JS7 Testing the new JGR Yamaha

After taking the outdoor season off, James ‘Bubba’ Stewart is back in action aboard his new JGR Yamaha YZ450F. Transworld Motocross got a chance to see some exclusive first laps of James for the filming of Kickstart3: Whiskey Throttle. Check it.



  1. Aaron Boulger says:

    It would be fun if we gave you a 150 and have you smoke us out at our MX tracks with a CRF250 and an RM250.

  2. Tony says:

    Hey, Im thinking you will get smocked by Reed, Villopoto and Dungey ! It helps if you race year round like all the other fast guys.

  3. P-J says:

    Looks much better then the San Manuel Yamaha! I hope you can win the championship & make no mistakes like last year!

  4. Jess says:

    Nothing wrong with second,third, forth or a top ten. Just finish every race and you will be NUMBER 1

  5. Mx51 says:

    I think any body that doubts James Stewart is Gunna get put to shame the only problem James had was keeping the bike on 2 wheel. Other than that he clearly has the speed the super cross races that he didn’t win were clearly cause he crashed hell smoke josh grant and chad rees in a heart beat. Almost every race he had the fastes lap in.

  6. Bubba sucks says:

    Bubba you suck! Reed and Josh Hanson are going to put you to shame.

  7. Daniel says:

    James, You know Nascar Teams can do ANYTHING, so if your Yamaha don’t handle like it should, just get them to fabricate you a Suzuki frame (geometry) that looks like a Yamaha, sorry but I have my doubts about that Yamaha frame geometry, you need something that will stick in the corners without washing out.

  8. Brian k says:

    Bubba just ride and have fun don’t worry about the small things life is too short , make your fans proud u are a great talent and everyone knows that so do hour thing and enjoy yourself

  9. MotocrossAddict says:

    Nobody Wants to see slow-mo with annoying music. show us how the man rides.

  10. Renzo says:

    You should come to try our grounds of cross has Madagascar, they are not as yours well, they are not bad!

  11. Renzo says:

    hey James!! you are a very good rider!!

  12. Snyde says:

    Holy Cow James … You couldnt even remember who your riding for . Zero dedication again …

    • Glen says:

      Zero dedication again??? Haters….

      • Snyde says:

        He need to be focused on what he is doing on the new bike and not how much money he can make . Lots of talent there if he can just get motivated . Having to ask who you are riding for in a transworld interview is NOT a good way to start off a new season . Just saying that it looks like its going to be another one of those bad years again …

  13. Glen says:

    Hi James,
    Congrats on your new deal with JGRMX! With all those resources they should have no problem setting up a bike to your liking. The only negative I can see is their graphics package (yuk!). Your SM graphics were tight my brotha!!! That bike was beautiful! I guess sometimes you have to give up something to get something. If the new bike keeps you off the ground it will be worth it . Hope you have an awesome season!

  14. Alan says:

    James you have more potential then any rider on the track…you have the luxery of taking time off and coming back rite where you were before….you are extremely talented and obtain every thing you need to dominate in this sport…iv’e watched seriously every single race you have been in and thousands off videos of you over and over again i’ve studied you like crazyand your technique as well as your riding style for countless hours as well as your competitors . HOWEVER I HONESTLY THINK YOU HAVE ONE SLIGHT WEAKNESS AND I HOPE YOU READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my personal opinion is that certain times during the 20 lap main you seem to start the race with a solid comfortable rythm ,ounce u make a minor mistake/bobble your heart rate goes up and you do not return to that solid rythm agin then its just one after another from then on out!! this seems to happen to you ONLY when your out front with a little lead and your riding by yourself…..then as soon as the gap closes you go back into race mode and the real james comes out, you dominate due to your ability to out ride any rider with your pure speed when you decide to flip that mental switch and just go. what im trying to say is you need to come up with a way to mentally recover immedietley AND ELIMINATE ANY POSSIBILITY of starting that chain reaction of stupid one rite after another mistakes … after the first mistake maintain your breathing and heart rate and get back into that perfect pace…it really seems like you are not comfortable when you are riding around in a race by your self you just seem bored amd when your riding with a lower intensity level

    • steven says:

      hey maybe you should not try to give the best motocross rider advice about his style and and what he needs to do during a race when he has won many championships and is making the money and career out of it. Everyone makes mistakes and has those down seasons with strings of bad luck he is human that’s all. so instead of trying to give JAMES “BUBBA” STEWART advice on how to ride you should encourage him and just hope he has a good season cause apparently he has it figured out cause he is the best in the world and knows how to ride a bike. have a great season bubba gonna stomp this year…..!!!!

      • Billy says:

        maybe you should encourage JAMSE BUBBA STEWART to be open to advie because even the best motocross riders can be open to still learn and take advice when it is needed…mind your own bissneuss STEVEN your probably a trail riding goon hahahahahahahahaha HA

    • Shawn says:

      I raced motocross years ago and with the likes of Damon Bradshaw in his prime and after that time I stayed away from the sport and really missed the entire McGrath and RC era .. I really became interested when I heard about you and so I made it a point to watch a race or two.. I actually remember seeing you in an old Fox Catalog I believe saying one of the future riders.. I also remember seeing McGrath the first time at Lake Sugar Tree with a small box van and an “Almost Pro” sticker on it.. Since my first episode of supercross with you a few years back, I haven’t missed not one single event.. And same with the motocross that had you racing the perfect season in it after your injury return.. I have watched and seen the strategy that is provided for you over the last few years.. I have seen a racer that pulls the holeshot or as close as you can, Work his ass off to get to the lead ASAP and then put down a few laps at Your speed and then keep your speed down the straight always and jumps and taking it more easily in the turns.. That to me has been the best strategy for you.. Turns a few years ago was your biggest weakness, not that you were doing anything wrong. Just pushing it to a limit that Most other riders couldn’t and seeing that frontend wash out from under you.. I think this technique has worked well with you until really Villopoto came along.. And not just because he won the title, I would still be saying this even if he hadn’t. He can be a beast of pretty much the same blistering speed with “consistency” that CAN be better than yours.. So, that puts you running at James Stewart speeds a lot more, and more unstable chances and possibilities.. And factor in just Racing itself.. And you have percentages of winning or staying in the lead on two wheels shrinking considerably.. Now at the beginning of the season Villopoto is going to wash out too as well trying to match your speeds and trying to keep you from getting too much confidence.. But pressure along behind you will hopefully put him sitting in the points lead in a few events.. And then he rides fast and consistant without going over his head and keeps a level head while doing so.. I’m afraid that without getting a consistency of being as fast as Villopoto is and staying on two wheels we will see him again on top when the season ends.. Once again, showing that the fastest man doesn’t always win.. From the first lites race with Villopoto in it I knew he was going to be something to contend with. Even with his fumbling season with Trey Canard. Not taking anything away from him either. that truly was a David and Goliath story for him I believe. Basically Villopoto is doing what he was made and pretty much had always done, work himself to the level that he is now.. JS is the only one that can run his speed and faster, but will take the James riding by the seat of his pants AND keeping it on two wheels to do so.. In Qualifying, you will always be the top and getting a good gate pick and the holeshot will be in your favor or in the lead by the second lap.. It will be about controlling James after this point that it will take to win the next few years in Supercross..

  15. TRAVIS 981 says:

    Looks so smooth. I really wish there was a full speed video though. Now I get the hat thing but with sportclips as a sponsor you should have fresh hair. So wear your hat RIGHT.

  16. Delhausse Anthony says:

    i forgot to tell you !!!! i’m your most big fan

    you are the best rider of the planet


  17. james says:

    js7 for presedent from 2012 to 2015…

  18. Crystal N says:

    Awsome to see you riding! Cant wait to you racing in 2012!

  19. Delhausse Anthony says:

    hi james Stewart,
    i’m a belgian rider

    i just want tell you, if you want go ride in nascar next season
    you must finish sx and outdoor season in a beautiful first place for your fans, it’s my wishes !!!

    thanks to read me and see you a the track
    good luck for this season

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