James Stewart Daytona Recap

Watch as James Stewart takes us to his home compound in Haines City, Florida and talks about his season up until his win at the Daytona Supercross.



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  2. Courtney says:

    Yea !!! It is official James is no longer with JGr racing team. So all of you who have given him grief over not updating you on how he is can now get over it. He was probably not allowed to say anything.

    James Stewart fan for Life !!!!!

  3. Damian says:

    First of all, u people who r whining about him not posting, stop acting like ur #1 priority cus guess what we r not. He has more important stuff on his mind. And he will be on a Suzuki he don’t want yamaha and can’t go to any rockstar or monster teams and kawi has RV2 and Honda has trey and kevin and chad, ktm has dungey, ill put my money on it he is riding a red bull Suzuki in the outdoors, he has a contract with redbull that is not up for a few more years. And drew ur not a true fan cus if u were u would understand his obligations he has to provide for his family first.

  4. kenhoward says:

    We miss you James, your true fans will be here around the clock Erin, lose,or, draw. So font leave us do quickly.update always! Think about the outdoor season.

  5. mark says:

    they need to change his nick mane form the fastest man on two wheels. to the fastest man to crash.

  6. King Navas says:

    James Stewart, yeah hes the best there is,,… Hope to see you racing again soon.

  7. Mike says:

    Well, he is done at JGR and with Yamaha. Suzuki, here comes Stewart.

  8. ibks1 says:

    James ,
    Me and my family really enjoy watching you race winner or lose. I ‘m not sure if the rumors are true but it will be a sad day for us if you sign with Suzuki. We would rather see you retire then to ride a Suzuki that bike sucks. I worry my young son who is riding now and looks up to you. Will think if you are having some problems get the wins you blame the bike or the team and quit. Your a hip hop fan. Well one of the realest things ever said is “IF YOUR NOT RIGHT WITH IN HOW YOU EVER GOING TO WIN”. Here’s hoping the rumors are not true. You heal. Get right. Find your fight. And put all the clowns in check! That’s what UP!!!

  9. WILL#178 says:

    to “Drew”,
    He is a profesional motorbike racer, he is very busy because i do the same, it takes alot of practice, especialy at the level he rides at, so i think posting a comment on a website is not the most inportant thing on his mind right now. if you respected james at the first place you would know how busy he is and he cant always keep fans updated on a regular basis,
    give the man a break

    True fans will stick by him

    • Drew says:

      Come on Will be real, excuses are the problem with our world today. First of all I am not one of those rude fans they say nasty or racist things about James, but I think it is ok to call it what it is.

      I don’t buy that he does not have time. He always had time before when things were going good, and now that his fans want some answers he can’t man up. No one should expect him to come on here everyday, but at least once a week or once in a while like he used to do, and give us updates.

      He is a great rider, but he also has a huge fan base, and it is time take care of the people who are buying a lot of the products that he is making millions off of.

      My dad always taught us to get respect you have to earn it WILL#178.

  10. slm says:

    i agree with what drew said no respect for the dude

    • Js7 fan says:

      Im sure stewee is not ignoring his fans cuz he wants to. There is probly some issues behind closed doors and he cant release any info yet. Im also A frustrated fan waiting to see what happens next. He will come out soon just be patient and watch..JS7 will come back strong and focused with that # 259 speed and style his fans and haters love to see…

  11. Drew says:

    If James cannot come on his own website and address his fans for 24 DAYS, then we should not back him any more until he has the DECENCY to do so.

    I no longer have respect for a guy who treats his fans this way, and can no longer be a fan.

    Go Ryan Dungey.

    • Courtney says:

      Maybe have you ever thought that he is being told not to say anything. He is still under a contract.
      If you have lost all respect for him because he has not updated in 24 days then you were never a true James Stewart fan. You are a fan weather fan who ever is winning is who you go for.
      James Stewart fan for life !!!!!

      • Drew says:

        A true fan does not call him a dildo, and learn how to type, its fair weather not fan weather.

        LOL!!! What a butt head, and you can quit trying so hard he don’t want you.

        • Courtney says:

          Drew: Sorry to say but there is another poster that loves using my name he is the ruddest poster on this board he has been doing it for months now. I would never say anything negative about James. I am a true fan. Yes you are right it is fair weather fan. I just think at this time maybe he is being told not to say anything who knows what is going on with his team right now. I know that JGr wants him to stay and James does not want that. So it is probably a battle of the contract. But you keep going for Dungey he is a decent guy that rides hard James really does not need your support.

          James Stewart Fan For Life!!!!!!

          • Drew says:

            Sorry Courtney, I hate when people do that too.

            Lets clear the record, I have never been a Dungey fan, I only said that because of Dungey’s heart and desire right now. I have been a Stewart fan for years. I just want to see Jame’s get his head back in the game.
            It seems to me that he is getting distracted by all the fame and TV stuff.
            I just want Jame’s to get back to racing and kicking butt like we all know that he can!!!

            He needs to find a team that he is comfortable with and reclaim that fastest man on the planet again.

            I have rode Honda all my life so I really wish he would ride red, but he probably won’t.

    • Sevenfan says:

      Drew if u don’t see a update on his web page follow him on twitter..he updated his fans last week. Said he’ll be on the gate at hang town more news soon he tweeted

  12. Courtney says:

    When is this dildo going to retire?

  13. kenny says:

    washed up porch monkey needs to quit and find a new sport.

  14. tahoemoto says:

    “Get busy living or Get busy dying”

    James for you its “Get busy winning or get busy losing”

    You got the means to test and build any bike from any manufacture to fit your style!
    Use it to get back to the top and go with your gut and stick with your family support.

    I would to see you on a Husqvarna but either way whatever bike you ride I would like to see you winning again and dominating the sport. Keep your head up kid and march forward!

    Tahoe Fan


    I hope JGR doesn’t let you out of your contract and Coach takes over and benches you so you have to watch Faith ride your bike all year. If you leave I hope JGR sues the crap out of you. You have turned into the biggest loser in this sport. Your little brother has more heart then you. I know one thing for sure you wont be on a Factory Suzuki thats for sure you lost any leverage you had to make deals when you stopped showing up with JGR just to support them. I hope you do race outdoors so I can watch Dungey Stomp you back down to the lites class loser

  16. Smitty75 says:

    JGR sucks as an mx team, never had a top rider. Get with a team that can bring you back to the top. Stick to cars JGR.

    • Courtney says:

      Wait, if JGR never had a top rider – then you are saying that the buck-toothed bobble headed wonder isn’t a top rider! hahahahaha

  17. Js7 fever says:

    James tweeted he’ll be on the Gate at hang town. JGR website has nothing on their website about it. Maybe he will not be on that Yamacrap. Best of luck James looking forward to seeing you rock another brand

    • tahoemoto says:

      How about Team Husky since little bro went Euro KTM why not ride outdoors on a Husqvarna. They are winning championships in Europe why not here! BMW owns the co. so has plenty cash for support.

      James………. Go Steve McQueen style old school! Jump on a Husky for outdoors!

    • Courtney says:

      Another bike excuse!! when are you kool aid drinkers going to realize it isn’t the bike? seems to ok during the heats… dumbasses…

  18. BUBBA FAN says:

    YEEEESSSS…Stewart on the gate at hangtown..Good luck…..Suzuki??!!! Honda??!! Hmmm just wondering

  19. kassp2000 says:

    well said. thanks

  20. Jess says:

    James I hope all is well. I am a former racer and longtime fan of motocross. I am not here to bash you on your website but would like to voice some real concerns. First and foremost I absolutely respect your level of skill, technique, fitness ect that you have shown over the years and dedication to our sport. I think people forget you have been racing motocross the majority of your life. I can only imagine having to constantly workout, eat right, follow routines, put miles on the road bike and all of the repetition it requires to compete at the level you guys do.. The flip side is you make millions of dollars riding a motorcycle because you are a racer. At the heart of it somewhere along the line I believe you have lost that drive or the fire to be the best. I watch old videos of you on youtube when you were on a 125 and you were flat out incredible. It was scary how fast you were going.. the bike was pinned all the time. It didn’t matter if you got a bad start or not. you had the desire to win and in your head you didnt’ accept second place. Your riding style changed this sport forever and not many people can say they have ever had a style that the majority of racers across the world try to copy!! So now what?? At what point does this just become a business? Do you still care about being a racer or just hanging out at home?? If so that’s fine but please just be honest with yourself and your fans. I periodically check your website and it really is a bummer when you do not update anything. I mean if your hand is injured and your healing up couldn’t you at least keep us up to date on your progress and leave some messages for your fans?? It really is frustrating as a fan to feel so excited and have so much hope for you and your success just to constantly be let down with excuses and mystery periods where none of us know what your up to if your still gonna race ect ect. If your over it then man up and tell us whats up!! It’s fine im sure you have made enough money over the years to semi retire but be honest. We the fans are a big reason you have so much money and could retire if you wanted to so how about some respect back. Please just let us know are you racing outdoors? Are you gonna be on a new bike? Is your hand ok?? something!! Again just sharing my thoughts.. You have so much natural talent as a racer I would hate to see you end it like this.. Good luck with recovery and I really hope to see you racing with all of your heart this outdoor season.

  21. dcowboys says:

    James you and JGR need to have to work together and not give up to early. James you are the faster rider and JGR has the facility for your future, just remember winners work together and loser LOSE

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