2012 Atlanta Supercross: Post-Race Update

Round eight of the AMA Supercross Series is over and done with in Atlanta, and James walked away from the Georgia Dome this evening with mixed emotions. Riding loose and displaying some of the quickest laps of the day in practice, JS7 looked on point early on, including a dominant heat race win to kick off the evening. Armed and ready to take his second win of the series, a poor start in the main event unfortunately relegated James to the back of the pack during the opening laps, and he all but rode the wheels off his JGRMX Yamaha to battle his way back up to third on the night. Though stoked to be on the podium, James is still a bit bummed about what should have been in ATL. Here’s what he had to say after the race…



  1. JS7 Eyewitness New says:

    Bye Bye

  2. JS7 Eyewitness New says:

    University of Georgia soccer player Carly Shults is reportedly in trouble after a half-baked plan to steal hash browns from the school’s Bulldog Café failed. The Atlanta Tribune reports that 19-year-old Shultis, a sophomore forward, was arrested on scene after she was caught allegedly attempting to swipe $1.06 worth of spuds by stuffing them in her pants. Shultis has been banned from all campus eateries for a year. What will happen next in our sports world–faking that your a cop? Ops, nevermind.

  3. Anti Occupy Wall St. Info says:

    Updated: 02/29/2012 05:21 ET










  4. Anti Occupy Wall St. Info says:

    Asian Indexes
    Index Country Change % Change Level Last Update
    Australia ASX All Ordinaries Australia 0.00 0.00% 4,388.10 4:00pm ET
    Shanghai SE Composite Index China -23.37 -0.95% 2,428.49 10:15am ET
    Hang Seng Hong Kong +111.35 +0.52% 21,680.08 3:01am ET
    Mumbai Sensex India +21.56 +0.12% 17,752.68 5:30am ET
    Nikkei 225 Japan +0.72 +0.01% 9,723.24 Feb 28
    Taiwan TSEC 50 Index Taiwan +162.10 +2.04% 8,121.44 12:33am ET

  5. No Body Wants To Play With Me says:

    Bubba doesn’t play well with others, have you ever noticed?

  6. Radio Free JS7 News says:

    Its 1317 here on Radio Free JS7 News. Transmission garbled. Other delivery preferable. Repeat, other delivery preferable. Over.

  7. Radio Free JS7 News says:

    Its 1513 here on Radio Free JS7 News. The mail will always get through. Repeat, the mail will always get through. Is this message understood? Over.

  8. Ready to Fly My Friend says:

    Could this be young Bubba’s Problem

    Causes of Number Dyslexia vary from case to case. The condition was originally linked to patients recovering from damage to certain locations in the brain, however further studies have shown that Dyscalculia could have a genetic root as well.

    It is thought that as much as 5% of the population suffers from this condition to varying degrees and in varying ways. As broad as the symptoms might be, some of the common signs are as follows:

    ·( (Transposing of numbers))
    Let me know when you are ready to diagnose this difficult communication situation. Standing by

    • BOA-NC says:

      Ready and waiting. What are your ideas?

      • Hey Hey I'M a Dead Monkee says:

        I am sad at the loss of our Dear Friend, Davy Jones. So Hard to believe the band made some
        $8873483602 or may be I got that backwards. Even sadder is I hear that the Bubba fans anthem is I’m a Believer!

        • BOA-NC says:

          It is very sad indeed. I do believe the tranverse of that sum is correct. Our friend radiofreejs7news said that he thinks it is a very hot place where the bubba fans get their mail.

          • Hey Hey I'M a Dead Monkee says:

            Yes my friend, hot indeed. I am somewhat shutdown in my pooper rebuild project as I await an important message from a dear old friend.

          • BOA-NC says:

            Our dear friend radiofreejs7news is very saddened by the bad news. He asked that condolences be sent to him so that he may distribute accordingly.

  9. Food for thought says:

    The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses.

  10. The Lord of the Board says:

    Down with the tyranny! We will be heard!

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