2012 Hangtown MX: Gallery



  1. Cj says:

    My guess for the no merchandise is because James is riding for FREE
    I aint no bettn man..but ill bet that RV or CR would never ride for free..?.

    When James is on and yes he is still getting comfortable on the yellow bike
    of course Winning while doing it.. but when he is 110% with the new team and the bike
    He’ll be miles ahead of the competitiion

  2. Cj says:

    For all the haters out there..James Is Back!! and quit bringing up RV and CR
    they could never put it on James
    The writting is on the wall..Peeps..
    It was that stupid fast forward reverse thinking of Yamaha
    Just look at Kyle Regal and Milsaps they cant ride that POS either
    JS7 you are the fastest man on two wheels PERIOD!

    Soon to be JS1…..

  3. ethan says:

    I was just wondering. Why was there no merchandise for James at the LV Supercross. They had Reed, Dungy, Villipoto, Just wondering. Wanted to get a Shirt.

    So glad he’s Laying it Down.

    Keep Killin Em.

  4. mare says:

    james pa ti nisi normalan:-))))nice race james

    hiey from slovenija town aka. cvičk town

  5. Brent says:

    Congrads, keep it up. Look forward to seeing kill the competition on my b-day @ budds creek. Ride hard my friend. Much success and great health.

  6. Liam Frew says:

    You ride so gnarley man, expecially now ur on suzuki keep being cosistant bro. Hopefully one day i could meet you, you are the best. Js7!!!!! Vancouver BC

  7. jeremy says:

    James i bet u are glad u have the dunlops back

  8. Max says:

    Hi James ! I’m french and i would like to know if you will come in France soon ?
    I came in Haines City in August, but you were’nt there !
    Congratulations for your win at Hangtown ! And good luck for the Mx championship, and for the 2013 supercross championship !!

  9. Chris Cooper says:

    You are the MAN!!! Keep up the GREAT work and good luck next week!!! Fan from Tennessee.

  10. Allison says:

    Continua a temporada assim, você tem que ser invicto, estou torcendo do Brasil! JS#1

  11. glama says:

    Thats wats up,, thats wats up!, had two say it two times,

  12. jojo says:

    what can u say haters???? he’s back!!!!

    • Drew says:

      Sad to say it won’t shut them up, they are just waiting for him to be human and have a bad race so they can run their mouths again.
      Go James!!!

      • ERock says:

        Ah, they’re still sayin “But RV or CR isn’t out there.” Is it bad that we are only going into the 2nd round of MX and I can’t wait for the SX season to start? That way everyone will be healed up and ready to do this thing. By then James will have had plenty of seat time on the new bike and will be even faster than he was this weekend. When he’s confident in his bike, that dude can pull off some gnarly stuff that no one else would dare attempt. I honestly see JS7 as the 2012 MX and 2013 SX Champ.

  13. Quinn says:

    Hope yesterday will shut up all the haters. Good luck next week, another 1-1.

  14. Duncan says:

    Congrats James knew you had it in you, keep the hard work up, no pressure from your fans we all behind you 100%. This is your time to shine. Your fan from South Africa.

  15. Jackson_MX_259 says:

    Isso Fãn do Brasil torcendo por você lõl :D

  16. Jason says:

    You can catch Moto 1 and highlights of Hangtown here :

  17. Congratulations, keep it up! Fans of Brazil rooting for you!

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