Stewart’s New Ride



  1. shonsie says:

    Hey bubba whats up. Hey I have a 99 yz 250. I wanna up to 450 what do u think

  2. ezy says:

    Hey james you got to figure out how to get out of the gate in front bro once they get you boxed in its like there life work is done they dont even care who wins as long as it not you. challange them to race you fair or offer them your jersey after the race

  3. nacho says:

    bbrr bbrr booaammm tiinn tiiinnnnnn boooaaaammm boaaaaaamm booaaaaaaaaaaaaammm tiiin tiinn, love two strokessssssss

  4. chaos1488 says:

    Bubba you are a true ambassidor and the face of the sport.anyone who has anything crappy to say is bitter and scorned and probavly doesnt even ride worries those are nothing more than opinions just as mine..personal and no one elses bu keep up the hard work and put on a great show and have a fruitfull see you on a 2stroke would be awesome but anything you bring to the track is gonna be..good luck James Happy New Year..heres to a great 2012

  5. jeff says:

    Well I have to say I never have been much of a James Stewart fan, But if he rides a two stoke for the supercross series for 2012 I will be his biggest fan. I have always been one to cheer for the under dog. If any one could pull it off it would be James. Reed last year starting his own team was huge. Put Bubba on a two stoke, that would be hands down over the top.
    The sport has suffered badly with the addition of the 4 strokes. What used to be an affordable sport for everyone has now turned into a rich mans sport. $8,000 for a bike, what??? crazy….
    James what would mean more to you. Win another supercross title on your 450(is that even fun for you anymore?) OR Put the AMA rite back on there ass and roll in with a two stroke next season. All us old guys will be cheering for ya :) ))) Do it for the sport!!!!

  6. Ryan says:

    on a 450f he is James Stewart
    on a 2 Stroke he is James “Bubba” Stewart

  7. Buford says:

    What a joke .. Arm pump after a few laps . Is he a novice rider ????

  8. Brett Spiller says:

    Hey James. Hope you do well this year. I’m a two two fan but the sport is so much better when your on track. Good luck

  9. Christian says:

    2T – Isso é um canhão!

  10. i wont to be just like u when i grow up just keep riding to the fullest…..

  11. Cammmooo says:

    Come back bubba!! haters gonna hate. Stewart be untouchable!

  12. vikram singh rana says:

    come back bubba..can’t wait to see you in action again..
    you rock period !!
    as for the haters..what you doin on his site if you dont like him

  13. vikram singh rana says:

    can’t wait to see you back again..
    As for the haters, if you don’t like bubba why you checking his site out?

  14. Troll says:

    Go back to where you came from. Nobody wants you around, pathetic loser.

    • los says:

      Hey Buddy Shut The hell up when you can race as good as him or be as famous as he is u talk to me, cuz you are the pathetic loser my friend, you’re just jelous because you have no friends you are not a pro and Nobody like you!

  15. Tony Waters says:

    +1 on the Bartow Hare Scramble idea. Would love to see you and your mom and dad out there for the day. The last time i talked to them your dad was at the auto parts store spending somemore money on his camaros. :)

  16. TRAVIS 981 says:

    Its days of riding like that, and the fun factor that makes me keep my 02 kx 250 2smoke. I still race it in the SD hare scramble and it works awesome. But, bringing it to a supercross track would be like bringing a putter to the driving range. Good to see James havin a blast on the 2 stroke but we wont see that at A1.

  17. Lee says:

    looking forward to see what you bring this year, hope you got back the old bubba.

  18. frank evans says:

    im goin to keep jaw jacking you james til u come out to bartow (45 mins max from your area) for the h/s race for FTR Nov 5-6…you probably cant remember the last time you went trail riding do you…? thought so…bring the valves but you would fair better on the 2T only because its faster and your faster on it!….dominate the woods for a weekend or just come out for the autographs and a fun trail ride or just sell your t shirts…i missed out at daytona because AMA and felda motorsports suck at marketing you and the sport! i had 120 dollars just to spend on your stuff out their and i didnt spend 1 dime…couldnt justify spending my money on something that says monster energy and is green…do the beginner class that would be great!

  19. Forest S. says:

    You using this in the next supercross season?

  20. Jeremy J. says:

    James the new bike is a beast i know cause I have one. but dude I admire what you do. Your my inspiration for riding. keep doing what you do.

    • BowenShow100 says:

      Omg Wooo!!! Red Bull Honda sounds perfect haha cant wait to see, keep it on two wheels and you’ll be just fine I know that yamaha is heavy as hell and also have fun doing it ha:)

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