people. It is not an excuse it is called reality. Let me know when you come out of your fantasy world were you think you know everything about MX and what it takes. Unless you have gone pro and been there and done that then do us all a favor and get lost.

    James keep it up! show everyone what us true fans know you are cabable of!

  8. rick says:

    Courtney please stop it,if u don’t like Stewart stay off of his page. Y are the haters here¿ oh that’s right thee doing their job hahahaha rickrock so-called::::()::::::)

  9. Cory & Jean says:

    I remember a few years back when you would get bored leading and slow down to make it a race again…ya you’ve got it…take on any Challenge with lust & just have fun and skroo he/she Courtney…haha My wife and I will be watching each race…by the way you look just like my filipino brother/n/law…I’ve been mad at you for not racing outdoors…all smiles now…peace Cory & Jean

  10. jake says:

    says the amateur rider

  11. TWOTWOFan says:


  12. Travis 981 says:

    courtney sounds like a sad schoolboy who got dumped by his girlfriend. so bitter and sad. One thing that cant be denied is that Stewart has turned the fastest laps, won main events and championships on every brand of bike he has been on. Doubt this venture will be any different. As far as the money… We all do what we do to support our lifestyle. Bubba shouldnt sell himself short just because his is better than courtneys, or others for that matter. GET PAID WHILE YOU CAN! The facts are simple. James will be fast, he will win motos and is a contender for chapionships no matter what.

  13. Courtney says:

    Oh look, the king of the dirt naps has gotten a new ride. Its about time that Gibbs got rid of this sorry ass piece of shit cancer!

  14. James….you need to just CHILL…my son races dirtbikes….he even made it to ponca city a few yrs back…I have followed your career from the beginning….I personally think you should have stayed with kawasaki but I feel as though everything happens for a reason…you somehow have taken the joy you use to have for the sport….be strong and don’t be so hard on yourself…just chill on the suziki and show everyone you are back…stronger than ever…don’t think about the pressure…

  15. Justin says:


    I am so happy to see you off of that bucking-ass Yamaha that was trying to kill you. You see??

    I told you to do all of this about a year and a half ago, way before you signed with JGR.

    You could have already gotten the ball rolling if you had listened to me. I have been watching and studying your riding since you posed in my 1994 Fox Catalog with your pink gear and your pink & white PW50. Yep, been watching and analyzing you and your style for a long time. I knew the bike was one of your biggest problems. It may be a great bike, but it definitely was not a great fit for you. You already look better on the new RMZ and running outdoors will make you a better rider. Too much time off the bike makes it hard on anyone. You need racing to keep you on track with your goals. Too much time off has always led you in different directions trying different things….i.e.( car racing ) Nothing wrong with that, but you should leave that stuff alone until you are finished doing what you were born to do…..Dominate MX & SX!!!!

    P.S. Car racers start racing just as young as you did. Odds of you being a great car racer are slim anyway. Listen to me this time when I tell you that you would be a much more successful Superbike rider!!! Think about it!!! Already got the skills, just would need to adapt.

    Thanks James,


    • Courtney says:

      HAHAHA – another bike excuse! Let me ask you this, my mentally challenged friend. If the Yamaha was so bad, then why did he do so good in the heats? You are as big an idiot as your idol.

  16. Jaksan says:

    You are the best James!!your fan from Thailand!

  17. jasonsurg says:

    LAST CALL! decks in your hands.

  18. B-RIGG says:

    I’m sooooooo glad to see you come back to your roots man where it all started (Outdoors) good luck bro.

  19. jimmy clark says:

    Your the man james, Stay the course and you will rock, When U ridin frustrated on a bike that don’t work for U it shows and U will crash trying to make it work almost always….Can’t wait to see ya lay it down in hangtown. Good for U man

  20. Jon says:

    The suzuki looks like it rides way better than the yam just compare the videos u can see it. the motor does sound better to. I think he will do better but alot of mental to overcome. I think all this If he is a christian is testing by God to see how he will handle it by using his word. Or if he is not a christian wake up call.

  21. idrissa says:

    i already told that james is my favorite rider and yam my favorite brand, bud i knew that you wasn’t iat your top riding with that model
    i am sur villo gonna be far away behind you, i am sur you would do a better job on kawa but suzuki have the power of kawa and the good frame and settings for handeling and being safer on the bike.
    that’s not my favorite brand but after kawa, i think it’s the best weapon for you

    good luck bro and let’s enjoy your national championship… this time you gonna kick asssssssssssss :-)

  22. Peter says:

    Good to see you riding again, this season sucked!
    Hope you have better luck with the Suzuki, I’ll be cheering for you from Holland!


  23. MV#700 says:

    GO Bubba GO! nice to see you in Suzuki. Now do it. MX Champ 2012

  24. cycleguy says:

    You look real comfortable on that Suzuki…
    Go get um Champ…

  25. i always told you says:

    how many times did i tell you Suzuki??? how many??
    it could of been a honda and a kawi too but and also the old design yamaha!! but not that new gypsy A$$ one!!
    anyhow best of luck to you bro.


  26. YmK says:

    That bike sounds way better than the Yam…It looks like James really like the Suz’ and I think he’s also more smooth on the bike.
    Anyway, we wish you the best with the new team, we love you.

    Bubba 4 life

  27. I am Brazilian and follow it through the Internet, you will be successful in the Suzuki, Congratulations !

  28. Rasmus Sørensen says:

    That looks wicked James!! Big fan from Denmark! Cant wait for Nationals. :-)

  29. rich snyder says:

    Looks like this summer will prove to the haters why bubba has more fans than anyone else he just rips.

    • Courtney says:

      Once again, the only way this dumb ass will when a championship is if the others riders are out.

      • cp14 says:

        Ok really??? Every person here is just supporting their opinion on js7, but you have to be a bitch and talk shit to everyone who comments something good… Are you jeaulous or something? You obviously are an idiot trying to get attention, so go talk shit somewhere else please….Dont get mad that the champ is rising again….

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