James Stewart Testing the new Suzuki



  1. Pat Tested says:

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  3. What’s up James, you’re the best and it don’t matter what bike you’re on. Go big or go home!! Good luck man take care.

  4. Ridge Tandy says:

    James, My son and I love to watch you ride, doesn’t matter what bike you are on…you are always so fast. Keep it up and best of luck this season.

    Chris and Ridge Tandy

  5. Tim says:

    G.O.A.T now if anyone can top him by all means do it . Screw the haters James you are one of the best riders of all time.

  6. jimmy clark says:

    Man great to see that big stewart smile again, Your ride at hangtown looked stress free & havin fun again…Stay fast

  7. Dan says:

    James, we’ve been saying for 2 years you gotta get off the Yamaha. You never looked comfortable on it. Yeah, it’s not the bike, it’s the rider. We all know that. But not all bikes suit all riders particularly at your level, not matter what you do to the set up. We raced Yamaha’s too and hated them. Great bike I’m sure, but never worked for us. We’re pulling for you in 2012. And, that’s a hell of thing, racing for free. Shows lots of character and your love of the sport. Professional sports need more of that sort of thing. Someone tell Albert Pujlos.

  8. James says:

    I was just reading some of the comments on here,and wow..what pure jealousy will do to some people. James has earned everything he has going for himself. And,yes.The bike will suit him just fine-like being green again-hint hint! Dont even worry about the hates and/or haters(just remember-they are on your website).Always by your side and know how fast your are.Rock on James,and good to finally see you on a suzuki !! Rock on brother,see you at Mt Morris

  9. jade says:

    listen man I’ve been telling everyone for years that if you got on a rmz ud be unstoppable cuz it fits your style and the reason you been crashing your brains out since you got on the yami is cuz it don’t fit your style but you go for broke on it anyway cuz its all you know how to do! ppl don’t seam to get that certain bike don’t suite certain riding styles and think its the rider,so don’t let me down bro

  10. zack says:

    bubba i have to be completley truthful i think your a dirty rider and no matter what brand of bike your sitting on you will always be the same guy under the helmet..you have no respect for anyone on the track. i think you should get off of the suzuki cuz you just going to give it a bad name..

  11. SECRET says:


  12. fatboy says:

    only time will tell if he can capture even half of his outer wordly riding that he is capable of bring it on bitches i hope he smokes em

  13. Mike Rogers says:

    Sorry Steve Carnegie, I ain’t skeered, just old and spacin a bit,so I manned up. Not hidin behind screen name,it’s just my peeps call me McMikey. Bubba’s on the right track,just watch him go this year!! We got the faith,and Bubba, God willin, i’ll see you at Pa. and Atl. if my injuries heal.

  14. McMikey says:

    After 47 yrs. in this sport,and still in love with it[57 now],I first met you at NC State Champ in Sanford NC.You were the only 50cc rider I ever saw ride in the”attack”position,and you lapped up to 3rd by end of moto 2,and took that championship. I told your Mom and Dad that you were a”natural”rider,and I looked forward to watching you ride.I also watched the”GOAT”come up among others,and its been my life,and job to know it when I see it.Now, you’re on my personal choice of rides,and i’ve owned and ridden them all,and I couldn’t be happier for you since I tried to get you off that PW back then.You look comfortable, and smooth again”circa Kawie” days,relaxed and happy!Just ignore the plierheads,and remember WHO YOU ARE,how you got there,and “ITS”supposed to be fun.Go out and do what you do best Bra,and be that guy again, for all of us who always believed, and never lost faith!!

  15. Kamikaze Pilot says:

    Well well…We got fired again…Did We ??

    Not doing good…Blame the bike. ?? WOW !

    Suzuki …Just anouther bridge to burn…Hope your making lots on the Bubba Show:

  16. Judi says:

    Better have your act together cause you can’t blame it on the bike now Bubba!

  17. ziggy says:

    well soppossedly reed said he would hate to race james if he was on a suzuki.that being said just go get em james.its funny what you said about riding the kawi all your carrer and then going to the yamaha because while i was watching the vid i thought the same thing about how getting the right set up on a new bke must be so frustrating after knowing a certian bike so well and all the years of riding the same bikes.It did seem like the front end of the yamaha pushed a lot.If thats something in the design no kind of set up is going to make any difference or make you feel comfortable.You did win a championship on it though and that year you looked so smooth.but what do i know?Im just watching a great rider do what he does best and you probably look smooth on any bike.No matter wether your winning or crashing or whatever, Races are not nearly as exciting with out you.The outdoors is going to be great with you once again.Just dont get hurt.

  18. Lukey says:

    All the best for motocross James good to see u riden like urself again hope it’s your season from the Aussie

  19. travis says:

    i think you look better on suzuki to man but suzuki aint my favorite bike but i think it fits u perfect please get this motocross session goin i want you to show these people that thinks your suckie that your not show them your name again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  20. kristian says:

    you alright james just abit of advice go 2 clicks down on the front.

  21. Rodrigo Campos says:

    Congratulations for the video, you will destroy all with Suzuki. Can not wait to see you win in motocross.

    From his Brazilian fan.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  22. Steven Carnegie says:

    It’s amazing how the haters voice their thoughts and opinions when James is not racing or he went down in a race. This man just showed in ultimate fashion how bad he want to ride and and win. His deal doesn’t begin til 2013, and he actually going to race Nationals for bikes and support. No bonus money other than what he may win from the actual event itself. Simple passion and love for what God has blessed him to do. I could careless if he finish 1st or last, he has the ultimate respect from me. I worked in the industry for several years from amateur to pro, and not once have I ever seen a ride on his level walk away from that kind of money when he could have sat home, chill and still collect that cheese!!!! Hat’s off to you James!!! What better way to flip the finger to the haters and show them how much you love what you do!!! P.S. notice I didn’t hide behind some made up screen name. Be a man when you want to voice your thoughts, own up to what it is you have to say!!!

  23. zulos says:

    Cant wait to see you against Dungey!It will be great motocross season:)

  24. AL-X says:

    Hey James.My wish and one advice.Find your self on the handlebars be confidence and do not forget who you are and your achiviements.GO OUT THERE and show them what you have.For sure it was time for A CHANGE, BIG CHANGES BIG OPPORUNTITIES.STAY HEALTHY AND FOCUSED.GREETINGS FROM GREECE.

  25. Mike says:

    Sweet Ride James

    How about doing a repeat of the past and take 1st on podium every race for outdoors!

    You got Dungy as biggest threat consistently each race but if you stay upright you will smoke’em.

    If the Suzuki does not cut it for ya Im still hoping for a BMW/Husqvarna collaboration with JS7

    Ya I know “keep dreamin”

    Best of Luck for outdoors, go kick some ass!



  26. Pete In Van. says:

    Long time fan since your pro career started. I don’t think anyone can dispute your natural skills. Your biggest challenge is now, you. Your riding style should mate well with the aggressive handling Suzuki (assumption based of multiple years owning sharp turning RMs) The Yamaha is clearly a bad design, the front end looked like it really pushed. Mid season I noticed you straddling the tank, trying to get it to bite. I predict Yamaha will redo the YZ 450 back to conventional design, like the 250. Back to you. You’ve got to rein it in a bit. Loose the tude. Your only the shit, when your the shit and guess what, you haven’t been the shit for awhile. I bet you took a pay cut for Suzuki to hire you. At this point, it obvious you need them, more than they need you. If you don’t right the ship, the next stop is privaterville or friggin Oval track. Pat attention to Reed. Here is a man that took control of his career and changed every thing. He now reminds me of the McGrath of years gone by. Respectful of others, patient, controlled, professional, confident, with no arrogance.

    Slow and steady. Build momentum. Let the wins do the talking.

    Good Luck, I’ll be watching for you in Hangtown!

    Pete In Vancouver B.C.

  27. cycleguy says:

    Yoshimura and James Stewart ??? I like it, I like it alot.. Looks like we got our man back, I knew something was wrong, you never went down so much ever so I’m very happy for you and go get that Championship, both of them..

    Go get um Champ..

  28. Sacko says:

    OMG, Just watched Tacos with James on Transworld MX…….James lift some weights man, you got man boobs and your only in your twenties. Dude start working out or your ass is going to get kicked all summer long, you have the cheat of a 12 year old girl.

  29. Courtney says:

    Do they show hangtown on TV and if so where can i find it ?

    James Stewart fan for Life !

  30. Derek says:

    time for outdoors

  31. bogdan says:

    man i haven’t seen you ride like that,since you were at kawasaki

  32. Giogio says:

    What a bike!! And above all, that pilot! Only a Suzuki can meet your skills … James Stewart are the strongest all rooting for you!

  33. denver says:

    this better be a NEW james bubba stewart with the luck number 7.0 make the bike look nice

  34. Sacko says:

    Boy is Mike Alessi pissed….you took his factory ride away from him which he was counting on for 2013 SX & MX.
    He says he is going to take you out at GH.

  35. Ira Armstead says:

    James (BUBBA) Stewart , the fastest man on the planet is ready with all the right equipment to win titles. Let GOD bless you and your family my BROTHER. Remember and never forget that god is the reason for all your success and talent, so thank him all the time and let him know that you love him and that you know that he loves you in return. Just trust him my BROTHER and put it in his hands. GOD gave this to you

  36. Ira Armstead says:

    I am glad to hear that you are on a BETTER BIKE my BROTHER, because you did not look right on that bike from day 1 and now it is time to break all of the records that you are EXPECTED to break. You made the RIGHT CHOICE my BROTHER and now let’s get BACK to YOUR WINNING WAYS. We LOVE you and look forward to seeing you on the NEW WEAPON. GOOD LUCK again MY BROTHER.
    The Armstead Family

  37. Jay McClovin YT@007BLACKGUY says:

    All eyes on Bubba & Dungey!!!! fight to the fvckin finish!

  38. Jay McClovin YT@007BLACKGUY says:


  39. george says:

    black and yellow- sick dude, wear black
    and yellow gear too- all season and every race. so hard!

    kick ass james

  40. Roj says:

    Love that video! Cant wait to see you in the outdoors. I will see you at the ride day
    at Glen Helen. Sick wips and scrabs.

  41. nick tate says:

    Dear James, I have always been a fan of yours and I am extremely excited to watch you shut the haters up in the 2012 outdoor season. if you do read these comments you should make a new video of you throwing down some fatty scrubs and whips!!! please! P.S. your my little brothers hero and hes 7 years old and tries to scrub on his honda 50 cause he wants to be liek you hahah.

  42. KTM DAVE says:

    FINALLY!!!! You never looked as tall/good on the the YAMAHAs ever! I hope to see the old cofident James on your new SUZUKI. I wish RV1 was healthy to race against you in the Nationals. I am sure you and Dungey will battle until final round. You look GREAT on the practice Videos; better than ever on a Yamaha.
    I hope to see you flying again! KTM DAVE 250SX

  43. Jon says:

    One thing for sure he needs to work on starts

  44. Darcy says:

    Watching that clip gave me chills dude. Can’t wait to see you racing when that bike is totally dialed in. I’m so pumped that you are on a new bike and team. As good as you are, you just never looked at home on that yammi. All the best to you in the future James. I’ll be watching you rip it up.

  45. John says:

    Looking forward to seeing you pull it together with a new team. B bye Yamaha and Pirelli

  46. Nic says:

    You ride pretty good for a guy with a broken hand that couldn’t make the last few rounds of supercross… I use to be a fan, but when I spend MY money on airfare and hotel to come out and see you ride and you don’t show kinda pisses me off, If you were actually injured it would be 1 thing but obviously you aren’t if you can post this 2 days after Vegas.


    • chris says:

      that sounds so stupid!! there are so many other great riders at the events and your pissed because one of them isnt there.. show somemore respect for the other riders!!!!!

    • Realist says:

      Dude, that vid a year old….


      He couldn’t “show up and race” the last few races cause he want on a team.

  47. Scott says:

    I just gave a fist pump at the end of the video! Love the news!

  48. Tyler says:

    Looking good. excited to see you back at outdoors. and to everyone who got on here talking shit about him, come on. none of you guys have any room to talk about his riding abilities since all of us couldnt even hang with him for a turn. its easy to sit on the couch every weekend and trash talk someone, i want to see any of yall try to ride with him. and also, i was at his ride day at oak hill and freestone out here in texas, i dont know of any rider of his background, won as many championships and has the ablility he has on a bike that will hold an event like that. james has held two just out here that i know of. so you guys should really think about who yall are talking about before getting on his personal website and trash talk him.

    goodluck this season james!

  49. Drew says:

    Best of luck James, can’t wait to see you win in PA.

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