2012 Yoshimura Suzuki Testing



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  2. Cj says:

    Also have to add i have first hand experience with the new Yahmy 450 track bike
    My riding bud bought one this Year and right from the get go he has had to make
    multiple changes, even move the engine back a few mm and still its just doesnt turn or
    handle well at all
    Yahmy go back to the 09 bike thats the winning bike

  3. Cj says:

    Not a fan of JS but a Big Fan of SX and MX
    I knew from the beginning it was the bike..how could the fastest man on two wheels screw up
    that much especailly on a Yahmy.. obviously Yahmy bit off more than they could chew and designed a crappy bike
    After reading about JS riding for free for Suzuki in MX 2012 I think im a fan for sure now
    JS is for real this time, soo lookout RV and RD and CR

    JS is going too slam dunk the next Three Yrs!!

    Remember he could of easily stayed with JGR and make millions but never win a Championship
    cause Yahmy is not the bike anymore


  4. Alika Davis says:

    I’m amused to see your obsession with Bubba, and all the space in your head that you give him, and your not even getting rent! You just don’t realize how big a Bubba fan you are!

  5. Courtney says:

    So when will the bike excuses begin? Gibbs was right in getting rid of this cancer.

  6. Jason says:

    Anyone know if the outdoor season will be broadcasted on tv? I don’t see Speedvion or CBS listing any of the events. I’d hate to miss out on watching James ride.

  7. cycleguy says:

    Respect the bike, get to know the bike on a personal level..
    Talk to her and become one with her.
    You’ll be fine..

    • Courtney says:

      He sure did that with the yammie, didn’t he? Don’t give us any of those lame ass bike excuses, either, because he did just fine in the heats.

  8. macoy says:

    Stepping at the Right Foot. Looks like it’s going to be 48-0 total! Can’t wait!

  9. WBallz says:

    If you dont win the championship its gonna be a disappointing outdoor season. No excuses, GET ER DONE!

  10. dr858 says:

    I’m pumped your on rmz James, its basically a clone of the kawi you know and love so all your old config preferences from your kawi days will translate over to the rmz nicely. Everyone knew that blue tractor was holding you back, glad to see your back on a real race bike. No RV this season you’ve got it in the bag so ride mellow and safe to avoid injury and you will be champ again no problem. So glad your not on that blue tractor anymore man! bubba’s back!

  11. aj hayhurst says:

    My name is AJ. I am 6 years old and race in the 4-6peewee class. i want to tell you hi and rock-on!!

  12. Franck says:

    Time to be the champion again guy ! Good luck with Suz’ :)

  13. per says:

    definatly hope you still have a contract or something with gopro.
    was very happy to see gopro footage from the races. specially cause the supercross does not air over here in sweden.

    but i would guess that was with jgr. good luck sir!

  14. Fulmer says:

    I felt for you every week, when i would watch you try to corner that yamaha, and blitz the whoops. You looked soo slow in the corners, yet you still kept pace or turned faster lap times than anyone else. Going through the whoops the bike would never really straighten out for you. Glad to see you off that bike and on the Suzuki. I dont think the Yami, or KTM can really compete with the other 3. Cant wait to see you kill it on this new machine, cuz your corner speed looks to be AMAZING once again.

  15. Jason says:

    Time to own the outdoor season!

  16. Lou says:

    It seems like you were plagued with bad luck on the Yamaha. I really felt for you, and I know what it’s like to put everything you have into something only to cone up short. – For me, it’s like a dream: my favorite rider on my favorite bike! Here’s to you and the new Suzuki. I know you put in the effort and the work. I could feel your frustration. Remember James, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new start! Best of luck! And y’all get ready for the undisputed, undefeated 2012 MX champ!

  17. aaron says:

    I totally think Yamaha missed the boat with the YZ450 and the YZ250, the 450 is such a hard bike to ride, I dont care who you are, how much tuning and work you do to that thing. It doesnt turn, the position of the engine titled back is a very bad idea. i know ths made james frustrated, his own team and gibbs team, I dont care how much money you throw at it, it wont work against the other manufacturers. The Suzuki and Kawasaki are the best out there and now that James is on the Suzuki he will dominate, too bad he wasted all those years on that pile of crap yamaha, at least he fixed the problem before it was too late. See you at hangtown james…….

  18. friedel says:

    James looks extremely confortable in the saddle there. Seems a lot loser than when on the Yamaha. In fact he looks about as comfortable as he did back on the 125′s. Power dig and corner speed seems to be effortless, this look like a good fit. Good luck

    • willie says:

      James, I think you let the pressure get to your head I think you should have tried racing other tire’s before you changed bikes and teams. I hate to see you switch to suzuki and to me it looks like your very rigid on this new bike. But if thats what suits your style who am I to argue. I just notice in your scrubs and whips something dont look right. I do know that my 99′ 400 yzf eats my friends 2011 rmz 450 for lunch. Both bike are bone stock other than bars and triple clamps and he can’t belive how my old bike compares to the new rmz. Either way best off luck in the upcommin mx season, Hopefully you dont have problems like dungey with things like the chain falling off and the bike stalling out and not restarting mid moto. Goodluck and remember “Y” you ride.

      • dr858 says:

        your a moron comparing a 12 year old no auto decompression pos to any new bike

        • willie says:

          Call it whatever you want, But the fact the my ” 12 yr old pos ” has no problem setting a faster pace than the 2011 rmz flatground or on the track tells me I don’t think stewart can blame the bike. If my old pos can rock that rmz you can’t tell me the new yzf is an inferior piece of equiptment in comparason to the new rmz, thats my point. To compare my bike to a new modle wasn’t the point of that post. But apparently your one of the people who focus on the money and flair of dirtbikes, Not the fact the if anyone can call themselfs a real rider can do it on any bike, New or old.

  19. dan says:

    about time yoshimaru suzuki got a decent rider, hope you do well for them james and hope you get on better than what you did with JGR Yam

  20. Evans says:

    cry baby, Never satisfied. money money money

    • Stewie fan says:

      Evens if u knew what was going on Stewie is riding the outdoors for free u f#%kn idiot..His contract does not start till the 2013 SX..Yoshi Suzuki is providing him his bike and team support only. What other pro rider at that level would do that..

    • friedel says:

      It’s called his job. If were just about money he could have stayed where he was at colleted a pay check and then flipped the bird to everyone. It is obvious to me and the blind guy sitting next to you that this about being competitive

      • Courtney says:

        No, it’s about the fact that Gibbs did the right thing and got rid of this cancer.

        • friedel says:

          Interesting that you say that, because it seems to me that it was a mutual decision that was intaiated by Stewart. It seems that way becasue of the statements made by both camps and how soon it was annouced that he had a new team. I also take issue with the cancer statement. there was never any public bad statements from Stewart about his team. There has been obovious frustration from Stewart and the bike set up even when he was with Larry Brookes. If you recall he talked always about the right set-up and the getting the right feel. None the less who ever you are I think this weekend showed some telling facts. First of that if a rider in comfortable with his equipment he will be competitive. Second James earned his monqure of the fastest man on the planet. Finally James is back BBBBIIIIOOOO–TCH

  21. Albert says:

    James I see DUNLOPS…..Yah….Get used to this Suzuki and ride it like you do Sir..I see a bright future with you and Suzuki. Excellent choice, Just wished it would have happened sooner..


    ”WHAT A SMILE”!! :) So glad to see you happy again…Ride it like u stole it..The best of luck..


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