GoPro HD: Hangtown 2012 Recap

Ride with James Stewart (@JS7) and Davi Millsaps at the opening race of the AMA Motocross 2012 Season at Hangtown.



  1. Dano says:

    This is the crazy fast comfortable Stewart that everybody loves to watch!

  2. cycleguy says:

    Mike Alessi was riding his ass off,he put up a good fight .
    I can watch this video all day.

  3. George Foreman says:

    No more excuses for bro can James Bobble Stewart . No real competition with the champ RV out and Dungey on a crappy KTM. Mark my words JS7 will still crash himself out of this title . JS will never be crowned the King of Supercross or the Greatest of all time.

  4. cycleguy says:

    That was an excellent video…

  5. shug says:

    Out with the Blue in with the New!! Polk County Stand up Boogie is back. Well he never left just took a break. Congrats JS7 keep up the keep up. All work is easy work.

  6. Congratulation! Fan of Brazil.

  7. Collin M. says:

    have to say the yellow fender looks alot better than blue! lol

  8. aking3434 says:

    THE MAN IS BACK!! Looking GREAT on the new bike, and you seemed alot more comfortable. To bad Villahomo isnt out there so you can show him who the real Champ is!

    • Iysley says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Villohomo! yes!

      • YmK says:

        Hey lysley, you both are wrong because he wrote Villahomo not Villohomo, lol!
        Anyway, that’s not the point, we are here because we love this sport.
        For his 1st race on the Suzie, Bubba did a great job. What it’s great is that during the hard time, James was always smiling, always trying to answer all the questions from the fans (In Houston, I was happy to be able to share some words with him and Greg his friend.
        We just glad he won at Hangtown and we wish him the best for the rest of the season.

        Bubba 4 life.

        • Pete In Van. says:

          James, congratulations on the Hangtown wins!

          What I see as more important is the change in you personally. I watched all your interview vids.
          You now present yourself as a professional athlete. I can’t think of a corporate sponsor, that would not be proud to be associated with the more, modest/respectful James. Your giving back to the fans is huge. Remember slow & steady, let the wins do the talking. Other than Dungy, the competition is pretty light outdoors. The real test will be SX next year with a full gate of top guys. In my opinion, you now have every thing you need (mindset/talent/equipment) to win, what ever you want.

          Good luck, I’ll be cheering for you!

          Pete in Vancouver B.C

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