James Stewart Out for Toronto SX

It really hurts me to say this, but after spending the last couple of days under the observation of doctors and my family, it looks like it would be best for me to sit out this weekend’s race in Toronto. The fall at Indy was big but aside from the obvious, it aggravated a couple old injuries and I’ll need time to fully recover from that.

I know you haven’t heard a lot from me over the last few of days, but we’ve been working hard to see what I could and should do.  I’ve tried to push through it to see where my limitations are. And unfortunately it looks like that I wouldn’t be able push myself at the pace needed to run with the guys out there.  I’m sorry for that.

So at this point, there‘s no real time line for my return. But we’ll be working at it again next week to reevaluate my abilities for the race in Houston.

Trust me, this was a hard decision to make.  And it really came down in the last few hours. After assessing myself again today, talking to my team, my sponsors and my family, it’s clear that I need to give myself the time to heal.  So I just want to say thank you for supporting me. To my team, thanks guys and good luck this weekend to Davi; keep that podium streak alive! I’ll be back soon. To my sponsors, you guys are the best, I can’t say that enough. Thank you for the always sticking with me. And to my fans; man all you guys. I mean all you guys on Facebook with me, my Twitter followers, all you guys at the races or watching at home. Thank you for the love.  You guys really are the greatest. I’m working so we can get back out there soon, win some more races and have a couple more dinners.

Thank you all,
- James Stewart #7



  1. Shelly says:

    If you don’t like this site don’t go to it….duh

  2. Leo says:

    Came on james!! dont be affraid of doing what ever you want to…and do what tells your mind and not what you should, or what peopple would like to see from you! heal well and get back ond two wheels scrubbing it in every single jump and having fun like old times! you are the best and the fastest, you know it…put your skills in 20 solid laps and you win! take care, leo banner from Argentina!

  3. jim says:

    Hey Zulos, what the hell do you know about racing. You don’t even know which race is next and which ones were already done…………huh?

    • zulos says:

      Well,,,,,:) Who did kick stewart ass in unadilla,villopoto or dungey? I really dont known what are you talking about Dungey
      is better then Stewart?Tell mi one think!When did u see that Ryan Dungey make a pass on Stewart?I see lot of times contrariwise!
      You will not believe me but,im dungey fan too!When did u see that Ryan Villopoto make a pass on Stewart?We dont know
      who will get that fight in futur!Remember a San Diego this season,Reed almost beat Villopoto,now imagine that in place of
      Reed was Stewart! Stewart without his shape is still beter then Dungey for surely,and we saw fight between Ryan’s!They
      are approximately same,a little bit of lead goes to Villopoto!What do u talking about Stewart never beat Ricky Carmichael?
      This is how i see that stewart should do!You dont wanna see battle between JS and RV? He have nothing to lose!
      Now because of all Stewart crash,probably would take Villopoto!But before that last crash,or when he returns into shape
      from beginning of the season!

  4. zulos says:

    Well i need to say it again cuz i’m not sure you get it!
    !Next time when you will racing if you have a better start then villopoto,let him pass you and then when he will be a few secund’s in front of you,star to chase him!And if you can beat him,you are still the number one!!
    What you have to lose?Is impossible to catch him in points,but you still can beat him,and prove the fans that you are still the number one!That’s what you should do in Daytona!

    • jim says:

      Oh really? Villopoto will kick Stewarts butt regularly now. Stewart is washed up. Fired Baker cause he was too lazy to work hard. How funny that Villopoto hired Baker then proceeded to kick everyones butt while James was out impersonating an officer. Btw I’m not even a Villopoto fan. I root for Dungey. The same guy that I watched kick James’s butt up at Unadilla personally. You remember? The race that conceeted Stewart had to exit due to being out of shape. Which he later admitted. Dream on Bozo. Stewart couldn’t beat Rickey and now its really over. Too many racers have his speed without the mistakes. Just wait til Barcia goes to the big bike. Stewart will be lucky to crack top 5 in points then. boo hoo don’t cry hahahahaha

      • hep says:

        What a childish Moron you are , with very little Moto Knowledge …Who Stalksan athelete they hate …. Serial Killers that who … Get a Life Loser

        • Sorry Jim, your wrong says:

          The guy you describe as a childish moron speaks more truth then your Bubba filled brain can ever understand. It’s over dude. Officer Steward is a washed up punk, and quite the idol for the younger fan I might add. Geat inspiration to our youth isn’t the fastest felon? It is the Ryans, Barcia, A well Trey Canard as well as the Wisons and Brayton that make this sport great. Not some washed up has been who traded in training for a stupid Reality show. Park the bike James, and leave enough room for your thug of a brother.


  5. Brad says:

    Get back in the race James. SX just isn’t the same without you man. Get back up on the podium, heal up the injuries and can’t wait to see you moto outdoors!

  6. Man, to see supercross is not the same without you, but the health is most important right now. I hope to see you again in racing at 110%.

    from Medellín – Colombia

  7. H-MAN says:

    Bubba went from being broke to having a broker. I think its time take it easy and step in the booth . RC does a little too much, woo! here comes,woo! it looks like, woo!!!!!!!! He is one of the greatest,just not a commentator.

  8. GO BUBBA says:

    Any one seen that vid on you tube. (Trey Canard crazy goon ride) Check it out Looks like Villopoto in daytona….LMAO

  9. Ryan says:

    It’s really to bad bubba the one race I get the chance to watch you live again and waited for for months you weren’t able to make but I’m sure you made the right choice for yourself get well hope to see us at Unadilla!

  10. Js7 Fan says:

    Yup it would be awsome for JS to Show up on a 2 stroke for the fans. The points chase is perty much gone “COME ON BUBBA” do it for ur fans. Baaaap baaaaap. #259 style

  11. slm says:

    gotta agree with kasp hes gets so much$$ for showing up he could care less about winning

  12. Kurtis says:

    Just watched the video of you on a 250 2t from last year, You look so much smoother why don’t you just ride that. Squeeze 55hp out of that monster and start winning again. You were doing it in 06 against 450s…

  13. Great Job James says:

    Unbelieveable James! You didn’t crash at Toronto!

  14. Kristi says:

    Just wanted you to know always rooting for you and praying you will recover quickly!!

  15. IndyMotoMan says:

    So, speaking from experience and past injuries ( rods / pins / tib fib / collar bones / ribs and so on..) and always pushing the limit in my own racing, I do understand the mentality that always seems to put you over the bars.. fun as hell to watch .. just look forward to seeing you bring it all together and run indoor and out with a true battle to the end and be back to the old you.. I’ll always be an avid fan.. I’ll have to say .. James, Keep your head up and push on .. I’m sure you have some left in the tank… It’s easy for people to dog u and not really realize how hard physically and mentally it is to prepare and execute, and especially at the pace you do to be out front as much.. yes, it does suck to see you go down as often as you do.. but gotta give you credit for pushing as hard as you do .. easy for people to be critical.. but we all know the outcome if 99.9% of all the sh*t talkers actually threw their leg over a bike and tried it themselves.. You’ll get that #1 plate back.. I have faith..! and so do thousands worldwide..! Keep it pinned..! BTW… had a front row seat to the Indy crash… woulda rather had a front row seat to a huge 1st place whip.. That’s o.k. tho.. we’ll all be there next year too… in u’r corner..!!

  16. Kassp2000 says:


  17. dantraxx says:

    Well…get healthy soon and SX can wait! I don´t know how you guys can do it every weekend! that´s why i guess people admire you ( race bikers in general) you do a dangerous sport and most of us wouldn´t dare to be at the race gate, especially after the first major crash / injury. 2012 is becoming a bit boring with so many top riders out. Probably a walk thru to RV2 or the rising of a under dog pilot! So get back soon!

    P.S : Tell your brother that SX in not American Football :)

  18. zulos says:

    I have an idea what you should do!Next time when you will racing if you have a better start then villopoto,let him pass you and then when he will be a few secund’s in front of you,star to chase him!And if you can beat him,you are still the number one!!
    What you have to lose?Is impossible to catch him in points,but you still can beat him,and prove the fans that you are still the number one!That’s what you should do in Daytona!

  19. Danica Stewart says:

    Do you really think Gibbs would put this piss poor excuse of a racer behind the wheel on a NASCAR track? Dickweed has been the biggest mistake in the career of Gibbs. Face reality people, and not the kind of reality on “Bubba’s World.” It’s the bike my ass, Davi sure seems to be doing a fine job riding the Yamaha. Come on fans, it is time to round up the Bubba excuse making think tank! What the Hell would Cliff or G.M.S. say?

    • Steve Glandt says:

      Who cares about Nascar, just a bunch of cars driving in a circle. And your right Davi is doing a fine job on the Yamaha I believe he is sitting fourth in points behind who Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, and who else but JAMES STEWART. So get your panties out of a wad and realize that Joe Gibbs biggest mistake was going back to the redskins for a second time.

    • hep says:

      You my friend are a STEWART Stalker …. GET A LIFE LOSER

  20. Quartney says:

    Oh James, I just get so hot thinking about you. Even when you don’t race, you are the fastest man on the planet. Oh James. !!!!!!! I”M A FAN FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!

  21. Jenn 143 says:

    James your still number one in my eyes I hope you can heal and take the time you need to get yourself back to where we all know you can be . There’s no doubt in my mind that when you come back your gonna crush it rip it up and put villapoto and all the haters in their place. I’ll be rooting for ya all the way James supercross just isn’t the same without you .. Best wishes and hope to see you back on the track soon .

  22. Kassp2000 says:


    • Chris says:

      stfu kassp

      • Kassp2000 says:

        Truth hurts. He’s done. Will never win another title. Has the speed, but not the focus or heart. Don’t be mad at me because I speak the truth. Has been is what he is. Crashmaster. What a joke. He’s stealing money from his sponsors.

        • kassp2000 says:

          I am sorry everyone I am an idiot, I love JS7 and I am just sad that he is not winning, please forgive my stupidity!!

          • 250fpro says:

            Just another jealous little bitch is all you are. JS has the speed, heart, and drive to go right back to the top. When sponsors sign a rider they realize the risk of what they do. Crash and injury is part of the sport…if they were un-happy with what they were getting from him they wouldn’t sponsor him.

        • hep says:

          Stop posting like a teenage girl ass

    • hep says:

      Why take it down Ass , you seem to love it

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