James Stewart Yoshimura Suzuki Gallery



  1. I have ben an James Bubba fan since forever….even got to walk the track with him and his camer crew…side by side…he was showing the 65 niders that were competting that week at Lorrreta’s what to do and when…hell yeah I jumped the fence and his camera crew said hey ladie you can’t be here and James said it’s cool….I have pics that I treasure….I love me some James Bubba Stewart…..I am behind him through the ups and downs….People have been so hard on him the last 2 yrs….Now it’s time to back off and let him do what he does best….RIde the hell out of his suzuki…

  2. Mike says:

    AWESOME job in Texas! You look like the champ we rememter, keep up the good work.

    Wasn’t able to get a poster or autograph when we were there, is there anyway to get one?

  3. fredomax says:

    looking good on your new bike!!!!!it s about time.your the best and my favourite rider.yamaha isn t the right bike for you.good luck for your season

  4. Jacob Terry says:

    Imsorry to say this but James Stewart Iam very disappointed in your choice of bikes if you are going to change bikes atleast get a Honda!! like come on man dont be a retard!!! god damn but you are still my hero just next time you change bikes try out the Honda its the way to go that will get you anouther 6

  5. mattia says:

    Hy Brother’s good luck. You’re the next Champion… 4ever suzuki. Un saluto dall’italia…

  6. DJ MR. VINCE says:

    Been a fan since I first saw you in a mag on that yamaha PW 50. It was just cool to me to see a brotha racing & doing his thing. What you have been able to accomplish since then is truly amazing. I’m glad you finally moved away from the Yamaha. I agree it was not the best fit for you. Looking good on that zuk my friend!!! Go get em this summer & I’ll be there live to cheer U on when U get to NY.

  7. Thales says:

    torcendo empolgado para que esse ano James vença o AMA SX e MX… Vai na fé!

  8. KTM says:

    Should’ve picked Orange. ;-)

  9. Markus Tarzan Selebø says:

    Will he/ You still be riding for RED BULL and Answer ? :)

  10. Cristian says:

    Greate, know I have to by a Suzuki. Good luck James.

  11. Michael says:

    Good move James you needed to leave yamaha just didnt look like a good fit for your riding style, once you dominate outdoors this year and get on a roll , 2013 sx season is yours!

  12. Dario's says:

    Grande James,sulla gialla Suzuki ti ho visto girare molto bene,sarai un fulmine giallo e vincerai tutto.GO JAMES,Dario’s from italy….

  13. Fareed says:

    Good Luck Js7! no matter what u Ride Gonna support!!

  14. Daekwon hall says:

    You go from a kx, to yz, to a suz but still gettin better and better

  15. ron ron says:

    James congrates, you look happy again back on a bike .but one thing little bro musta showed u something when he rode suzuki,HA HA HAVE FUN BE SAFE RON RON

  16. Collin M. says:

    WOW the yellow looks really good! graphics look amazing, it’ll look better once that #1 plate is on there!

  17. Jack says:

    So glad that you have moved james , about time , since the 2010 model came out you just didnt look like you could on with it , yellow looks good

  18. YmK says:

    That’s a good news! And from the beginning he really likes the Suzies. For me that’s the most important. He’s really more confident on this bike and he’s having fun….
    Good luck Bubba.

    Courtney, let me know what you think….

  19. Collin says:

    even though im not a fan on suzuki i love yamaha, you look like your havin a lot of play time on this bike and your goin hard. NOW its time to win.
    Still my favorite man!

  20. filipe says:

    james bubba stewart i am rappy for you,go the yoshimura suzuki.

  21. Keith beal says:

    Good luck to you brah! I hope you are ready for the outdoor series this year and not some excuse about “still setting up the bike” like we heard last year. I’m glad you made a switch away from Yamaha (nothing against them) and chose another team. Surrond yourself with GREAT PEOPLE, not just good enough and it’s put up or shut up time! Here’s hoping you have the eye of the tiger and not distracted by “Hollywood” type stunts. Hope to see yo0u at Budds Creek with the series lead securely in hand! Take care.

  22. Sweden says:

    That is just awsome news.

    The only thing I am afraid of now, is a seaon full of boring 30 second moto wins for JS.

  23. Matt says:

    Worst mistake ever made switching to suzuki just wait he’ll switch to ford too can’t wait!!!

  24. Dennys says:

    Nice James! Can’t wait to see you on ripping on the RMZ! Watching SX is not the same without you out there.

  25. Tommy Björk says:

    Looking forward of seing you ride outdoors. A change now and then is good, for others, I will always stick to the green ones…

  26. AJ says:

    JS7, dude, my boo said i can get an RMZ if you stop by my house…lemme know when/if you’re testing @ Pala Raceway…i’ll give you directions to my house. Good luck, kill it!

  27. TomBomb says:

    The best of luck to you man!

  28. dbone says:

    hahaha awesome, now time to blow up the great outdoors where you will put all the b.s.ers talk to bed. Train hard, ride hard good luck.

  29. Js7 fan says:

    Best of luck James….”TIME TO DO WORK SON”!!!

  30. Sneeky Jones says:

    So happy for you bro!!!

    I wanted to see you go here after team green.
    THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!! Forget these last 4 years, and prove to the world that JS7 is still JS1!!!

    Let’s Do This!!!

    Sneeky Jones

  31. Brandon Simons says:

    When will the video come out?

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