2012 Freestone MX: Gallery



  1. ken Howard says:

    The King is back baby!

  2. DC328 says:

    HEY!!!! I dont see courtney on this one after 2 wins

  3. Scorpio says:

    Hi James! I’m from the Philippines and one of your avid fan! Can you give me a souvenir even one of your jerseys. Now, I have a KMX125 cc. Hoping you won’t disregard my request even though I’m from the Philippines. More Power and GodBless!

  4. macoy says:

    yeah i don’t see a lot of JS7 haters now that he’s answered all the questions.haha.JS7 ! wheeeww..huge save in the texas 12 pack and a huge win. You always make a statement.

  5. bknoxx says:

    exactly haters are hidding like a bunch of B@*#es

  6. jeremiah baker says:

    where’re all the haters now?

  7. Nick says:

    Thats whats up dogg…!
    Puttin’ the hurt on them fools.
    Great ride dogg.

  8. Joao Spencer says:

    Perfect ride! #Congrat your are the KING OF MOTOCROSS/SUPERCROSS

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