The largest Supercross gathering on the planet in any given year, the Anaheim 1 series opener once again hosted the world’s best racers and most dedicated fans on Saturday night to kick-off what many are predicting to be the most competitive season in Supercross history. The 2012 AMA Supercross Series title is the prized possession at the end of the 17-round battle, and no one knows the importance of a strong start better than two-time champ, James Stewart.

Sure, a sixth-place finish wasn’t what JS7 woke up dreaming about on Saturday morning, but with solid points, his health, and a few key learning experiences under his belt, James and the rest of the JGRMX squad are armed and ready for a huge showing next weekend at round number two.

For now, here’s how things shook down in Angel Stadium, but be sure to check back next Saturday for detailed coverage from Phoenix…


• With series championship contenders Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto safely advancing out of Supercross Heat #1, the gates dropped for the second Supercross-class heat race of 2012, and James jumped out to a solid top-five start.
• Midway through lap two, JS7 took over the third spot and set his sights on Red Bull teammate Ryan Dungey in second.
• Shortly after the start of lap three, Stewart put the move on Dungey for second, and immediately began reeling in Andrew Short up front.
• James took over the lead on lap five, and continued to throw down consistently quick laps as he walked away with the heat win.


• With the sold out Anaheim crowd on their feet, the gate finally dropped for the much-anticipated Supercross-class main event, but unfortunately James got pushed wide and off the track through turn one.
• Sitting just inside the top-ten as the pack circulated during the first go-around, James had his work cut out for him as defending series champ Villopoto inherited the early lead and quickly began stretching out a gap between himself and second-place Reed.
• By the halfway point, JS7 had worked his way into the third spot, but with leader Villopoto way out front, he appeared to be putting in what many would call a safe and conservative ride.
• While battling with Dungey for the third spot, the two Red Bull riders began reeling in second-place Reed.
• By lap 16, a three-way battle for second ensued, as Stewart got back by Dungey and began closing in on Reed. Just moments later, however, James went down in a rhythm section, and his shot at an opening-round podium was gone.
• JS7 remounted in fourth, but lost two more positions while trying to get his bike dialed back in.
• James ended the night in a disappointing sixth place, but was in fairly high spirits after the race and looks forward to turning things around next weekend in Phoenix.

1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Chad Reed
3. Ryan Dungey
4. Justin Brayton
5. Jake Weimer
6. James Stewart
7. Andrew Short
8. Kevin Windham
9. Mike Alessi
10. Josh Hansen



  1. Wasim says:

    Come on James no more mistakes in the up coming races.

  2. Patrick says:

    1 race down 15 more to go, you can and will bouunce back from this at Phoenix this weekend.

  3. Machiavelli says:

    Keep your head up, it’s a long series. Stay consistent and focused. Good luck.

  4. scooby666 says:

    James deciding not to race the outdoors has come back to bite him. The rest of the pack is sharp and James looks lost and unimpressive. And I am a HUGE JS fan.

    I know you can win James, but you got to focus strictly on the championship and stop being distracted by TV and bimbos.

  5. jef says:

    focus, and stop getting nervous when someone is putting pressure on you
    just ride; tired of seeing you crash cause its all in your head,, your not the superman any more cause RV and them guys have stepped up there game kid big time!
    its like i expect you to crash now when your racing and im more nervous wathing you ride then excited….sad
    dont go out like that bro

  6. highgrade says:

    bubba being great is not easy. so being a great leader you most keep raising the standard by which you judge yourself and by which your willing to be judge .so keep training hard and the results will come remember put JAH/GOD first all great things will come after.

  7. Jim says:


    That is the best I have seen the suspension work for you on the Yamaha. Theses guys are good. You have the talent. More seat time at race pace will help. No need to be down on yourself. The shroud had to be pulled off. No need for a weird injury because of it. I saw a very smart race. I respect all of you guys at the top. Tough place to be.

  8. James Brown says:

    great website, all the best for the next round, get that start and show your style!

  9. brad says:

    rv king you are a idiot why are you on his website james still has it just wait

  10. shannbug says:

    I’m not worried about Sat . I know stuff happens and I’m sure James wants to win. No one should beat him up over it. He’s human …… It’s a cake walk these next races .. Biggest JS7 4 life

  11. CJ says:

    What’s up JS. I met you for the first time a few days ago at Schmits. You treated us to dinner. I’m the cat wit the big Afro. Every year I come with a group of 10+ people to watch you get it in. Right now we are in the dark. I jus need to know what’s the game plan and stragedy to win this year championship? And if there’s anything i/us fans can do to help, jus holla.

  12. Tyler says:

    You got this!! Giver heck, from Canada!!!!

  13. todd says:

    No one is really saying, but i thought the track sucked! It looked like there was no way to pass anyone. I am not a rider, but a fan, but it got boring. It looked like the monster energy cup track. It might be great to ride on, but it leaves nothing for the fans. Again i am no rider, but the excitement comes when people are passing, which there did not seem to be lots of that happening.
    JS, i love watching you ride!

  14. Jorddann says:

    you are better than all of the other riders on track Bubba…you and i both know you can beat these guys, so get on that bike, get your head down and go kick some ass!!!

  15. Eric Anderson says:

    knowing what your capable of made it hard to watch, I was there for your first race when you where 16 and you won by 46 sec or something, Ive been a huge fan ever since..us fans just have to get used to you being smart and not balls out, good job

  16. rv is king says:

    Can’t beat rv, better start the transition to 4 wheels soon

  17. jorge bloise says:

    jams,good race,
    just use your smarts, too win your so much faster, just be smart, bro. ride on,,good luck ..,. jb panama

  18. muito loko esse doido..bubba mais cabeca amadurece manooo

  19. You’ve been out of the game for a little while and Anahiem was like a taster. Now you know what to expect and how important it is to get a good start in the main event. Please do not change the way you ride – all or nothing is you James, that is you’re strength and i believe is what will edge you over your rivals to the title. Who else is more experience at riding on the edge? Go get ‘em at Pheonix and show the world why you are ‘James Stewart’ the fastest man on the planet.

  20. Johnny G says:

    James – We know it’s been a while since your last race, and
    we all know you can get all these guys. Keep your head up,
    and just do what you do best, race and have fun.

    Don’t let any pressure or “expectations” get in your head.
    You know what to do G, your the best on/off the track.

    Look forward to Phoenix next week, we’ll be supporting you all
    the way, through thick and thin G.

    Johnny G.

  21. Daniel says:

    Take that stupid camera off your helmet and get serious……..times a ticking on your career

  22. Tiburcio says:

    Sabedoria e cabeça fria vc será CAMPEÂO 2012 …….. [ BRASIL ] …………………..T

  23. Jarad says:

    You got it James – lets win phoenix

  24. Kevin says:

    Keep your head up. 15 races to go. Let’s get it!!

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