James Wins Big in Seattle

With just three races left in the 2011 AMA Supercross series, round number 15 in Seattle was viewed by many as the pivotal, must-win race for the four riders still in the championship hunt, and none other than JS7 himself was the man who stepped up to the challenge.

After a perfect, rain-free day inside the Seattle Seahawks’ beautiful QWEST Field, James convincingly captured his second-straight win to pull within nine points of the championship lead.


• James pulled a second-place start behind Red Bull teammate Mike Alessi to get Supercross Heat #1 underway.
• Wanting no part of the runner-up position, however, James quickly grabbed the lead before the end of lap one.
• JS7 made it look easy up front, taking the heat win by over 15 seconds ahead of Red Bull KTM’s Andrew Short, while setting the day’s fastest lap time (50.784) along the way.
• The overall elapsed time of James’ heat race was 17 seconds quicker than Kevin Windham’s Heat #2 win, serving notice that he came to play in Seattle.


• With the QWEST Field fans on their feet, the premiere-class main event got underway with a tight battle for the holeshot, but it was James who prevailed as the pack rounded turn one.
• Chad Reed got by to take over the lead midway through lap one, but James quickly retaliated and grabbed it back.
• Steadily extending his lead over Reed who still sat in second, JS7 began navigating his way through lapped riders by lap number six, but did so with seemingly relative ease.
• By the halfway mark, James had established a comfortable nine-second lead, and continued reeling off smooth lap after smooth lap on what was no doubt one of the most challenging tracks of the series thus far.
• In desperate need of a win to stay in the championship hunt, JS7 rode a near flawless race to take his second-straight—and fifth total—win of the series.
• With two rounds left to go (Salt Lake City and Las Vegas), James now sits just nine points behind current championship points leader Ryan Villopoto.


1. James Stewart
2. Kevin Windham
3. Chad Reed
4. Ryan Villopoto
5. Ryan Dungey
6. Mike Alessi
7. Kyle Regal
8. Davi Millsaps
9. Tommy Hahn
10. Andrew Short



  1. Jersey says:

    Great post,I will read your post time to time.thank you!

  2. joey says:

    aim a big fan of jou

  3. LONG says:

    hello james, I think you’re super talented, you are my idol. In this race you have them slaughtered and burned even to say. continued like that and it will be easier for you.
    I hope to see you one day.
    Christopher (FRENCH)

  4. Crystal Gresley says:

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Homer says:

    Just met you, Big James and Malcolm at the resort you are spending Easter at. Really appreciate your graciousness and the signatures and photos. Go get 10 points and win the championship!!!

  6. Kenneth Barlow says:

    Keep the wins coming Big Homie!!!! I Love to see the haters hate….You are driving em nuts… NIce site btw….I hope you and your family enjoy your holiday….Come back for all of us and win the last 2 races to put the HATERS to bed….I am a huge fan….and there are more just like me!!! If you`re ever in Jacksonville holla at me….even if you are downtown racing, or just passing through!!!! Hit me up on my Facebook page or on here….Good Luck homie and God Bless!!!!!!!

  7. From Uganda (Africa) – we love you JS. We wish you good luck for the 2011 season.

  8. tim clark says:

    dude that emotion is the sh#t. thats what makes you go fast man. you def have my vote for the rider with the most heart. that is hella cool man. i know too cuz ive been thru some stuff and cam back better than ever , you da man james. its gonna be tuff cuz this season has all the tuff guys but you can do it. i think this season is gonna be the hardest for you man cuz we got all these former champions healthy , well canards out i here, anyway good luck and ill be watchin and prayin fo ya…you are the fastest you just gotta believe !

  9. Big Lenny says:

    Man you looked good, you’re gonna win this championship IMO…

  10. Zach says:

    BEAUTIFUL RACE..FLAWLESS! Keep it up and getting them good starts. You just worry about winning and let those others battle it out behind you. Your still in the points so keep racing strong!

  11. LEANDRO says:


  12. Josh says:

    Superb race James! No one can deny that you are the fastest man on the planet on a motocross bike. That was an excellent race on a difficult track. That number 7 is slowly turning back to a number 1! Keep up the good work. Have a great holiday. I think I can speak for all the fans that we love to watch you ride and we love even more to watch you hit the checkered flag in the lead. We all will be behind you as we always are. Good luck in the next two races. And as always to you and your family god bless. Your friend and your biggest fan # 6 Josh.
    P.S. If everyone wouldn’t mind saying a little prayer for me and my family we are having a little hard time, I would appreciate it so much. Also a little prayer that my knee will heal so I can possibly someday be able to get back on my bike again. Till then I will just have to keep watching James WIN! Thanks.

  13. Wendell B says:

    James !!

    I am new to Motocross Racing. This is my second year following the sport (I’m 61) and I have to say ….this is the most exciting form of racing that there is !!!!! All the passing and physical contact. The rivalries between the riders and the different motorcycle companies. The unpredictability of each heat and race. I mean the race truly is never over until the checker flag is waved. I pull for you James but even when you have a large lead I’m still holding my breath. LOL Next year I am going to plan on seeing an event in person. I’ve already turned a couple of my friends on to the sport.

    Good Luck, James. I know you will win yourself another championship.

    This is a comment to others. Doesn’t this year prove that Ryan Dungy’s championship wasn’t real? Does anyone think he would have won his championship if so many riders weren’t hurt?

    • John D says:

      Go out and take one lap on a supercross or outdoor national track. Then picture yourself doing it for 20 laps very week for four months and consistently beating 20 of the fastest riders in the world. Then tell yourself that your championship isn’t real.

    • Kdavis says:

      It depends on how you look at it. In my opinion showing up and being able to race is part of winning and Dungey did just that. I am a huge fan of James Stewart and I understand that injuries happen, but Dungey won the championship for a reason he rode as fast as he could while staying on the bike. Also, are back to back championships a necessity to proving your skill? Dungey DNF a race cause of his chain. So lets just give him 16 points for that race, which is probably less than he would’ve scored, and he has the points lead now. Last year was Dungey’s year, he worked hard, stayed healthy and earned it. This year is Stewart’s year (I hope) and even if its not whoever does get it deserves it.

    • Will says:

      I’m with John D on this one. Now i am and have been for years a fan of James, but to say Ryan didn’t earn that title is false. Ryan worked really hard for the title, just like the rest of the field. I wasn’t even rooting for Ryan but I respect the hard work. BTW, he has a chance still this year with everyone healthy. It’s a rough and tough sport.
      Go James!!!

    • David Bauer says:

      Wendell I am a JS7 fan for sure. But I give credit where credit is due. Ryan Dungy is a very consistent rider. No matter if he wins another championship, he is a solid rider and you can’t take that away from him. Welcome to the sport of dirt bike racing Wendel. It is truly an amazing sport.

      Good Luck James. We are all pulling for you in Reno, Nevada…..!!!!

  14. Ben Trujillo says:

    Yeah James, way to get back at it! Nice man. Watched the race with a bunch of friends and I was lovin every minute of it. Good job and see you in weeks here in SLC.

  15. Alex Sellers says:

    James that was a great race! you kept it smooth and didnt let up. nice job james! happy easter!

  16. Alex says:

    Congrats James!!! Looking good out there. I have a question though. Y r u still 9 points behind RV wen u’ve won 2 straite races???? it doesnt make sense

  17. Courtney says:

    All I can say is WOW JAMES WOW!!!!!

  18. Sdcfish says:

    Congrat’s Bubba! Nice race……I know that wasn’t an easy one. That got pretty darn exciting when you and Chad were bangin bars……but you were charging hard and it looks like you are riding with a mission from “Big James” (same as G-d). LOL……keep it up and you will be #1 again very soon. Enjoy your week off…we will be rooting for ya!

  19. MIke Chan says:

    Very excitiing race to watch James , Its good to see that the slump is over and we all knew it would’nt last long as long as you stayed healthy. Its great to see you ride ,Your an inspration to all of us who love the sport.Just wish I wern’t so old , and watching you then getting out on my Gas Gas XC300 makes me wish I had just the talent that you have in your little finger. Ride on and stay healthy we are all here for you and not just fair weather fans. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the Vegas SX , long trip from St Pete.
    MIke Chan

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