2012 Dallas SX: Go Pro Main Event

Ride along with James Stewart during the main event at the 7th round of the 2012 AMA Supercross Series. This time the boys are racing at Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington, TX.



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  2. Gee Mr. Science says:

    I hope the post you will find below is not redundant for I do not know if the BlogMaster wiped it out prior to your viewing. I for one am extremely pleased to see that the Grammar Police is once again on duty. I thank you sir for your commitment to the public to Punctuate and Serve.

    Happy Race Day My Dear Friend Cliff,
    I am just overflowing with anticipation. I would have highly recommended your monitoring of JS7 Eyewitness News for continuous update of the Atlanta event. However, I find myself questioning their journalistic integrity by false reporting our capture by Federal agents! At any rate, will this be an evening of redemption for the great one? More likely, it will be an excuse filled crash fest causing heartbreak for the fan base of three (FBO3). Like sands through the hourglass, so are the lies of their beloved Bubba.
    On a personal note, Gee Mr. Science did go on Amazon.com and ordered the Monster Energy Girl “Build a Boobie” kit. That is the reason for my delayed post as I was assembling my purchase. I must say that Gee Mrs. Science looks hot. So hot in fact, I find my laptop is somewhat tilted on a forward angle. I only wish now that I would have purchased two tit kits. Since I (unlike the Great One) can admit I have only Gee Mr. Science to blame, I did not realize I needed to order two Boobie kits to construct the entire package. However, I have discovered that a carefully placed eye patch will work fine as a temporary measure. It is my plan to spend some time in the woodshop today, constructing a 30 second countdown board for the vivacious Monster Energy Girl known as Gee Mrs. Science to hold in front of the big screen. What with the use of my eye patch and if I turn my head just right, it will feel as if I’m there in the Georgia Dome!
    A wonderful day awaits us both my Dear Friend,

  3. Cliff Claven says:

    Thought for the day: Since bubba makes excuses, is he relevant?

    • Gee Mr. Science says:

      Having pondered the concept of a relevant Bubba, I found myself turning to my dictionary for clarification. In all fairness to the fan base of three (FBO3), a dictionary is a book that tells one how to properly spell a word as well as what said word means.

      connected: having some sensible or logical connection with something else such as a matter being discussed or investigated
      having social significance: having some bearing on or importance for real-world issues, present-day events, or the current state of society
      Same as distinctive (sense 2)
      [ Early 16th century. < medieval Latin relevant-, present participle of Latin relevare "relieve," later "take possession of" ]
      rel•e•vance NOUN
      rel•e•vant•ly ADVERB

      I feel that after careful review by our panel of judges that the answer is clearly no, Bubba is not revelent.

      Still Sporting A Woody,

  4. Yamaha says:

    Please tell Yamaha what you think? Yamaha wants to sell dirt bikes and needs your imput!
    Yamaha on facebook. Do you feel James repersents Yamaha is a positive way? Should Yamaha sponcer James? Shold James ask to have his contract terminated?

    • Yamaha says:

      Your voice is all that is important to Yamaha! Make you views an issue and contact Yamaha by visiting their web site for sport sales. Get the phone number and call. Go to Yamaha facebook page. Yamaha will have to do what is best for Yamaha and the best thing Yamaha can do is listen to your issues. This is a nationwide effort to repair bad press on the Yamaha product. Yamaha was proud to sponcer James, but it has been an unhhealthy relationship and Yamaha can change that quickly with your support.

    • Grammar Police says:

      Please stop pretending to be yamaha…your spelling is atrocious. Oh, and stop with the underlying bike excuse.

      • Gee Mr. Science says:

        My heartfelt thanks to you to your unwavering commitment to the grammatical integrity of this site; it is people such as yourself that make me proud to say I am not a Bubba fan.

  5. Cliff clavin says:

    Thought for the morning: Do those who continually make excuses actually believe them?

  6. Chad’s out now bro and we all know their’s only one other rider who can beat RV. I know it’s been a hard season and it’s easy for us to comment but the reality is you’re just having some bad luck at present. At least you’re healthy and are still able to ride and hopefully you will get that Yami dialled in. I know once you do you’ll be on fire like you were on the Kawasaki. Realistically on paper RV’s got this one in the bag but as we all know in sx and mx things can change. You seemed to be a bit reserved now to the old James who would go all out from the word go. I know you’ve been criticized in the past for being aggressive and fast but that’s you. Don’t change bro you’ve won titles riding like that and will win plenty more doing the same. Ride how you ride! Good luck for the next race James.

    • Cliff clavin says:

      Oh the kool aid is flowing through this nimrods brain. It’s a little-known fact that those who hero worship a fool suffer from the same plight.

  7. Radio Free JS7 News says:

    It’s 1710 here on Radio Free JS7 News. Privileges unclear. The blue lights are flashing. Repeat, the blue lights are flashing. Instructions to follow. Soon, my friends. Over.

  8. Cliff Claven says:

    It’s a little known fact that arctic wolves that remained in the den too long exhibit tendency to be reticent in their howling.

  9. Ban Hammer says:

    Wow, it seems that the message will get through. Howya doin?

  10. Cliff Claven says:

    Good afternoon students, it’s time for our next lesson. In this lesson, we will be discussing the Law of Gravity, which is as follows:

    Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

    So that the inept dregs that inhabit this site can understand, I will put it in elementary school terms. This is so simple that even a child can understand it: Much like the apple falling from the tree, the same statement can be applied to Stewart falling from his bike to the ground. So, in summation, due to the mass of the Earth and it’s attraction (gravity) to nearby bodies of a lesser mass, the resulting attraction between the Earth and Stewart is that every time he falls/crashes/etc., he is pulled to the Earth (gravity). In simpleton terms, when you fall you will hit the Earth. See how easy that is?

    Good day! Hope you enjoyed this lesson.

  11. Cliff Claven says:

    Energy in a system may take on various forms (e.g. kinetic, potential, heat, light). The law of conservation of energy states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore the sum of all the energies in the system is a constant.

  12. Roland says:

    Save it Cliff! No one wants to hear your shit!

    • Cliff Claven says:

      Here is another interesting tidbit of information, concerning Prehensile Isometric Geometrics.
      It’s muscle tension under constant contraction. See The beauty of it is you can do it anytime, anywhere but you don’t perspire.

  13. Cliff Claven says:

    Good morning students, for today’s first lesson we will be discussing Newton’s Second Law of Motion.

    The change in velocity (acceleration) with which an object moves is directly proportional to the magnitude of the force applied to the object and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

    I understand that this lesson is far above the intellectual capability of the average poster found on this forum, to that effect I will put it in terms so that an elementary school child can understand. First, we need to understand what accleration – in layfolk’s terms, it means to gain speed (positive acceleration, that is). Now, the amount of acceleration is dependant upon how much force is applied to an object. Let’s take RV’s and Stewart’s bikes as an example. The acceleration of their bikes is inversely proportional to the force applied to the throttle grips, meaning that the more they twist the throttle, the faster the bike goes. Results from this season show that RV is applying much more force than Stewart, hence the reason for being 42 points ahead. See, very simple, eh?
    This lesson has an unintended sub-lesson: cause and effect. The fact that RV is 42 ahead (cause) leads to the usual stewart fans whining and making excuses (effect).
    Well, that is enough for this morning’s lesson. Hope you enjoyed the lesson.

    Good day!

  14. Radio Free JS7 News says:

    It is 0721 here at Radio Free JS7 News. Priveledges unclear but am able to get message through. The window is open. Repeat, the window is open. Over.

  15. Cliff Claven says:

    Good afternoon students. For today’s lesson, we will focus on Newton’s First Law of Motion.

    Newton’s First Law of Motion
    Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

    Please allow me to explain this in elementary school terms so that all posters here, with the exception of Mr. Science, will have a complete understanding of Newton’s First Law of Motion (from here on out will be called the First Law). I will be using Stewart as an example again because his child-like antics provide the best samples from which to choose. You see, layfolk, it can be explained in these terms: Stewart is in motion when he is mounted upon his bike and racing; he continues to do unless an external force acts upon him/his bike and changes this – which, in this season’s case, the external force happens to be his impact of the ground. This impact (more on force and immovable objects later) radically changes the momentum of his bike; therefore, also having a corallary effect on his race position.

    Hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and stay tuned for another session in logical thinking.

  16. John says:

    I just watched the start to the main event. Both No 7 and No 18 just fell back as everyone took off.

  17. Brock Turner says:

    I agree Craig, but allot of these tracks this year has been one lined.. Not allot of options. Also I believe his Yami has as much power as JGR can get in it..

  18. Cliff Claven says:

    Bernoulli’s principle states that as the speed of a moving fluid (liquid or gas) increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. The phenomenon described by Bernoulli’s principle has many practical applications; it is employed in the carburetor and the atomizer, in which air is the moving fluid, and in the aspirator, in which water is the moving fluid. In the first two devices air moving through a tube passes through a constriction, which causes an increase in speed and a corresponding reduction in pressure. As a result, liquid is forced up into the air stream (through a narrow tube that leads from the body of the liquid to the constriction) by the greater atmospheric pressure on the surface of the liquid. In the aspirator air is drawn into a stream of water as the water flows through a constriction. Bernoulli’s principle can be explained in terms of the law of conservation of energy. As a fluid moves from a wider pipe into a narrower pipe or a constriction, a corresponding volume must move a greater distance forward in the narrower pipe and thus have a greater speed. At the same time, the work done by corresponding volumes in the wider and narrower pipes will be expressed by the product of the pressure and the volume. Since the speed is greater in the narrower pipe, the kinetic energy of that volume is greater. Then, by the law of conservation of energy, this increase in kinetic energy must be balanced by a decrease in the pressure-volume product, or, since the volumes are equal, by a decrease in pressure.

  19. WHY says:

    Why does the buck toothed bobblehead call himself “the black snowman?” Stupid is as stupid does.

  20. Joe P says:

    Well put Craig you should be James hype guy that’s not sarcastic seriously well put!!!!!

  21. Craig says:

    JGRacing —-Get that Yamaha a lot faster and get the suspension dialed in, please….James, work on your starts, stop following in the lines of other riders……you have bumped into far too many riders in front of you this year…..you are a pro and that is a rookie mistake….dont ride anywhere close to the tuff blocks, give yourself at least a 3ft gap at all times…..let other riders take that gap and get caught up…….and finally believe in and visualise winning the race…….your body language on this site and in interviews shows that you dont believe right now……and you should believe, you are the best…….Team JGR and James, Get your stuff together and we will see you with the championship at the end of this Season……God Speed…

  22. Cliff Claven says:

    Physicists usually dichotomize the Theory of Relativity into two parts.

    The first is the Special Theory of Relativity, which essentially deals with the question of whether rest and motion are relative or absolute, and with the consequences of Einstein’s conjecture that they are relative.

    The second is the General Theory of Relativity, which primarily applies to particles as they accelerate, particularly due to gravitation, and acts as a radical revision of Newton’s theory, predicting important new results for fast-moving and/or very massive bodies. The General Theory of Relativity correctly reproduces all validated predictions of Newton’s theory, but expands on our understanding of some of the key principles. Newtonian physics had previously hypothesised that gravity operated through empty space, but the theory lacked explanatory power as far as how the distance and mass of a given object could be transmitted through space. General relativity irons out this paradox, for it shows that objects continue to move in a straight line in space-time, but we observe the motion as acceleration because of the curved nature of space-time.

  23. Cliff Claven says:

    When the British ruled the Punjab…..they drank steaming hot pots of tea on the hottest days of the year to balance out their inside and outside temperatures. See, conversely drinking an ice cold drink on a cold day actually results in a more comfortable body temperature.

  24. ziggy says:

    Love the gopro vid.Didnt get to see that much of your ride on tv so this was great.

  25. Joe Pass says:

    DuDe James I love your gopro vids I just got a gopro for Xmas but its not quite as exciting as watching yours you will always be the sickest most stylish rider out there everyone else looks like robots compared to you hope to see all your main events on gopro this year keep up the hard work much love from a real fan!!!

  26. Scottie says:

    James, good come back that race. I no u will get it goin on that bike or maybe another one next year. I think it’s all mental like Tiger Woods but i think you need more upper body strength to man handle those big 4 strokes and put it where you want it. Just a thought tho. GOOD LUCK MAKE US PROUD

  27. kim says:

    Amazing ride, I’m glad too see you not riding “over your head”. Bad luck though but it’s the sport.

  28. Brock Turner says:

    Great riding this weekend, sorry for the crap luck on killing your bike. Looked good though, can’t wait to see you in St Louis!!

  29. Collin says:

    Dont listen to these haters James ,ure the best out there now start riding like it ,its about time to start ridn like the james of old!!

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